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What is a supplementary credit card?


What is a supplementary credit card?
In India, now-a-days millions of people swipe their credit cards for online / retail shopping, to pay monthly bills, insurance premiums, etc. There are people in our society, who use multiple credit cards and consider it a status symbol. However, not many people have heard of supplementary credit cards which can be applied by primary credit cardholders for family members, parents and children just above 18 years of age. Also read 5 tips to avoid credit card frauds

What is a supplementary credit card?


Supplementary credit cards are issued by banks to family members we authorize to use. These cards have additional credit which you are eligible to get on your credit card but passed on to other family members by applying for these supplementary cards.

Ideally, you can apply for 3 to 5 supplementary cards which vary from bank to bank. These supplementary credit cards can be used in India and abroad as stated on credit card. It will be accepted by all merchants while shopping online and in retail markets.

Setting the credit limit on supplementary credit cards

Supplementary credit cardholders will get a credit limit equivalent to primary cardholder or lower limit as set by primary cardholder.

For example: Mr. Shrikant is a primary card holder with credit limit of Rs 3 lakhs. Now, when he applies for supplementary card, he has rights to set a credit limit of Rs 3 lakhs or lower on each card. Assume, he has applied for 3 supplementary cards to distribute among family members. He will set credit limit of Rs 1 lakh on each card.
Primary card holder can set a maximum limit even on cash withdrawals from ATM for supplementary card users. Please note, supplementary cardholders don't have rights to increase the credit limit or make purchases over-the-limit.

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