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Autogas Price in India (19th August 2022)

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The prices of AutoGas in India depends on the natural gas rates and is subject to revision once in a month based on the global prices. The common term used for Autogas in India is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The government of India has legalized the use of LPG as an automotive fuel with effect from April 24, 2000. One has to use the LPG within the prescribed safe terms and conditions. As Autogas is cheap compared to petrol and diesel most of the vehicles across the country are using this eco-friendly, clean fuel which is derived from both natural gas and crude oil.

The AutoGas is one of the third most widely used automotive fuel in the globe. The fuel is known to emit less carbon-di-oxide to the environmental surroundings when compared to traditional fuels like petrol and diesel and hence it is popularly known as the green fuel. 

Today's Autogas Price in Indian Metro Cities & State Capitals

City Aug 2022 Jul 2022
New Delhi ₹ 70.27 ₹ 74.36
Kolkata ₹ 64.66 ₹ 73.78
Mumbai ₹ 69.37 ₹ 73.41
Chennai ₹ 64.29 ₹ 67.29
State List for Autogas Rates in India
Delhi Maharashtra Tamil Nadu
West Bengal    

What is an Auto Gas or Auto LPG?

Auto Gas is a term used for propane (C3H8) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when the alternative fuel is used as a motor fuel.

This is one of the most popular and efficient alternative fuel used by more than 20 million vehicles across the globe. The fuel is most sought after in the globe and it stands next to gasoline and diesel.

Also referred to as green fuel, AutoGas is known to reduce the harmful emissions of carbon-di-oxide to the natural environment. The price of the AutoGas or AutoLPG is less when compared against gasoline and it is entirely produced domestically.

This substitute fuel is the safest form of fuel and has proven time and again as the most convenient and alternative form of fuel. Most of the buses in the United States of America are run by using AutoGas. Unlike other fuels like ethanol, diesel, gasoline and methanol, Auto LPG is non-poisonous, non-toxic and insoluble in water and in case of a spillage it does not harm the surrounding environment.

Facts about AutoGas

The following are the facts about Auto Gas:

• It is a reliable source of fuel.
• It is less expensive when compared with gasoline or petrol or diesel.
• It is an affordable form of fuel which is easy to implement.
• It is a green, clean-burning alternative fuel.
• It is intrinsically safer than most of the other fuels found on the earth till date.
• It is one of the best alternative sources of energy which is readily available now.
• More than 98 percent of the fuel is made in America.
• It is the third most popular fuel used in the world.
• The emission of carbon-di-oxide by burning autogas is 15 percent less when compared to the burning of petrol.

Benefits of Auto LPG

The use of Auto LPG in vehicles is known to have many uses both for the user as well as for the natural environment.

• As AutoGas or Auto LPG is a clean fuel, it helps in reducing the harmful emission of carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen, oxides of sulphur and suspended particulate matter to the environment.
• It helps in reducing the greenhouse effect on the environment which is lead to a change in global climate apart from affecting the very human existence due to the harmful effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
• This alternative fuel helps to save up to 30 – 40% of fuel bill annually when compared to the use of traditional fuels like diesel or petrol.
• The fuel is pure in nature.
• The AutoGas is known to improve the life of the engine and it helps to reduce recurring maintenance cost associated with the vehicle through its life.
• The fuel helps in smooth running and helps the vehicle to provide consistent performance.
• Some vehicles have flexibility for dual use of Auto LPG and Petrol.
• It helps to reduce the engine noise and thus reduces vibration.
• Auto LPG dispensing stations are conveniently located and this helps for easy filling.
• Conversion of a vehicle engine from petrol enabled to LPG enabled is an easy and simple process.

Cons of Using AutoGas

• The investment amount for converting a petrol or diesel run vehicle to autogas enabled vehicle is expensive.
• The maintenance and service cost associated with the vehicle which is run using autogas is considerably higher in nature.
• The autogas tank occupies more space in the back side of the vehicle and this, in turn, reduces the space required for luggage storage.
• One has to take special care for engines in these type of vehicles as it is more difficult to ignite and it combusts at a higher temperature when compared to the other traditional fuels like petrol or diesel.

Myths about Auto Fuel

There are several myths associated with the use of auto fuel in this world. The following are the list of myths about auto fuel:

• Auto Fuel cannot be fitted for new vehicles

This is one of the most popular myths associated with auto fuel. Autogas can be fitted to almost all the vehicles. One need not have to worry about the age of the vehicle. Only a few vehicles fall under the exemption category as it is not advisable to fit in an autogas or auto LPG in them.

• Auto Fuel enable car loses power

This is another myth associated with auto fuel. With the modern gas system, the power loss is not imperceptible and the engine is fitted to the vehicle manually and the car does not lose anything from its basic parameters.

• Auto Fuel spoils the cars

The auto fuel can be fitted for any vehicles without facing any hassles. One has to select an appropriate system and has to go for a professional assembly. One has to ensure that the refilling of the auto fuel has to be done with proper parameters.

• Auto Fuel enable vehicles cannot enter the underground parking lot

This is a wrong myth. All the auto fuel enabled vehicles can enter the parking lot even if it is situated in the underground. Only a few parking lots do not allow the vehicles which are enabled with auto fuel to be parked in the underground parking lot owing to the lack of proper ventilation facilities.

Key Distributors of Auto LPG in India

The following are the key distributors of Auto LPG in India

1. AutoGas by Indian Oil
2. Total Gas by Total S.A.
3. Aegis Gas by Aegis Group
4. Auto Gas by Shell
5. Go Gas by Confidence Group
6. Auto Gas by SuperGas
7. Auto Gas by Lovato

Comparison of AutoGas and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Though AutoGas and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) are the well known alternative fuels, they do have some kind of differences in terms of the usage, costs and so on.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the differences between the CNG and AutoGas.

• The AutoGas conversion kit costs 50% less expensive when compared to a CNG conversion kit.
• The vehicles which are run using AutoGas can cover up to 3 times the distance on a full tank as against a CNG based vehicle.
• The maintenance cost of an autogas based vehicle is less over CNG based vehicles.
• The autogas/auto LPG has a bigger and better distribution network in India when compared with the CNG distribution network.
• The CNG is transported via pipeline and hence it is a tedious process to transfer the alternative fuel from one place to another whereas auto LPG is distributed via road tankers to all the gas stations and this is a more reliable, easy and safest mode of distribution.
• The CNG is stored at around 200 – 250 bars pressure whereas the AutoGas is stored at a pressure of 10 – 12 bars.

Fuel Economy of AutoGas

The use of AutoGas is known to provide fuel economy to the users. The following list provides details about it

• The use of AutoGas based engines will save the fuel cost and it improves the engine life of the vehicle.
• As per the calculations, autogas is known to save 40% of running cost when compared against traditional fuels such as diesel or petrol.
• The maintenance cost of the vehicle decreases with the use of autogas.
• The possibility of fuel spillage is very minimal while filling the tank and there is a lesser possibility of theft of autogas from the vehicle.
• Autogas is considered the most efficient economic fuel currently available in the world when compared to all the other fuels.
• The expenses incurred while converting the normal engine into an autogas enabled one can be recovered easily from the savings accrued by the use of autogas instead of traditional fuels.

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