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SBI Contactless Credit Card; Tap to Pay For Quick Payments Upto Rs 5000


We have come a long way from paying for our bills completely in cash to using tap to pay with our contactless credit card at the checkout counter. The Reserve Bank of India recently raised the contactless transaction cap to Rs 5,000 per transaction, up from Rs 2,000 previously. Contactless cards continue to be a game-changer, ensuring genuinely safe and convenient purchases in-store. Contactless transactions are vastly based on the NFC process.


NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless data transmission system that uses radio waves. NFC is used in Tap to Pay to wirelessly transfer payment data to payment terminals with active NFC readers. The payment data is sent in an encrypted format, ensuring that the transaction is completely secure.

For transactions up to Rs 5,000, tap to pay with your Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card without entering your PIN.

How to use Contactless SBI Credit Card to make payments?

How to use Contactless SBI Credit Card to make payments?

You can follow the below steps to make payments with your Contactless SBI Credit Card:
Step 1: At the POS unit, look for the Visa Contactless contactless logo.
Step 2: At the POS terminal, tap your Contactless SBI Credit Card.
Note: The card should be kept at a distance of less than 4 cm from the POS unit.
Step 3: The transaction will be completed when four green indicator lights or a beep sound appear.
Step 4: The transaction will also be marked as complete by a message on the computer. For transactions of less than Rs. 5000, no PIN is needed.
Step 5: You will receive an SMS with transaction information to your registered mobile phone.
In terms of income profiles and lifestyles, the SBI Card includes an exciting selection of comfort, lifestyle, travel and fuel, shopping, bank cards and corporate cards covering all major cardholder segments.

Contactless SBI Credit Card Latest Offer Details

Contactless SBI Credit Card Latest Offer Details

The SBI Card provides an extra stimulus to promote contactless payments during the 30-day campaign period. First-time contactless users have entitled to Rs 75 Cashback after making their first face-to-face payment using their Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card on contactless transactions worth Rs 750.

  • The validity of the Program is from 24 Feb 2021 to 25 Mar 2021
  • The programme is valid from February 24 2021 to March 25 2021.
  • On contactless transactions, you will get a cashback of Rs 75.
  • Only first-time Visa contactless users are eligible for this offer.
  • The minimum transaction volume is Rs 750.
  • Rs75 maximum cashback per card account
  • Only Visa SBI Contactless Credit Cards are eligible for this offer.
  • Tap & Pay up to Rs 5000 and above Rs 5000 with PIN transactions are both eligible for this bid.
  • Offer not valid on transactions made via mobile solutions such as Samsung Pay, SBI Card Pay, or any other yet-to-be-released mobile solutions.
  • On May 26, 2021, cashback for qualifying purchases will be issued.
  • This offer is not available for online purchases.
  • Corporate cards are not available for this bid.
  • Cancellations are not eligible for the offer.
How safe are Contactless Credit Card payments?

How safe are Contactless Credit Card payments?

The best way to obtain your information is by skimming cards for the fraudster. Usually, when they take your card to swipe or dip it into the card reader, these fraudsters collect your card details. For contactless cards, this is completely minimized, since it doesn't leave your side. Contactless payments are very secure. In addition, the security measures in place ensure that only a limited amount of transactions can take place until you are forced to enter your PIN even if your card is taped or waved several times.
You must block your contactless credit card in case of theft or if you lose it. One of the channels mentioned below can be used to block the card:

  • By going to the bank
  • Contacting customer service
  • Using the bank's mobile application 
  • Internet Banking

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