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We at GoodReturns.in are providing a very comprehensive and extensive calculator page which comprises of various financial calculators like FD Calculator, RD Calculator, Home Loan Calculator, Gratuity Calculator, NPS Calculator, EMI Calculator, Income Tax Calculator and so on.

Benefits of using Fiancial Calculators

Saves Time

An investor can make use of the financial calculators by appropriately entering relevant details and arrive at the final value instantly and thus saving time. For Example: If an investor wants to know the value of his/her invested money on maturity in a fixed deposit scheme. All they have to do is enter all the details like principal amount, rate of interest, tenure of investment, frequency of interest pay-out. They will get the final maturity value immediately.

Promotes Investment Habit

The usage of a financial calculator regularly promotes investment habit amongst individuals and helps them to stick to their plan strictly without deviating to achieve their desired financial goal. For Example: If an investor wishes to get a particular pension pay-out on retirement then they can check the same by using the National Pension System (NPS) Calculator by entering all the details like age, investment per month, expected rate of returns, the term of the annuity, expected returns on investment and so on.

Helps in Investment Planning

An investor needs to achieve their desired financial goals. Hence there is a need to focus on investment planning. A proper plan and right kind of investment in diverse assets help an investor to build a substantial corpus over a while. As investment in property or house purchase requires an enormous amount, so a detailed plan in advance and working as per the strategy will help an investor to reach the desired goal. For Example: By using a Home Loan Calculator, the investor will get to know, the total amount they will have to keep aside for equated monthly instalments (EMI), for a certain period to repay the total loan amount.

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