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Do These 4 Checklist Before Investing In IPOs


IPOs are today's one of the hottest investment routes for making a profit in a short time. While investing in an IPO investors check the company name and the business. However, other than the company, there are various other checklists that an investor should check to get a detailed idea about the IPO. The company's history and future goals are factors to consider. To estimate the company's development potential, an investor must first grasp its financial history and evaluate its performance over the last several years. These are some easy items to look for when investing in an IPO.

Do These 4 Checklist Before Investing In IPOs

Understand The Business

Checking the company profile and background is the first step before investing in an IPO. The clarity in the corporate objectives is critical, as is clarity in the action plan to achieve the objective and vision.

To comprehend the company's development potential, an investor must first examine the company's financial history and evaluate its performance over the last several years. This analysis will also reveal why the firm is planning an IPO and how it plans to use the funds raised from the public.

Know The Promoters and Their Intention

An investor must constantly know who is in charge of the firm. Management qualifications are significant. If a promoter group is drastically diluting its ownership, it might indicate that the group has lost trust in the enterprise. It might also indicate that it is not interested in operating the firm for a long time and will not devote sufficient attention to it. It's also possible that it's involved in some sort of criminal activity.

Nobody wants to leave a firm that is lucrative and growing. Before investing in an IPO, consider how much interest the promoter group is diluting. After an IPO, promoters must control at least 20% of the stock, according to the legislation. Promoters of successful businesses, on the other hand, have often held substantially more.

Company's Potential

The ideal IPO to invest in is one in which the company has the most potential for future development. A successful track record does not ensure future income growth. Begin your IPO investment study by assessing the company's development prospects in the industry in which it operates.


It's critical to evaluate a company's development potential in order to determine the degree of competition it faces, as well as the business's expected future prospects. Calculate the company's market share growth over the next several years. You may know this by looking at how much money the firm invests in technology, what it's doing to expand its market, how innovative it is, and how it's utilizing its recognized strengths.


When a company wants to raise money from the public by selling shares of the company to investors, it files a Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DERP) with SEBI. The DERP is beneficial to investors since it includes thorough information on the company's commercial operations, promoters, financials, and the company's goal of obtaining cash through an initial public offering.

DERP also explains how the firm plans to use the funds obtained, as well as the dangers that investors may face. DRHP explains how the firm intends to spend the funds that will be obtained from the IPO. The financial statement can help you determine the safety and profitability of your future investment.

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