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How To Send Money/ Receive Via Facebook Messenger?


Facebook through its messenger service will soon enable users to send or receive money to friends or family from the Facebook list.


To send money to friends from the list, one has to add the debit card to do the transaction. Make sure you have latest version of FB messenger.

How To Send Money/ Receive Via Facebook Messenger?

How to add a debit card in FB messenger?

To do any transaction, one has to provide information on the debit card as the transaction will happen from debit card to debit card.

1. Go to profile

2. Select payment option

3. Click Add new debit card

(one can select remove card option, if user wants to remove the added card)

Steps to create PIN for higher security

1. Go to settings

2. Click on payments

3. Go to security

4. Click on PIN to make changes

How to send or receive money via Fb messenger chat?

1. To send money one has to start a conversation on messenger.

2. Send a message to the person

3. Tap $ and type the amount ( if there is no $, tap more options ...)


4. Tap Pay in the top right

5. Add your debit card to send money.

To receive money

1. Open the conversation

2. Tap Add Card in the conversation

3. Add your debit card to receive money.


After you add your debit card and the bank may take few days to make it available for you.As of now, only transaction via debit card is available.

One cannot make transaction using credit cards or pre-paid cards. This payment gateway can be a great option for younger generation who are addicted to Facebook.

As of now, the process is available for the users in United States and soon will be made available in other countries.

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