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11 Ways To Identify Fake Rs 500 Notes In India


A fake note is any note which does not possess the characteristics of genuine Indian currency note.


While receiving banknotes, it is better have the habit of checking the genuineness of the notes. Here are a few ways in which you can check fake currency notes.

11 Ways To Identify Fake Rs 500 Notes In India

1) See through register

The floral design printed to the watermark window has the denominational number Rs 500. Both the printed portions have back to back registration so that number appears as one when seen against the light.

2) Watermark

When held against the light, hidden image of Mahatma Gandhi, the multidimensional lines, and rs 500 with electrotype mark is seen.

3) Variable Ink

The color green of Rs 500 changes to blue when tilted to an angle.

4) Fluorescence

The ground, on which the number of the note is printed, glows when exposed to ultraviolet light.

5) Security Thread

The security thread will have "Bharat, RBI" on the thread and color will change from green to blue when the angle is changed.

6) Intaglio Printing

There is reserve Bank of India seal and 'Paanch sau rupiye' printed with raised ink and be felt by touch.


7) Latent Image

The latent image on the extreme right of the bank note the image of numeral 500 can be seen when held near to eye.

8) Micro Lettering

The letters " RBI and 500" can be viewed with magnifying glass between the mahatma Gandhi portrait and vertical band.

9) Identification Mark

For visual impaired, a circle intaglio print can be felt by touch.

10) Year of printing

Year of printed can be seen on the reverse of the note.

11) See through Register

The floral designs printed on the front and back of the note appears as one when seen against the light.

Source: RBI

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