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10 Objectives That You Must Know About National Policy for the Empowerment of Women


Roughly a decade and a half have passed since the formulation of the National Women's Empowerment Policy (NPEW) in 2001, which sets out a rigorous liberal agenda for advancing, developing and empowering women with adequate policy proposals and tactics. Although, major developments in international technology and information systems have mounted the Indian economy on a pathway of stronger development, affecting, the general population and women in a distinctive and specific way.


Such developments have generated new opportunities and prospects for women's advancement whereas posing different and evolving obstacles that tend to obstruct equality and women's systemic advancement amid ongoing socio-economic problems. The aim of this policy is to put women forward, flourish and motivate. The strategy will be broadly circulated to promote the constructive engagement of all stakeholders in achieving its objectives. Along with setting up an ideal structure for the implementation of policies; initiatives and activities that offer fair privileges and equality women in families, society, workplace and citizenship, the goals of the scheme also includes:

10 Objectives That You Must Know About NPEW, 2001

  1. Developing a framework for the effective empowerment of women by effective economic and social initiatives so that they can achieve equality.
  2. The de-jure and de-facto possession by women of all human rights and substantive equality in all realms-financial, fiscal, educational, cultural and civil-on an equitable basis with men.
  3. Equivalent exposure to women's engagement and decision-making in the country's civil, political, and economic activities.
  4. Equitable availability of health services for women, affordable schooling at all stages, job and vocational training, employment, equal compensation, health and safety at work, social assistance and more.
  5. Reinforcement of legislative frameworks intended to eradicate any types of violence against women;
  6. Altering social traits and civic activities by constructive involvement and responsibility of men and women respectively.
  7. Normalising a gender perspective throughout the process of development;
  8. Reducing sexism and other types of abuse against women and girls;
  9. Growing and fostering partnerships with the civil community, especially women's organisations.
  10. Creating and expanding women's empowerment alliances and collaboration of stakeholders.

10 Objectives That You Must Know About NPEW, 2001

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Vipul Das has done BCA and has significant experience in the finance sector. He is writing content and finance related articles for GoodReturns for more than two years.

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Story first published: Friday, July 24, 2020, 17:03 [IST]
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