Highest Paid Jobs In India

Written By: Archana L
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    Having a job is considered as an essential thing in the modern world. Being employed gives a kind of mental satisfaction. It is necessary to have a job to meet the requirements of life. Gone are those days where the head of the family was the only breadwinner of the family. In today's era, every adult in the house wants to be employed in some or the other kind of job. The scenario is not typical just in urban areas it's prevalent even in the rural areas. The position gives a sense of security for the employed. It helps in fulfilling financial requirements of the family as well as securing the future of the individuals. Now, let's see which are the highest paid jobs in India.

    What is a Job?

    A job is a person's role in the society. The job is also referred to as occupation. A job is an activity often regular, and often it is performed in exchange for payment.

    The duration of the job may range from being temporary to a lifetime.

    A job can be categorized, by the number of working hours per week, as full time or part-time. It can also be classified as paid or unpaid.

    In India, people prefer to secure a government job as they consider it to be more secure with less risk, lifetime career opportunity, availability of pension post-retirement.

    High Paid Jobs In India

    Here is the list of jobs which are highly paid in India.

    Investment Bankers

    Investment Bank is a typical private company that provides various finance-related and other services to individuals, corporations, and government for raising finance.

    Investment Bankers act as underwriters or client's agent during the issue of securities. They strike deals with companies to raise the capital. They are popularly called as Money Men.


    Apart from acting as underwriters they also give financial advisory services to the clients. The investment bankers provide guidance and advice to the corporations as to how to make the company go public, raising the required capital. Investment Bankers also play an essential role during Mergers and Acquisitions.

    They have more knowledge regarding evaluation a company financially, they are expected to assist the companies in structuring as well as to facilitate various merger and acquisition deals.

    The investment bankers earn in the range of Rs 3,50,000 - Rs 9,00,000 per annum.

    Chartered Accountants

    Chartered Accountants (CA) enjoy a statutory monopoly in conducting an audit of financial statements under the Companies Act of 2013, Income Tax Act of 1961 and other statutes in India.

    The financial statements audited by a Chartered Accountant are presumed to have been prepared as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, popularly called as GAAP in India. Not all the Chartered Accountants work for audit firms.


    The area of expertise of a Chartered Accountant includes auditing and assurance, corporate finance, financial reporting, equity research and so on.

    Other than professional practicing many CA's also work in the industry and commerce in financial and general management positions as a Company's Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

    The Chartered Accountants (CAs) were offered an average salary of around Rs 7.36 lakh a year in the latest campus placement programme conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), with the highest pay reaching up to whopping Rs 24.64 lakhs per annum.

    Management Professionals

    These people are in charge of ensuring to bring in the people with unique skills to the organization and to utilize the same effectively to maximize the profits of the company.

    They need to work extremely hard during the initial days till they gain some experience.
    The pay will be usually less at the entry level, and once they start moving up the ladder, they will get a good hike regarding salary.

    They have skills with which they supervise the functioning of a different department in a company. They provide the best solution required to solve the problem and to get the job done.

    The average salary for management professional ranges from Rs 6,50,000 - Rs 21,70,000 per annum.

    Aviation Professionals

    The aviation industry in India is broadly classified into military aviation and civil aviation. India is the fastest growing aviation market in the world according to The International Air Transport Association (IATA) data.

    According to IATA, India will displace the UK for the third place in 2025. Bangalore has the most extensive aviation manufacturing hub accounting for 65 percent of national share in India.

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    The UDAN Scheme launched by the central government is driving the growth of the civil aviation connectivity and infrastructure in India.

    The Aviation Professionals are much sought out in India both in private and public airlines. Indian pilots are sought after abroad as well, and they are well compensated. Good Knowledge of Physics and Mathematics is necessarily added along with extensive training.

    The starting salary of a pilot ranges between Rs 40,000 - Rs 1,50,000 per month. The pay scale will be based on the level of the positions.

    Law Professionals

    Law for a layman means a system of rules and regulations which are legally enforceable. But as a profession, it means a lot more, and it includes various fields such as media, IP, litigation, academics and so on.

    The role of a lawyer in today's era has evolved entirely into a new dimension and has moved away from the usual black robes and white collars to posh corporate offices.


    Lawyers are most sought out people by the corporates and individuals. As law incorporates diverse fields, it opens various options for law graduates in the country.

    To be a lawyer one has to inculcate high level of patience and requires formal education and excellent communication skills.

    The best lawyers earn in lakhs of rupees and sometimes even in crores as remuneration in some instances.

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