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Will You Get A Loan If You Do Not Have A Cibil Credit Score Rating?


It is highly possible that you may never have taken a loan. What this means is that you may never have a credit history.


If you do not have a credit history, how will a bank or lending institution know that you are credit worthy or not.

Will You Get A Loan If You Do Not Have A Cibil Credit Score Rating?
In this case what would happen is that you may have some difficulty.

No Cibil or credit score could mean some problems in getting loan

Some lenders would prefer you have some credit history and have taken a loan in the past. Most lenders, however, could also lend without a credit score, but, in this case they would scrutinize your bank statement. They would also take a look at your salary and other income, simply because they have nothing to fall back on.

How much does the Cibil score statement cost?How much does the Cibil score statement cost?

In general there are many banks who would have no problems in offering a credit card and small amounts of loans. It is also good, if you take one as it helps to develop a credit history.

How would it show on your Cibil Credit Score Statement?

When you request your statement it would normally show an "NA" or "NH", which would signify the following:


1) There is no credit activity in the last 2 years.

2) You have not availed any loans, credit card or other forms of credit.

3) You may just have had add on credit cards only.

Should you go in for a credit score?

The one reason why you may also not have a credit score is because you may be pretty well off and see no need to take a loan.

However, let us say one year down the line you need to take a home loan, which is generally a large size loan. In this case, it would be helpful if you already have a credit history, as the bank may not want to take a risk with a big home loan.

4 factors that will decide your Cibil score4 factors that will decide your Cibil score

However, it would depend on the individual banks and their own policies in this regard.

While, we have just talked only about Cibil score, there are many other companies, who also provide a database of scores. These include Equifax and Experian Credit Information.


As mentioned before, if you do not have a credit score, it makes sense that you take a credit card at the very least. Make sure you also spend on the credit card. Also ensure that you do not ever default on your credit card payments. Or you may begin having a credit score, but a very poor one.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 10:59 [IST]
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