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How to Generate and Reset SBI UPI PIN?


The State Bank of India has launched the BHIM SBI Pay app, which is a mobile banking app. The BHIM SBI app makes it simple to conduct UPI transactions. Customers with SBI accounts as well as those with accounts with other UPI-enabled banks can use it.


BHIM SBI Pay (SBI's UPI App) is a cutting-edge payment app that enables any bank customer to send and receive money from any other bank customer using a single app, as well as pay for services such as recharge, meal orders, bill payments, and local deals. You do not need to be concerned about the bank in which you have an account. Simply download "BHIM SBI Pay" and begin using it.

Note: There are two PINs in the SBI UPI app: one is the login PIN, which you choose. It is possible to set it at the time of profile creation. Another PIN is the UPI PIN, also known as MPIN or Txn password, which is account specific rather than app-specific.

Virtual Payment ID

Virtual Payment ID

Ans. A "Virtual Payment Address" is a virtual id that looks like this: snehacool@sbi, where "snehacool" is a unique name that you choose. SBI Pay, allows users to create an unlimited number of virtual addresses, which they can use to send and receive payments as well as transact with UPI-enabled merchants. For example, roshni@sbi and vipul@sbi.

The funds are transferred using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). You can transfer money and make payments in a matter of seconds. You must use the same mobile number that is connected to your bank account when you register, and you must also have a debit card.

How to Register to create SBI UPI PIN?

How to Register to create SBI UPI PIN?

Step 1: Download the 'BHIM SBI Pay
Step 2: Enter your mobile number and verify it.
Step 3: Enter your name
a. Preferred Virtual Address b. First Name c. Last Name d. Email
e. Security Question f. Security Answer g. Bank Name
Step 4: Select the bank in which you have your account
Step 5: Click on 'Register'
Step 6: Choosing a 6 digits password.
Step 7: Enter your debit card details,
Step 8: Set up an m-PIN

The registration message would be sent to your mobile number.

How to transfer using BHIM SBI Pay Virtual Payment Address?

How to transfer using BHIM SBI Pay Virtual Payment Address?

Step 1: Log in to SBI Pay App
Step 2: Click on the Pay
Step 3: Select Account, Payee Address type.
Step 4: Enter other required details
Step 5: Click Pay
Step 6: Enter MPIN
Step 7: Click Submit

How to receive money using an SBI UPI Virtual Payment Address?

Step 1: Log in to SBI Pay App
Step 2: Navigate to Collect
Step 3: Enter Payer Virtual Address
Step 4: Enter other required details
Step 5: Click Initiate Collect
Step 6: One can receive money after Payer approves the Collect request

The maximum UPI transaction limit for a single day is Rs. 1 lakh. As a result, you can't use BHIM SBI Pay to make UPI transactions worth more than Rs 1 lakh in a single day.

You can download the BHIM SBI Pay app and enter your basic information in the UPI section, such as your name, date of birth, and so on. After that, you can link your bank account and get your SBI UPI ID by entering your desired 6 digits UPI PIN.

How to Reset SBI UPI PIN?

How to Reset SBI UPI PIN?

Step 1: Open in SBI UPI app
Step 2: click on the Bank account option
Step 3: Click on Reset UPI PIN.
Step 4:Enter your last 6 digits of the Debit card and Expiry date
Step 5: Enter your new six-digit UPI PIN
Step 6: Re-enter
Step 7: Confirm.

It's done! Your UPI PIN has been reset, and you can now use the new PIN to make UPI App transactions.

How to raise complaints about any BHIM SBI Pay issues?

Step 1: Log in to SBI Pay
Step 2: Click on My UPI Transactions
Step 3: Click the Raise Query button for the transaction
Step 4: Select Query type, Enter Remark.
Step 5: Click Submit

Non-SBI clients can use SBI UPI to make transactions through their bank account. However, their bank must be on the UPI platform in this instance. The Payment Service Provider (PSP) will be SBI, and the payer/payee bank will be your bank'.

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