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5 Stocks That Gained Up To 67% In The Last 1-Month

Indices today in trade i.e. June 7, 2022, ahead of the RBI June policy outcome, are trading weak with Nifty down below 16,400 points, Nevertheless, some of the top gainers over the 1 month period are:
The fasteners company shares have gained as much as 67% in the last 1-month.
Sterling Tools
The dyes and pigments company is a multibagger with YTD return of 485% and in the last 1-month the stock has gained over 53%
Shankar Lal Rampal Dye-Chem
The Engineering entity in the last 1-month has gained in share price by as much as 45%
National Standard
The finance investment entity's share price gained  52%
Finkurve Financial Services
The heavy engineering entity scrip went higher by over 46% in 1-month
Elecon Engineering