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We at GoodReturns.in have a dedicated a separate section for fuels which mainly contains petrol, diesel, LPG, Autogas and CNG prices. This section will be very useful to those who want to know the prices of fuel which keeps on changing on a regular basis.

Fuel Price in India

Importance of Fuel

The term fuel refers to any material which can be made to react with other substances as it emits heat energy which can be used for work. With the evolution of technology, the human being is able to make use of the fuel for various purposes ranging from cooking to transportation. The growing needs of the fuel have made man to explore various ways through which the fuel obtained from the natural environment is processed to secure the petrol, diesel, auto liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas and so on. Fuel plays a very important role in the development of a country. Most of the developed nations in the world use fuel to a major extent.

The processed form of fuel is useful for performing day to day activities. As a well-known fact, India mainly sources crude from abroad to a major extent and the prices of fuel in the domestic market are mainly dependent on the crude rates in the global platform. Any changes in global crude rates will directly impact fuel prices in India.

The prices of petrol and diesel are revised regularly starting at 6 am at all the fuel stations across India. In the case of LPG, the prices are revised once in a month. So it is essential for the consumers to know the prices of petrol or diesel before heading out for fuel stations to have clarity on prices.

Characteristics of an Ideal Fuel

An ideal fuel consists of the following characteristics

  • Convenient ignition temperature
  • Immense calorific value
  • Manageable rate of combustion
  • On combustion, it should not cause any pollution in the atmosphere
  • It should be easily accessible at a reasonable price
  • It should be abundantly available

Types of Fuel

The following are the types of fuels.

  • Solid Fuel
  • Liquid Fuel
  • Fuel Gas
  • Fossil Fuel
  • Bio Fuel

Solid Fuel

The solid fuel mainly consists of solid materials which combust to produce energy. Examples of solid fuel include wood, charcoal, coal, soot and so on.

Liquid Fuel

These are the ones which are burnt to produce kinetic and mechanical energy. Most of the liquid fuel is obtained from the fossilized remnants of plants and animals which are exposed to severe heat and pressure over long decades of time. Some of the liquid fuels include crude oil, ethanol, hydrogen fuel and so on.

Fuel Gas

This fuel gas is found in gaseous form under normal conditions. Some of the fuel gas includes propane, methane, carbon monoxide, compressed natural gas (CNG) and so on.

Fossil Fuel

The fossil fuel is obtained from the earth’s core. It is mainly formed out of the fossilized remnants of the plants and animals which have been exposed to severe temperature, heat and pressure over a long period of time. It mainly consists of carbon and hydrogen bonds. Some of the well-known fossil fuel includes coal, oil, natural gas.


The biofuel can either be in solid, liquid or gaseous form. It is usually derived from the biomass and hence it gets the name as biofuel. The best example of bio fuel is ethanol which is made out of sugarcane waste.

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