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8 Bluechip Stocks That Have Fallen 30% From Highs

Here are 8 bluechip stocks that have fallen 30% from highs
Shares in Mphasis is down 30% from 52-week highs of Rs 3660 to the current price of Rs 2568.
The stock is down 29.72% from levels of Rs 747 to Rs 525.
Godrej Agrovet
Sun TV shares are down from Rs 631 to Rs 431, implying a huge downside of 29.52%
Sun TV
Stock in Godrej Industries are also down 30% to levels of Rs 478 from 674.
Godrej Industries
Shares in Union Bank of India are down to Rs 38.6 from levels of Rs 54.8.
Union Bank
JSW Steel has seen its stock fall 30% and has moved to Rs 562 from levels of Rs 790.
JSW Steel
The stock of Exide Industries are also down a whopping 28% from levels of Rs 205 to Rs 147.
Exide Industries