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Diversified Funds And Sectoral Funds: How Sectoral Fund Offers Diversification


Sector selection takes talent and time, and the results are unpredictable. Stock selection is done from the bottom up, depending on the company's fundamentals and long-term prospects. As a result, stock selection determines market cap exposure. Here we are exploring the Diversified Funds and Sectoral Funds, and how with sectoral fund investor can diversify funds:


Diversified Funds

Diversified Funds

Diversified Equity Mutual Funds seek to diversify assets across a wide range of industries, regardless of market sector or market capitalization. Investing in a variety of asset classes allows you to get the best results while maintaining a low-risk profile.

When a fund invests just in one area, unsystematic risks occur. Diversified funds reduce this risk by investing in a variety of industries. These funds are optimized in such a manner that investors are provided the maximum potential return on the risk applicable since they are not focused on a certain sector or industry and engage in sectors across the economy.

Risks and Returns

All funds, in general, provide diversification by investing in a wide range of securities. In general, investment funds will assist investors spread the idiosyncratic risks that might influence one asset or a group of securities in a certain industry. When looking for diversified funds, investors should think about the risks they want to avoid and the exposures they want to keep.

Sectoral Funds

Sectoral Funds

Sectoral funds are mutual funds that invest in stocks from a single industry or concentrate their portfolio on shares from businesses with different market capitalizations in the same industry. When the markets are favorable and the sector is predicted to grow, these funds are capable of outperforming the benchmark.

These funds focus their portfolio on a single industry, they inherently have greater concentration risk. When the markets are in a bearish trend and the underlying industry isn't performing as predicted, the losses from these funds might be amplified. Investors who have superior knowledge of macro trends and desire to place selected bets for greater returns than other Equity funds might consider sectoral funds.

Risks and returns

You can make a good profit if you are a knowledgeable investor who can analyze the volatility connected with such funds. If you look at the recent performance of sectoral funds, you can see why. The funds have ranked first, second, and third in terms of generating returns not only during the last year but also over the last three and five years. Sector funds are frequently seen as more risky mutual funds since they focus on a single industry and lack diversification. The average returns of funds focused on pharmaceuticals, FMCG, banking, and IT have consistently outperformed the average returns of diversified equities funds.

What makes Sectoral Funds Unique?

What makes Sectoral Funds Unique?

Sector funds concentrate their investments in a single market segment, leaving little possibility for diversification and relying solely on the success of that sector. On the other hand, in Sectoral funds, you can diversify the investment portfolio with several holdings. Nonetheless, due to specific sector exposure, overall sector funds involve individual risks that have an impact on the whole investment portfolio.

Some industries and sector fund investment categories demand more due diligence than others. Particular market cycles are also linked to certain industries.

Investors can place targeted wagers on the appreciation of a potential industrial category through sector funds. Due to economically favored investing triggers, some industries have higher growth potential. Sector funds can also be used as part of a larger portfolio strategy, with particular sectors having characteristics that are relevant to specific portfolio allocations.

Story first published: Monday, January 3, 2022, 17:37 [IST]
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