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Add-On Credit Card: 5 Must Know Points for Primary Card Holder


Add-on credit card is an additional or supplementary credit card issued on the primary credit card. Individuals who have financial dependents can make best use of these cards, as loved ones need not depend on them for any financial transaction.


Add-on card can be issued to any of the family members such as parents, spouse, children (above 18).

Add-On Credit Card: 5 Must Know Points for Primary Card Holder

1) Some banks may offer free add-on card, while, othesr may charge between Rs 125 -Rs 1000 depending on the card and the institution.

2) Add-on card is equally good as a primary credit card as one can make all the transaction which can be done through primary credit card.

3) The limit on credit card will be same as primary credit card. One can set a limit on add-on card and register for SMS alert for any transaction done.

4) Transaction done on a supplementary card will be recorded under primary account holder and billed to him.

5) For overall credit transaction, the primary account holder is responsible. Any delay in due payment, the primary holder is liable to pay along with late payment fees.


Benefits of Add-On Credit cards

1) One can withdraw the amount from ATM in case of need. The withdrawal limit will be same as the primary account holders withdrawal limit.

2) Some banks offer reward points every time you swipe your card. The same is applicable with the add-on card. These can be en-cashed when you reach sufficient reward points in your credit.

3) One can easily monitor transaction done through credit card as you get instant information on how and where it is swiped. Especially, when the card is issued to children.

4) This card will provide financial freedom to your loved ones who need not borrow cash from you as and when they require.

5) Set of documents of add-on card holder needs to be submitted to the bank to avail for the card.

Primary card holder should be very careful after issuing the card. As any mistake can hamper your credit score without your knowledge.

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