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What To Do If You Lost Your ATM Card: How To Get Duplicate ATM Card?


In an era of digital transactions, it's hard to imagine life without an ATM card. Having an ATM card allows you to make digital transactions even through UPI. Our life is completely dependent on digital transactions. We use digital transaction mode for almost everything, small to big. You name it, transferring funds, ordering food, paying bills, medical needs, or even groceries, everything comes under the digital transaction.


It would be almost impossible to think of a day without a digital transaction. Imagine you lost your ATM card, now, what to do? How to make daily life's needs digitally? It will be a situation where you have to think about how to get a new one or get one duplicate one. However, getting one duplicate ATM card is easy, all you need is your bank account details and visit your nearest respective bank branch.

Block the  Lost/Stolen Card

Block the Lost/Stolen Card

Before visiting or thinking about applying for a new card make sure to block the lost ATM card to avoid misuse of the ATM card and also save your money in the account. Every bank has its toll free number for their customers to block their ATM card or any other work. Check your bank and call on the respective toll-free number provided by them and block the ATM card as soon as possible. You can also use the bank's other channels to block ATM cards such as through SMS and Banking App.

How To Get A Duplicate ATM Card?

How To Get A Duplicate ATM Card?

Now, you have blocked your lost or stolen ATM card, apply for a new one. There are 4 ways by which you can apply for a new ATM card easily without any hassle at the minimum cost charged by the respective bank.

  1. Net Banking - Net banking is a service provided by banks that allows customers various facilities offered by the bank at their ease. Customers can do more than just transfer money or pay with their credit/debit cards. Open the card's area on your bank's website after logging in. Locate the card that has to be replaced in the service request area and choose to create a reissue ATM Card application. Within a few working days, banks accept the request and send a replacement card to the specified postal address mentioned in your account details.
  2. Mobile Banking - You can utilize the bank's mobile banking service if you don't have access NetBanking. A card reissue request may be sent using any bank's mobile application. Simply open the bank's mobile app and go to the menu area to pick cards. After locating the appropriate card number to be replaced, choose service request from the card's area.
  3. Customer Care - If you don't have access to the internet or aren't comfortable utilizing NetBanking or mobile applications to make these requests, you can call your bank's customer service number and talk with a representative to file a reissue card application. The replacement card will be issued and sent immediately to your registered postal address after your request has been recorded by the customer service staff.
  4. Branch Visit - If you don't have access to NetBanking, Mobile Banking or lacks the knowledge of the customer care channel you can personally visit your bank branch. If you live near a bank branch you should visit the and apply for a duplicate ATM card in person. You can also pick up your debit/credit card at the branch or have it shipped to your mailing address as soon as your request has been fulfilled.



Following any of the procedures or mediums, you can apply for a new ATM card and also block the stolen or lost ATM card. Make sure you follow the right procedure that fits your needs and you have a good understanding of the procedure.

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