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SBI Safe Deposit Locker: How To Raise Claim After Death of Hirer?


Safe deposit lockers are available in a significant number of branches of the country's largest lender, State Bank of India (SBI), for the safekeeping of valuables or articles. A modest annual fee is charged, which is determined by the size of the locker and the location of the branch and is paid in advance for the particular year. At the time of locker authorization, a copy of the locker agreement detailing locker management and function will be provided to the locker hirer. Opening a locker with SBI is convenient, but the claim settlement process in the event of the hirer's death can be cumbersome. As a result, applying for the nomination facility/survivorship provision granted to locker-hirers is advantageous. The main benefit of using these services is that if one of the joint locker-hirers expires, the ownership to the articles of the locker is transferred to the surviving joint locker-hirer/ nominee (s), only if survivorship clause/ nomination is in existence.


Documents required to file a claim

Documents required to file a claim

The documents that must be provided vary depending on the amount of the claim. The legal successor of the deceased may be permitted access to collect the contents of the safe deposit locker but a death certificate and proof of legal representation must be provided in such circumstances. Here are the documents required to submit attached with the claim form according to SBI.

For claim up to threshold limit:

  • 1 copy of the death certificate
  • Photograph & KYC of all claimant(s)/legal heirs. Individual submitting a declaration or affidavit, as well as a surety (ies)
  • Letter of Disclaimer(Duly stamped & Notarised)Annexure-A, Letter of Indemnity (Duly stamped) Annexure-C.
  • Receipt from claimants (payment made by issuing a Banker's Cheque).

For claims above the threshold limit

  • Affidavit (Duly stamped & Notarised)- Annexure-B.
  • Opinion Report of Surety(ies) -Annexure-D

For Safe Deposit Locker/Safe custody

  • Form of Inventory of Contents of Safety Locker (Annexure-E).
  • Form of Inventory of articles left in safe custody (Annexure-F).
  • Letter of indemnity with respect to delivery of articles kept in Safe Deposit Locker/Safe Custody/Sealed Boxes (Annexure-G).

In the case of a missing person

Claims up to a certain amount (to be determined by the bank in particular) will be considered without the need for a certified death certificate. All claims for missing individuals who have been reported missing for a minimum of one year shall be addressed with the provision of the following documentation.

  • FIR copy
  • Non-traceable report authorised by the police authorities.
  • Indemnity from the claimant.
  • Claims for missing persons in excess of the specified threshold shall be resolved in accordance with the existing instructions, i.e. after obtaining a court order.
Guidelines set by SBI to raise a claim after death of the hirer

Guidelines set by SBI to raise a claim after death of the hirer

In case a nomination was given by the hirer to access the sole locker after his or her death. The bank usually gives that person access to the locker and the ability to raise a claim of the articles in the case of the sole locker hirer's death.

If the locker was hired jointly with authorization to run it under joint ownership, and the locker hirers designate one or more individuals to function as nominees in the event that one or more of the locker hirers passes away, then the bank allows survivor(s) and the nominee to maintain rights to the locker and the ability to withdraw the contents(s).

If the locker was rented jointly with a survivorship clause, then access to the locker will be provided to "either survivor," "anyone or survivor," "former or survivor," or any other survivorship clause as specified by the hirer. According to SBI, accessibility to the locker is granted exclusively as a trustee of the legal heirs of the deceased locker hirer.

The bank does not need the survivor(s)/nominee(s) of the dead locker hirer to provide a succession certificate, letter of administration, or to acquire any bond of indemnity or surety from the survivor(s)/nominees when granting access.

If the nominee(s)/ survivor(s)/ legal heir(s) prefers to keep the locker, the bank may file a new agreement with the nominee(s)/ survivor(s)/ legal heir(s), and the nominee(s) / legal heir(s) must comply with KYC requirements.

How to download and file a claim form?

How to download and file a claim form?

To file a claim, an application form for settlement of the claim of deceased constituents for payment of balances in accounts, articles in safe deposit locker and safe custody in cases other than Nomination or Joint Account with survivor clause) is required to file attached with the above-said documents. Follow the instructions given below to fill out the form.

  • The nominee(s), survivor(s), or legal heir(s) must provide the details of the deceased's name and date of demise. In the event that a person has gone missing, including the date on which he or she has been missing.
  • Specify the details of the deposit and loan/overdraft accounts of the deceased. Furthermore, include details about the deceased's safe custody locker and safe custody account/receipt number. On the date of payment, the actual amount of the claim, including accrued interest, will be determined.
  • Select whether the claim is to be made without legal representation or with legal representation.
  • Include the name, age, and address of any legitimate heirs. In the last column, mark 'Yes' for heirs who are signing a duly stamped and approved Letter of Disclaimer, otherwise specify No. Specify the name of any minor legal heirs as well as the Natural/ Legal Guardian. A copy of the court order must be provided if a Legal Guardian has been designated.
  • A declaration must be signed by an independent individual of the deceased's family.
  • All claimants, except those who have forfeited their right to the property by providing a "Letter of Disclaimer" must sign the form, which will be stamped in accordance with the Stamp Act in effect in the relevant state of the deceased person.
  • If proceeds are paid by banker's cheque, claimants will be required to provide a confirmation acknowledging receipt of the claim amount.
  • The application form can be downloaded by clicking here. Once you've downloaded the form, follow the on-screen instructions to finish filling it out. After filing, attach the form with the required documents and visit the hirer's bank branch to submit the form to get claim approval.

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