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Silver Price in India (17th August 2022)

Aug 17, 2022
57.80 /Gram -1.50

Silver price in India is determined by international prices, which move in either direction. Other then that it also depends on currency movement of the rupee against the dollar. If the rupee falls against the dollar and international prices remain stable, silver will become more expensive.

Today Silver Price Per Gram/Kg in India (INR)

Gram Silver Rate
Silver Rate
Daily Price Change
1 gram 57.80 59.30 -1.50
8 gram 462.40 474.40 -12
10 gram 578 593 -15
100 gram 5,780 5,930 -150
1 Kg 57,800 59,300 -1,500

Indian Major Cities Silver Rates Today

City 10 gram 100 gram 1 Kg
Chennai 634 6,340 63400.00
Mumbai 578 5,780 57800.00
Delhi 578 5,780 57800.00
Kolkata 578 5,780 57800.00
Bangalore 634 6,340 63400.00
Hyderabad 634 6,340 63400.00
Kerala 634 6,340 63400.00
Pune 578 5,780 57800.00
Vadodara 578 5,780 57800.00
Ahmedabad 578 5,780 57800.00
Jaipur 578 5,780 57800.00
Lucknow 578 5,780 57800.00
Coimbatore 634 6,340 63400.00
Madurai 634 6,340 63400.00
Vijayawada 634 6,340 63400.00
Patna 578 5,780 57800.00
Nagpur 578 5,780 57800.00
Chandigarh 578 5,780 57800.00
Surat 578 5,780 57800.00
Bhubaneswar 578 5,780 57800.00
Mangalore 634 6,340 63400.00
Visakhapatnam 634 6,340 63400.00
Nashik 578 5,780 57800.00
Mysore 634 6,340 63400.00

Silver Rate in India for Last 10 Days

Date 10 gram 100 gram 1 Kg
Aug 16, 2022 578.00 5,780.00 57800.00 -1500
Aug 15, 2022 593.00 5,930.00 59300.00 0
Aug 14, 2022 593.00 5,930.00 59300.00 0
Aug 13, 2022 593.00 5,930.00 59300.00 800
Aug 12, 2022 585.00 5,850.00 58500.00 -400
Aug 11, 2022 589.00 5,890.00 58900.00 200
Aug 10, 2022 587.00 5,870.00 58700.00 -300
Aug 9, 2022 590.00 5,900.00 59000.00 1600
Aug 8, 2022 574.00 5,740.00 57400.00 0
Aug 7, 2022 574.00 5,740.00 57400.00 0

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Silver Price in India

Historical Price of Silver Rate

  • Silver Price Movement in July 2022
  • Silver Rates 1 Kg
    1 st July rate Rs.59,000
    31st July rate Rs.58,400
    Highest rate in July Rs.62,500 on July 6
    Lowest rate in July Rs.54,500 on July 26
    Over all performance Falling
    % Change -1.02%
  • Silver Price Movement in June 2022
  • Silver Price Movement in May 2022
  • Silver Price Movement in April 2022
  • Silver Price Movement in March 2022
  • Silver Price Movement in February 2022

Factors determining silver price per 1 gram in India today

There are a number of factors that impact silver prices in India today. Among these include the international prices of the precious metal. In India silver prices largely takes cues from what is happening in the international markets. Now we wish to state that good and silver prices move almost in tune with each other. What we mean is that when gold prices go higher, silver prices too rally. On the other hand, when silver prices go higher, gold prices to act in tune. All in all, there are many other factors that tend to influence the per gram silver rate in India. These also include interest rate movement as also inflationary trends in the country. 

Why Silver in India is cheaper?

Silver has been considered cheaper than gold throughout modern history. The majority of silver is used industrially. It is not worth to recycle Silver. Silver used for conductivity purposes in dated electronic devices.

One of the most crucial elements that go into making silver cheaper than gold is the rarity of the metal itself. The imbalance in supply and demand between gold and silver makes up most of the difference in their prices. One of the prime reasons for silver to be cheaper is because of the lessser demand worldwide. It is important to know that like all other metals, silver is a function of demand and supply in the country. Higher the demand, higher would be the price of the precious metal and vice versa.

Where From We Can Buy Silver In India?

We can buy silver only from a bank or a jeweller in India. Usually, silver coins from banks are expensive. Because when we buy the silver coin from banks we have to pay charges including for the tamper-proof packing and an assay certificate.

Buying silver as jewellery is also more expensive than buying coins. These include the making charge of 10 per cent or more. It will also include a melting charge of 15 per cent upwards at the time of resale, which lowers effective returns.

You can buy silver in the commodity futures exchange also. In commodity future exchange, the contract sizes are large. The smallest contract in silver is traded in units of 1 kg and delivered in minimum lots of 30 kg. Silver is one of the precious metals which is freely traded, so can buy it in the physical form and the electronic form. You can place your bets on the metal, in the futures market, if you so want.

How to trade in silver?

National Spot Exchange (NSEL) has E-series products like E-Gold and E-Silver, wherein people can trade or invest in silver just like they do in equities. The trading hours of NSEL is from 10 AM to 11:30 PM.Investors can buy a minimum of 1 unit of silver equivalent to 100 grams of silver in demat form at real-time Indian prices, which tracks the international gold/silver prices.

To trade in NSEL, investors have to open a separate demat account with any of the depositories. The name of the depositories is can be found on the NSEL website. After opening a Demat account, the investor can buy silver in dematerialised form online.

The unit of e-series is 100 gm for silver. Investors can convert their e-Silver into physical silver or into cash by trading in NSEL.

Silver ETF

Gold ETF is familiar to all. There is no silver ETF in India. Buying silver in the electronic spot market is also ruled out with the National Spot Exchange shut.

The only other option for investing in silver is to buy silver ETFs listed in the US market. For this, you need to first open an account with a stock broker. While selecting the broker you have to check whether he would offer a platform to invest in global stock markets.  You can buy into the contracts on a regular basis and then sell at a profit. However, the futures business is risky and one has to be very careful.

Buying into silver futures in India

You can buy into silver futures in India, which are slightly more risky than buying physical silver. They are risky because you get more exposure and a slight variation in the silver prices in India, could result in a grave loss for investors. If you are looking to buy into silver the better option would be to buy the physical quantity and just hold onto the same. Buying and selling silver is important because than you can make a profit on the metal. However, you can keep holding the precious metal for a longer time, just in case you wish to. The longer you hold the better are the chances if making money on the same. Silver futures can be bought and sold in the same manner, you buy and sell gold. You need to open an account with a broking firm and thereafter you can buy and sell the metal. In case you wish you can approach a broker and then buy through the MCX, which is the commodity exchange in the country. However, there are a few formalities that you need to undergo and then finish the application. We suggest that you buy and sell the same through the registered brokers in the country. You would be good to make some profits on the same. Silver maybe a little less liquid and hence sometimes investors prefer buying into gold in that case.

Factors That Can Influence Silver Prices

  • US dollar stability will affect the price of silver. If the dollar is strong the silver market price will be low. If the dollar is weak; silver prices rise.
  • Industrial demand for silver affects prices. The metal in smart phones, computers, and digital TVs is increasing. Silver is highly conductive and is used extensively in the electricity markets. Industrial demand for silver can drive up prices as well.
  • Worldwide production numbers will affect prices. As a precious metal, the price depends on its availability on the market.
  • Supply and demand are market indicators of the price of silver. If inflation is high people will generally hedge their investments in gold and silver. As demand increases, prices will rise along with demand.
  • The price of silver tends to be correlated with the price of gold. Trends show that as gold rises and falls, silver does too.

Why should you invest in Silver in India?


Silver always has a good demand in India.

The demand is being generated by both the jewellery sector and industrial sectors. Supply and demand: In India and China silver have a growing demand. But the availability of silver is dropping with the drop in demands rise. In the future, it will become tough to come by silver and the price may be driven up the limited supply thus putting long term investors in a very good financial position.

Common man's gold

Silver is considered to be common man's gold. The acquisition of silver is much easy when compared to gold. As silver prices continue to rise, investor’s will get options to invest in silver, rather than bonds, real estate etc.

Timing the markets

There is a way in which the silver markets can be predicted. Some of the most basic ways to time the market would be to wait for the wedding season or a festival to come around. The demand for both silver and gold goes up.

No Bank accounts

In India, a large portion of the population is not familiar with banking and taxation. So it is difficult for them to invest in a lot of instruments available. For them, silver is one of the places to invest in.

Easy to store

Silver is easy to store when compared to gold. There are many e-silver products that can be traded on the NSEL. They allow people to invest in silver without having to worry about storing the metal.


Silver metal can help investors in the situations of emergencies. During the case of personal emergency, silver can be easily converted into money. Even if the currency loses value, silver won't.

Some Interesting facts about silver

Like gold silver is also a precious metal.It is rare, valuable and it is a noble metal too. That is silver resists corrosion and oxidation, though not as well as gold. Here are some interesting facts about silver,

  • Pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals.
  • Silver can be deposited into various body tissues.
  • Silver is used in the production of mirrors and deposited on glass or metals.
  • Silver paste is used to make solar panels. Silver paste contacts printed onto photovoltaic cells capture and carry electrical current.
  • It is believed that for a brief period, in Egypt, silver was actually considered more valuable than gold.
  • Silver prices in the markets are also affected by the demand for copper. This is because one of the forms of silver is sterling silver which is 95.5% silver and the remaining is other elements including copper.
  • The Olympic gold medal is actually silver coated in gold.
  • For the longest time silver was referred to as the poor man’s gold because it was the precious metal most could afford.

Which is the best options to invest in silver?

We can buy silver only from a bank or a jeweller. Unlike other metals, buying silver coins from banks are little much expensive. Because when an individual opt for buying silver coins from banks, he or she has to pay charges for the packing and assay certificate also. Investors can buy silver in the commodity futures exchange too.

It is always better to go for coins. Buying silver in the form of jewellery or artefacts is far more expensive than buying coins. While buying ornaments or jewellery, one has to pay the making charge of 10 per cent or more. There will be also a melting charge, probably at 15 per cent, this will reduce the resale value of our silver.

There is no silver ETF in India. But people can buy silver ETFs from US market. To buy silver ETF from US market, the investor should have a global trading account.

Why silver is a bad investment?

Silver is widely accepted as a good investment, even too there are many drawbacks for investing in silver.

The main reason for this is the industrial character of this precious metal. Half of global silver demand originates from industrial uses. Thus, it has a tendency to move with equities and perform badly when things turn difficult.This is the main drawback of investing in silver.

Reasons to buy silver in India

There are many reasons to buy silver in India. Investors can buy silver as coins, jewellery as an investment. When you are buying silver as an investment for future use, it is better to go for coins rather than jewellery. Because when you sell silver jewellery, you won't get the making charge back.

Silver doesn't react to the air. But the base metals such as lead and copper oxidize with air get and separated from the silver. Ancient people refined silver through a process called cupellation. It is the process of refining silver by heating the silver ore and blew air over that.

The largest silver mine is situated in Mexico. It is in Penasquito, located in the north-eastern part of the State of Zacatecas, Mexico. This mine is considered as the world's biggest silver mine by reserve.

Production of silver in India

India is basically a silver importing country. The production of silver in India is not enough to meet the growing domestic demand. India is in 20th place in the list of silver producing countries. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jharkhand are the three major silver producing states in India.

India is not producing that much silver but that is not affecting India’s place in the largest consumer countries of silver in the world. India stands third in the consumption of silver. The United States and Japan are the leading consumers of silver in the world.

India imports silver from countries like China, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, and Dubai. Over 50% share of import of silver in India is held by Chinese silver. The major importing center of silver in India was Mumbai but now Ahmedabad and Jaipur are also in the list.

Who discovered silver?

Silver is considered as a precious metal and it has a special place in the history of the elements. It is one of the first five metals discovered and used by humans. Other metals include gold, copper, lead, and iron.

There is no documented account of the discovery of silver. Silver has been known since ancient times. It has been in use since prehistoric times. Nuggets of native silver metal can be found in minerals and sometimes in rivers, but they are rare. Silver has been used for many years. It is found that silver was used as ornaments, utensils, trade and it is also considered in the monetary system.

Proofs indicate that silver was being separated from lead as early as 3000 B.C. For a long time, its value as a precious metal was considered second only to gold. It is found in ores of copper, lead, lead-zinc, and gold in Peru, Mexico, USA, Poland, Serbia, Bolivia, Chile, China and Australia.

Is silver jewelry cooler than gold jewelry?

 Silver is one of the lesser preffered metals as compared to gold. Nowadays, it has become trendier than gold in the jewelry market. Both silver and gold have their own symbolic value and importance in life. Silver is beautiful as well as affordable and has health benefits like it is an important element for balancing other elements in our body. It keeps our blood vessels elastic. It is really important for bone formation and healing, skin formation and repair. Even more silver is absorbed through the skin and has a pain-relief effect. Many people prefer silver jewelry due it's shining and it's color. However, before buying any of this, it is important to check the silver prices in India.

Factors affecting silver price in India

Gold price: Gold is one of the main drivers of silver prices. As the demand for gold increases, its price increases, which leads to an increase in silver prices.

Industrial demand: Industries and commercial firms use silver for the production of various commodities, including computers, televisions, medals, coins and jewelry. These industries introduce new products almost every day, which causes an increase in the demand for silver, resulting in rising costs.

Bulk purchases: Accordingly, it is easier to influence the silver market through large trades and purchases. Large and private institutional investors affect the price of silver through making bulk purchases.

Inflation: Silver prices also depend on inflation, deflation and devaluation trends, such as changes in the value of the U.S. dollar. When the value of the U.S. dollar is low, the price of silver increases.

Cost of mining: The cost of mining silver also impacts its price. When the cost is high, less mining occurs, which reduces the supply. As the net amount of available silver declines, the price increases.


Health benefits of silver

Silver is not only appealing to the eye but also can help a person in regards to health.

Investing in silver makes you happy because it can be purchased for a price within your budget.

From the past, itself Indians were fond of gold and silver. Silver is not costly as of gold, but people believe that there are many benefits associated with wearing silver jewellery.

Silver is considered as a powerful antimicrobial agent. Silver helps to fight infections. Wearing silver people can aid in cold and it also helps in flu prevention, wound healing, and more.

Many people report much better sleep when wearing the silver. Eye-mask, cooling properties of the silver material etc are the reasons for this.

It is proven that after wearing silver many have reported improvements in energy level. Silver helps in internal heat regulation and circulation.

Uses of silver

Unique characters make silver the king in industrial and electrical applications. Following are some unknown uses of silver:

1. Silver is there in WHO’s list of essential medicines, as an anti-infective medicine. SilverCoat Foley catheters are used in urology to prevent urinary tract infections from catheter use.

2. Silver is used in Radiology. Silver needles and sutures used by surgeons to close up wounds. Silver bearing coatings prevents infections.

3. Silver is used in photography. Silver is used in colour film photography. The light-sensitive feature of silver enables this.

4. Silver is widely used in mirrors. Silver have reflectivity. Silver reflects up to 95% – 99% of light when applied as an optical coat to a mirror.

5. Silver jewellery is very famous. From the past, itself Indians are very fond of silver ornaments. Silver is used for making jewellery such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, pennants, etc.

Some facts about silver

Silver is known since ancient time. Here are some facts about silver:

  • The word silver comes from the Anglo-Saxon word seolfor. There is no word that rhymes with the English word silver.
  • On a scale of 0 to 100, silver ranks 100 in terms of electrical conductivity. Copper ranks 97 and gold ranks 76.
  • The chemical symbol for silver is Ag. Ag comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum,
  • Solar energy also makes use of silver, making it one fundamental component for the photovoltaic cells, in the form of a silver paste.
  • Silver is very reflective, which makes it useful in mirrors, telescopes, microscopes and solar cells, but silver is a poor reflector of ultraviolet light.
  • Silver was one of the first five metals to be discovered. It is believed the element was discovered around 5000 BC.
  • Silver can exist in its native state, that is nuggets or crystals of pure silver exist in nature.
  • Silver metal is not toxic to humans. In fact, it can be used as a food decoration.

Silver Ornaments

Silver is commonly alloyed with other metals because pure silver is soft. Silver will be easily damaged like gold. Just by adding harder metals, we can improve the durability of silver. By adding metals designers can design ornaments that can be used every day.

Why people prefer silver jewellery in India?

There are many reasons why Indians prefer silver jewellery.

Silver jewellery is rich and simple at the same time. All people irrespective of the class and profession loves to wear silver ornaments.

Less costly
Silver is also a precious metal like gold. But when it comes to cost, silver is cheaper than gold. People can more afford to purchase silver.

More self-esteem
Silver ornaments as a nice alternative to gold since people get boundless beauty for the reasonable cost. For everyday use also, people prefer silver ornaments.

Silver is trendy
Nowadays silver jewellery is considered to be more trendy. Teens and youth prefer to wear silver regardless of their style. The introduction of silver e-commerce sites is also behind this factor.

Silver and mirrors

Silver is used to making mirrors in India.

The reflecting feature is the reason behind this. Silver is the best reflector of visible light known. It is also used in dental alloys, solder and brazing alloys, electrical contacts and batteries. Silver paints are used for making printed circuits.


Know the physical properties of silver

Color:  Color of silver is white

Ductility:  Silver can be beaten into extremely thin sheets
Luster: Lustrous shine and is capable of a high degree of polish
Malleability:  Capable of being shaped or bent
Conductivity:  Silver is a very good electrical and heat conductor. It has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal
Solubility: Silver has the ability to be dissolved
Density:  Silver is a dense metal

Silver is a transitional metal.

Silver is the second element in the eleventh column of the periodic table.

Silver atoms have 47 electrons and 47 protons with 60 neutrons in the most abundant isotope.

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all the elements.

Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of the metals. It is also very reflective, and because of this feature silver is used in photography.

Silver will not react with air or water. It is not reactive.

Silver will tarnish when coming into contact with sulfur compounds.

Silver in Indian weddings

Indians are very interested in gift giving. Indian cultural and religious customs place significant emphasis on gift giving.  

Especially in wedding, silver is a very accepted gift choice like gold. Indian silver market experiences strong demand from over 10 million Indian weddings every year.

Where is Silver found on earth?

Silver is a relatively rare element found in the Earth's crust. Silver is found both in its free form and in minerals such as argentite. It is often mined with other metal ores including copper, lead, zinc, and gold. Most of the silver mined in the United States is from the state of Nevada. The major worldwide producers of silver are Peru, Mexico, and China.

Demand for Silver in India

Silver prices in the international markets depend on a whole lot of factors, including inflation prospects, movement of the dollar and liquidity conditions in the globe. Also, if investors are risk averse they tend to move money from equities and other risky assets to gold and silver.

Why are silver ornaments more beneficial than gold?

In India, when people hear jewellery, the first metal that comes to mind is gold.

But silver also follows gold. Wearing silver anklets and rings are part of our customs and traditions. There are many reasons why silver jewellery is beneficial than gold.

Silver is a lighter metal. It is easy and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. This is an advantage over gold for silver. Silver looks good against almost every color of clothing you are wearing gold will not. Gold have a yellow color, and it won't suit everyone. Many people prefer silver chains, and ear drops because of this nature.

Whether it is gold or silver, the daily usage of ornaments will damage the metal. But comparatively, silver is a hard to damage metal and gold is very soft. Gold ornaments are more prone to warping and bending.

Silver and stones are a very elegant combination. Silver look great with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Use of these with silver is a popular choice of jewellery. Use of diamonds with silver is very common today.

The price one pays for gold jewelry may influence the decision to buy it as a means to display wealth. However, because gold negatively impacts most materials it is paired with, silver (or write gold) certainly can display better taste.

Wearing silver jewellery can give health benefits too. Researchers say, by wearing silver ornaments, we can balance various body elements. Silver keeps the blood vessels elastic and much more.

Sterling Silver

Silver is not used as jewellery in it's purest form. Jewelers commonly use sterling silver. It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal. Copper will usually be used because it gives durability to the silver.

Sterling silver has considered as an alternative to white gold during the challenging economy.

Before buying sterling silver ask the jeweler or salesperson if he or she has accurate information about the sterling silver jewelry you are interested in buying. The value of sterling silver jewelry depends on the details and design of the item.

How to protect silver?

Silver changes color on exposure to air. Silver metal builds scratches easily. The metal also reacts with many chemicals, and so one should be careful about protecting the metal properly.

It is always recommended to store silver in closed polyethylene bags without exposing them to air and should be cleaned with the soft cloth.

If sterling silver is not carefully handled, it would become discolored and damaged quickly. It is very important to provide proper care and storage for the sterling silver piece. The better you take care of silver it will stay longer.

Investing In Silver In India

People in India think festival season as the best time to invest in precious metals.

Here are some things to consider before investing in silver in India.

Investing in commodities are always risky. The price fluctuation in commodities can be even more volatile than stocks. Before investing in silver, you should be aware of the risk associated with commodity investing.

Silver and gold are two metals people like to spend money in.

But remember, do does not compare silver investing with that of gold. Gold is more stable than silver. There is a correlation between the two metals, but even too depreciation of silver will be higher. Hence, it is a risky investment.

There are many options available to buy silver. You can buy it from jewellery, banks, etc. If you are interested in investing silver in traditional ways, look for reliable sellers only. There is no problem if you can buy silver from banks though.

Investing in silver should be done in a systematic way. Don't spend all your money in this metal. Invest a part of the savings into it every month so that price fluctuations can be circumvented.

Silver Tarnishing

When came contact with sulfur or hydrogen sterling silver turns black and tarnishes sometimes. Polluted air, chemical reaction, and foods containing sulfur can also cause turn sterling silver black. 

How to remove tarnish from your silver?

The best ways to take care of discolouration on silver is using silver cleaners. The silver cleaner will be available in most grocery stores. You can get it from jewelers also. A Polishing Cloth, to clean your silver jewellery can be bought from online or offline stores. Apart from this, there are many home remedies to remove tarnish from your silver.


Silver Anklets

Silver jewellery is very important among Indians. Specially anklets are very common. Silver anklets are not worn on weddings and special occasions but are worn daily by Indian women. Newborn babies to middle-aged women in India wear silver anklets in India.

  • Wearing silver adds beauty. Apart from enhancing the beauty of women's feet, there are many advantages associated with wearing silver anklets.
  • It is said that wearing silver ornaments in leg gives relief from leg pain and weakness.
  • Silver anklets regulate blood circulation. Swollen heels can be avoided by wearing silver anklets.
  • Silver's health properties will boost immunity and enhance your body’s ability to fight diseases by activating lymph glands.

The types of anklets worn in India vary from state to state.In Rajasthan, women use heavy silver anklets. In Odisha traditional anklets are common. Fashion silver anklets come in a wide range of styles and designs. You can easily find the one that matches your taste and preference.

 Gold Versus Silver

Silver has great industrial use than gold. Silver is used in various industrial applications versus 12% for gold. In modern life, silver is necessary for biocides, electronics, solar panels, batteries and many more machines.

The market for Silver is small when compared to Gold. The total annual supply of silver is less than gold.

The silver industry is tiny. The price of silver is volatile. Dominant use of gold is as money, so the yellow metal will be less impacted by recession. 


Silver  wipes out bacterial infections in a safe and clean manner, without compromising our immune system like antibiotics do.

 Factors Influencing Silver Rates in India:

Like Gold, Silver is also one of the most precious metals, valued both as a form of currency and store of value.

There are various factors that can influence the silver rates in India. When predicting the future price of silver in India, historical data should not be taken into an account, though there is a steady increase in silver rates in past two decades. At the same time, for past few years investment in India as a commodity has obtained a steady growth in India. So, in order to see decent profits from silver in short/long run, investors need to factor in various variables which are described below:

Rise/Fall in USD:

Like its cousin, gold silver is also influenced to a great extent by the movement of the rupee against the US dollar. When the dollar falls against many other currencies, the prices of silver tends to gain and when the dollar gains, silver prices tends to fall. The extent of volatility in silver to an extent is much less in the case of silver, as compared to gold.

Large and Private Institutional Investors:

As we all know very well that the market value and the price of silver are much smaller & lower than the gold. And it's not a difficult task for large investors or some private organizations to influence the silver price. For example, Warren Buffett purchased 130 million troy ounces of silver in 1997, and the silver rate was approximate $4.50 per troy ounce and the total value was worth $585 million. So these incidents clearly show that still the large traders or investors have the tendency to influence the market prices of silver.

The increase in Oil Prices:

Mining of silver is an energy-intensive process, and it has been argued that Oil has a greater correlation with Silver. Hence as the oil prices rise or fall, the prices of silver would also rise or fall. There is also an argument that silver and oil should have greater correlation than silver and gold as they are industrial elements and the factors affecting their demands would be common.

Strong Industrialization:

In India, there has been a tremendous growth in industrial sectors and the need for the silver as an industrial commodity has seen a spike in recent days. This clearly resembles that there is a definite change in silver prices in near future and beyond.

Import Duties:

In India, Silver is imported in large numbers and so the silver rates are affected directly by the import duty applicable on imports. And if there is a higher import duty, then more chances of increase in silver prices in India. Silver rates in the last few days have hardly moved and this is one reason why we are not seeing any movement in prices. In the city of Mumbai gold prices was last seen trading at Rs 41,700 per 10 grams. It is likely that we will see a further hike in the coming days as investors once again turn risk averse. If you are a long term investor, it would be a good idea to buy the precious metal at around the Rs 39,000 levels. In fact, the precious metal had touched these levels lately.

Applications and Effects of Silver 

Silver metal is one of the precious metals used for making jewellery and decorative items. Apart from this, it will be used in several applications, like: 

  • Manufacturing of solar panels. 
  • As a currency
  • Jewellery and silverware articles. 
  • Water Purification purpose to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae in filters. 
  • For manufacturing typical Air Conditioners. 
  • As an antibiotic coating on medical devices. 
  • Electronic Devices
  • Photography Devices
  • For Thermal or infrared coatings as it reflects some wavelengths better than aluminium. 

Latest Updates on Silver Price in India

Silver rates stay flat

Silver rates were flat in India, more or less in line with prevailing global trends.

Gold and silver move in tandem and prices for silver at the moment were trading at Rs 41,900 per 10 grams.

The last 10 days trend for silver prices in India have suggested that prices have been on an upward trend.  It is unlikely that silver will break the Rs 43,000 mark that it had once seen. In case it does, it would be an excelllent opportunity to sell into this metal.

Investors have so far this year, had a good run in prices of this metal, which means we could look foward to good times ahead. In the more longer run, silver like gold has given decent returns.  However, the returns have been ore volatile than anything else.

9 October 2017

Disclaimer: There maybe definitely a variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious silver. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on silver information provided. Silver rates are the futures rates across all cities in India and hence there maybe price variation.

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