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What Is Aadhaar Virtual ID? How To Generate It?


There have been instances of data leak using aadhaar ID and to address such concerns UIDAI has come up with the concept of Vitual ID or VID. So, now rest assured of any data theft or misuse through your 12-digit unique biometric ID as you no longer would need to provide it for authentication of different transactions and KYC purposes and instead VID would suffice.

Before this, Aadhaar locking feature was introduced through which residents can lock their biometric credentials for preventing potential misuse.


What is aadhaar locking feature?

What is VID and where all you would require it?

What is VID and where all you would require it?

Though the decision to necessarily link aadhaar with various services and documents has been stalled for now until fresh orders come in, still aadhaar shall be needed for a few services and here is where instead of providing 12-digit aadhaar ID you can provide the concern with VID. So what is this VID?

Where all you still need Aadhaar?

VID is a randomly generated temporary and revocable 16-digit number that is mapped to a person's Aadhaar Id. So, just as the aadhaar is used to authenticate a person's identity, VID can be also used similarly. It is to be noted that using VID it shall not be possible to derive a person's aadhaar data.

This ID hence along with the biometric details shall suffice the purpose of verification with limited details of the individual including name, photograph and address.

Features of VID

Features of VID

The functionality of VID is extended to all such aadhaar holders whose mobile number is registered with the aadhaar issuing body. This is a must as all online services related to aadhaar are OTP enabled.

Can be generated multiple times being a digital ID so it is a safe bet as against providing your original aadhaar details

Minimum validity of VID is for one day or until the time the new one is not generated by you

Also note that several service providers will have to switch to a new system for accepting this newly introduced VID for the purpose of authentication or verification of a person's identity.

 Step-by-step guide to generate VID on UIDAI website

Step-by-step guide to generate VID on UIDAI website

1. On the homepage of UIDAI website, go to the Virtual ID (VID) Generator link under aadhaar services.

2. The link will take you to the new page where you will be asked to provide the aadhaar number and security code or captcha. After you give these details, click on Send OTP. OTP will then be sent to your registered mobile number.

3. And once you enter the OTP, a VID shall be generated on checking in the circle to Generate VID and sent to your registered mobile number. There is also an option to retrieve VID.

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