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Petrol, Diesel Prices: Check Fuel Prices In Your City Today

Petrol prices in Delhi remains at Rs 96.72 per litre while the prices of diesel is recorded at Rs 89.62 per litre. In Mumbai, the price of one litre of petrol is recorded at Rs 111.35 per litre and diesel price is available at Rs 97.28 per
Renu Baliyan
Prices of petrol and diesel continue to remain same as on June 24, 2022 as Oil Marketing Companies decide to keep the price steady.
Bengaluru: Petrol price: Rs 101.94/litre, Diesel price: Rs 87.89/litre
Lucknow: Petrol: Rs 96.57/litre, Diesel: Rs 89.76/litre

Chennai: Petrol price: Rs 102.63/litre, Diesel price: Rs 94.24/litre
Noida: Petrol: Rs 96.57/litre, Diesel: Rs 89.96/litre
Gurugram: Petrol: Rs 97.18/litre, Diesel: Rs 90.05/litre
Chandigarh: Petrol: Rs 96.20/litre, Diesel: Rs 84.26/litre