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Easiest Way To Get Credit Cards In India?


Many people prefer credit cards because it is the easiest way to avoid losses from fraud. It is universally accepted when one want to rent a car or to stay in a hotel room. It is most useful when you are traveling in a foreign country. One can spend more than you afford. One can shop online through paypall. Credit cards makes your purchasing and getting services in a very easy manner. One can also get cash backs and discounts on travel and entertainment.


Easiest Way To Get Credit Cards In India?

Here are a few easy ways to get a credit card:

It is easy to get credit cards because if any of your family member owns a credit card then that family member can apply for a supplementary card for his/ her family members.

If you open a fixed deposit account in a bank you can get a credit card. You will get credit limit up to 80-85% of the fixed deposit amount which will be in your bank account. However, some local banks will not be having credit card facility.

An individual, who is working in an MNC company can get credit cards easily. An individual, who is not working in an MNC company or big company will find some what difficult to get credit cards.

Some banks prefer to provide credit cards if there is no salary slip, PF deduction slip.

Many banks are also providing credit cards to students who are doing their graduation or post graduation, after submitting the necessary and required documents to their respective banks.


  • Always get in touch with credit card brokers to get full information.
  • Avoid using multiple cards.
  • Make sure to keep track of your CIBIL score.
  • Control your luxury spending as far as possible.
  • Keep track of your billing information.
  • Save more as possible.

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