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Can A Foreign National Open Bank Account In India?


Foreign nationals visit India either as tourists or many have a valid visa, as they come to work in India as diplomats or for whatsoever reason.


Tourists as well as foreign nationals can open a bank account in India, although the nature of account would be different in both cases.

Can A Foreign National Open Bank Account In India?
In fact, foreign nationals who have a valid visa are allowed to open resident rupee accounts in India. Tourists on the other hand can open an NRO account. Read more on what an NRO account is here

The tourist can than make payments through these NRO accounts, including all domestic payments that he is likely to incur.

Of course, if the sum is over Rs 50,000 then such payment can be made by cheque. Amounts from abroad can be credited to such an NRO account, just like credits take place in NRO account of Non Resident Indians.

Before opening the account authorised dealers have to satisfy themselves with all the necessary documentation as directed by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time.

Interestingly, if a foreign national has a valid visa and is here on a long stay on a job and a assignment he can maintain resident rupee accounts. However, in the case of a foreign national tourist he cannot open an NRO account for more than 6 months. One would have to check with the authorized dealer if there are any exceptions to the limit of more than 6 months.


Now, the tourist would like to close the account and repatriate the money. In such cases the authorised dealer would need to check if the amounts credited were from abroad.

In case they were remitted from abroad than such amount can be repatriated by the concerned foreign national tourist.

Passport and other documents, particularly proof of identity would be necessary before an account is opened.

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