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How To Get Same Day NAV For Mutual Fund Investment?


The net asset value (NAV) is the total value of an entity's assets minus the entire value of its liabilities, and it indicates the entity's net worth. The NAV is the difference between the total value of an entity's assets and the total value of its liabilities. It's most typically employed as a per-share valuation for a mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, or closed-end fund. It is determined after each trading day using the portfolio's securities' closing market values.


How to get NAV same day

How to get NAV same day

New rule for the purchase of same-day NAV mutual funds were released by the Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on September 17, 2020 and came into existence on 01 February 2021. With the new rule, the Mutual fund investors can now get same-day NAV thanks to the new law. 

The new rule explained to get same day NAV:

  • For both equities and debt funds, same-day NAV is only possible if both the application and transaction and the money are deposited to the mutual fund's bank account before 3 p.m. on a working day.
  • In the case of liquid and overnight money, the application must be received before the cut-off time.
  • If money is credited to the plan account before the cut-off time which is 3 PM on the same day, the prior day's NAV will be applied.
  • For all the applications and transactions received by the fund house after 3 p.m on a day and funds are credited to the scheme account on the same day, will get the closing NAV of the same day.
  • Transactions such as first purchase, additional purchase, and systematic investment plan (SIP) are taken into account under the new NAV regulations. These regulations also apply to all switch-ins, systematic transfer plans, and redemptions.
  • According to the new rule, any investor will be assigned SIP units at the NAV only if the funds are received/credited to the mutual fund's bank account by 3.00 PM on the same day. It will arrive the following business day if not sooner.
Simplifying the cut-off time

Simplifying the cut-off time

Cut-off time for equity and debt funds

Debt And Equity FundsCut-off timing
Subscription (including Switch-in from other schemes)3:00 p.m
Redemption (including Switch-in from other schemes)3:00 p.m

Cut-off time for liquid and overnight funds

Liquid Funds & Overnight FundsCut-off timing
Redemption (including Switch-in from other schemes)3:00 p.m
Subscription (including Switch-in from other schemes)1:30 p.m
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Although the NAV of mutual funds isn't the be-all and end-all of mutual fund investing, it is critical in calculating your profitability. As a result, keeping these criteria in mind might assist you in making better financial selections and possibly increase your income. To make well-informed investing decisions, you might utilize a mutual fund SIP calculator.

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Story first published: Friday, March 25, 2022, 17:31 [IST]
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