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5 Popular NFTs Launched By Popular Brands In Recent Times


NFT or non-fungible tokens are now, most searched along with Crypto on google. Almost every popular brand, individuals are launching their own NFTs. But, what are NFTs? NFTs are digital certificates that reflect ownership of one-of-a-kind, non-transferable assets. Retail interest in NFTs appears to have diverged from the larger crypto market. The hunt for information, however, does not always translate into action.


You can make as many copies of a digital file as you like, including the art that comes with an NFT. NFTs, on the other hand, are meant to give you something you can't get anywhere else: ownership of the work. To put it another way, anyone can buy a Monet print in terms of tangible art collecting. However, the original one is only be owned by one individual. As a matter of fact, NFTs are reshaping the investing.

Barcardi: Music Liberates Music

Barcardi: Music Liberates Music

A growing trend in crypto-based music marketing is for owners of music NFTs to get a share of the track's streaming royalties in addition to the tune itself.

Barcardi took that one step further in its campaign to address the gender disparity among producers, of whom only few percentage of whom are women. The liquor brand teamed with three rising female producers to sell original songs as NFTs. The creators have already received almost $115,000 from the campaign.

Gemini: NFT billboard NYC

Gemini: NFT billboard NYC

The NFTs are now more palpable thanks to cryptocurrencies platform Gemini's NFT billboard in New York. The CNN logo was previously displayed on the digital billboard, but since October 20201 it began flashing cryptic messages, each of which corresponded to one of 105 matching NFTs. The auction was held on the 13th anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin whitepaper, which was the original idea for the cryptocurrency. The collection's NFTs fetched as much as $7,000.

Warner Bros.:

Warner Bros.: "Matrix" Avatars

Not only Facebook is curious about Metaverse, but movie studios like Warner Bros. are also stepping into Metaverse. The studio's "The Matrix" franchise entered into the NFT market and it seemed inevitable. For the launch of "The Matrix" NFT, the studio teamed up with social NFT platform Nifty's to launch 1000,000 unique avatars NFTs for $50 each. As of now, all the Matrix NFTs are sold out.

 McDonald's: McNFT

McDonald's: McNFT

McDonald's continues to make the McRib's occasional return to menus an event. The McNFT, the fast-food giant's first NFT for the US market, accompanied the sandwich's most recent reappearance. The NFT appears like a collectible card, with McRib's racy picture as the center emphasis, combining tech, brand nostalgia, and viral marketing.

McDonald's chose one of the unique McNFTs from over 95,000 people who entered the sweepstakes.

Tarantino NFTs:

Tarantino NFTs: "Pulp Fiction"

When Quentin Tarantino unveiled a collection of seven NFTs based on his enormously successful film "Pulp Fiction," he gave his fans a fresh addiction. On the surface, the NFT appear to be never-before-seen scenes from an early version of the film, but each one hides a secret.

Each of the tokens is attached to exclusive information, only accessible to the buyer, about the film and creator. Handwritten scripts, unique artwork, and comments from the iconic filmmaker are among the special features.

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