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5 Nifty Stocks That Have Lost Up To 24% In The Last One Month

Nifty has taken a hit by close to 6% in the last one month, while there are some of its constituents that have shed sharply up to 24% in the similar period
Tata Steel
TheĀ  biggest collapse is seen in Tata Steel which is trading at its 52-week low price
In the similar timeframe Hindalco is another casualty of the market mayhem and collapsed a huge 22%
Divis Lab
The large cap pharma scrip fell by over 19% in last 1-month
The chemicals company also came down in share price by over 18% in 1-month
Shree Cement
The cement entity also came down by over 18% in share price and last hit its 52-week low on June 17, 2022