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How To Pay Credit Card Bill Through NEFT?


Shopping is fun, but, when it comes to paying credit card bill it is a worry. Missing a credit card due date can be a nightmare for many. Individuals find it difficult especially when the bank account and credit card are from different banks or institutions.


Credit card bill payments are easy for those who have credit card from the same bank where they have their savings account.

Why it is Important to Know Your Billing Cycle?Why it is Important to Know Your Billing Cycle?

For individuals who have credit card that is different from where they hold an account, they have to make payment arrangements.This has to be through cheque or NEFT.

To make credit card payments online via NEFT, individuals should be registered for internet banking facility. Once you have registered you can proceed to create a list of beneficiary for payment of credit card in the same manner as you create beneficiary for fund transfer.

How To Pay Credit Card Bill Through NEFT?

Things to keep in mind:

  • Account number: Will be your 16 digit credit card number
  • Beneficiary name: Name on Credit card
  • IFSC code: You need to get the IFSC code from your credit card company. They will give you the IFSC code along with the branch details.

Here are simple steps to pay credit card bill through NEFT

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to the 'add beneficiary'
  3. Select Bank from the list of banks in the menu.
  4. Select the city and branch and
  5. Make sure to add correct IFSC code
  6. Provide the 16 digit credit card number

Here are 5 banks IFSC number for credit card NEFT payment

  • IndusInd: INDB0000018
  • Axis Bank: UTIB0000400
  • Citi Bank: CITI0000003
  • ICICI Bank: ICIC0000103

To make credit card payments through NEFT it is important that you get the IFSC code and the beneficiary details correct. It is a simple and easy way to make payments in place of cheque. In fact, the credit would take place within a few hours and would be reflected quickly.

A cheque payment on the other hand would take 3 days to clear and may not reflect immediately and this may result in delayed payment. Let us cite this with an example.

Let's say your due date for payment is 25th of each month. If you were to make credit card payment on 24th of the month by NEFT it would reflect the same day.

However, if you were to deposit a cheque on 24th it would get credited to your account by 26th. The bank would penalize you for delayed payment and you would end-up paying higher by way of interest and penalties.

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