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Gold Rate in Nagpur (19th August 2022)

Aug 19, 2022
4,783 /Gram(22ct) -10

Nagpur is not only the city of oranges, but is also a great destination to do gold shopping. There are many shops, local ones that offer you best gold rates in Nagpur. Always check the live gold prices in Nagpur before you buy gold.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Nagpur (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram 4,783 4,793 -10
8 gram 38,264 38,344 -80
10 gram 47,830 47,930 -100
100 gram 4,78,300 4,79,300 -1,000

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Nagpur (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram 5,218 5,228 -10
8 gram 41,744 41,824 -80
10 gram 52,180 52,280 -100
100 gram 5,21,800 5,22,800 -1,000

* The above gold rates are indicative and do not include GST, TCS and other levies. For the exact rates contact your local jeweller.

Gold Rate in Nagpur for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Aug 19, 2022 47,830 -100 52,180 -100
Aug 18, 2022 47,930 0 52,280 0
Aug 17, 2022 47,930 -100 52,280 -110
Aug 16, 2022 48,030 -150 52,390 -190
Aug 15, 2022 48,180 0 52,580 0
Aug 14, 2022 48,180 0 52,580 0
Aug 13, 2022 48,180 400 52,580 440
Aug 12, 2022 47,780 400 52,140 450
Aug 11, 2022 47,380 0 51,690 0
Aug 10, 2022 47,380 -600 51,690 -670

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Nagpur

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Nagpur

  • Gold Price Movement in Nagpur, July 2022
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st July rate Rs.47,900 Rs.52,250
    31st July rate Rs.47,230 Rs.51,570
    Highest rate in July Rs.48,180 on July 4 Rs.52,480 on July 4
    Lowest rate in July Rs.46,040 on July 21 Rs.50,220 on July 21
    Over all performance Falling Falling
    % Change -1.40% -1.30%
  • Gold Price Movement in Nagpur, June 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Nagpur, May 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Nagpur, April 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Nagpur, March 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Nagpur, February 2022
  • Gold Price Movement in Nagpur, January 2022

Why gold rates in Nagpur differ from other cities

If you notice a unique trend in gold rates in Maharashtra and In Nagpur is that prices often differ from one city to the other. Have you ever asked yourself why this happens. We tell you why. This happens largely because there are many taxes and other duties that are applicable which vary from city to city. Because of local tariffs the gold rates could vary from other cities. Hence, if you find it useful you could buy gold from other cities as well. However, the other thing to note is that also because of the transport costs todays gold rates in Nagpur could vary from the previous day.

Buy gold from renowned jewellers

If you are in Nagpur there are no dearth of Gold Jewellery shops. However, you have to be a discerning investor before buying gold in Nagpur. This is because you have to buy quality hallmarked gold. Also, you get a plethora of choices before buying gold in Nagpur. You can purchase 22 karats, 23 karats or even 24 karats gold. It is a good idea to buy into some gold every month to make a decent savings for yourself. you can look at plenty of options from 1 grams to much higher ones.

Latest Updates on Nagpur Gold Rates

The Gold Prices in Nagpur Declines

Gold prices in Nagpur have fallen by an even bigger amount of up to Rs.

1050 per 10 grams reflecting the momentum overseas. Similarly, 24K gold is priced at Rs. 51,780 per 10g, while 22 Karat gold is priced at Rs. 47,450 per 10 grams.

In international markets, spot gold was languishing too much in trade yesterday and in trade today as of this writing around 8:03 am IST was trading lower again at $1813. Comex gold futures were under 0.9% pressure at $1,815 an ounce.

Pressure on gold mounted as dollar and bond yields soared. Higher interest rates weigh on gold as the cost of holding gold increases in such a case, as gold is a non-interest bearing asset. Also, it's worth remembering that amid the inflation and equity selling that intensified yesterday, gold didn't emerge as an inflation hedge, but it also took a dive with other asset classes.

Back on the MCX, gold rates had fallen to Rs. 50,000 levels per 10g, while silver fell below Rs. 60,000 per kilo.

Precious metals gave up all gains from the last day ahead of the Fed's two-day meeting starting today. The dollar, which moves opposite gold prices, gained 0.86% in the previous session while the benchmark yield on US Treasuries gained 6%, putting pressure on asset prices. precious metals.

14 June 2022
The gold prices in Nagpur reduces

The price of 22 karat gold per gram is quoted at Rs. 4800 today, yesterday it was Rs. 4818. So, 100 grams of 22 karat gold today is quoted at Rs. 480000.

For 24 karat gold the rate is Rs. 5240 yesterday it was Rs. 5255. Today the price of 100 grams of 24 karat gold is quoted at Rs. 524000.

Commenting on the gold market trend, RJO Futures Senior Market Strategist Frank Cholly said: “Gold tended to do a lot of consolidation before moving up. We had a nice rally from February to mid-March. Now gold is going through a small correction. Markets are bottoming out where we peaked in mid-November. And $1900-1925 is proving to be good value. market is bouncing along this range, if we can get a close or good above $1950 at $75 we will have no trouble breaking above $2000 and in Q2 we can break above $2000 dollars.

Today, Comex gold futures were quoted at $1928.50 an ounce, down 1.30%, until the last trade. Yesterday it was last quoted at $1954.0/oz. Spot gold prices are quoted at $1926.60 an ounce, down 0.60% until the last trade. On the other hand, the US dollar index in the cash market stood at 98.54. In India, MCX gold in June was quoted at Rs. 51,680 grams, down 0.93%, until the last trade.

2 April 2022
The Gold Rates in Nagpur Dips

In Nagpur, the 22 and 24 karat gold rates fell by Rs. 270/10 grams. In line with the world trend, gold rates fell today.

The price of 22 karat gold per gram is quoted at Rs. 4714 today, yesterday it was Rs. 4741. So 100 grams of 22 karat gold today is priced at Rs. 471400.

For 24 karat gold, the rate is Rs. 4814, yesterday it was Rs. 4841. Today the price of 100 grams of 24 karat gold is quoted at Rs. 481400.

Gold rates in global markets are falling to stay at the $ 1800 level for a long time, although concerns about inflation have not yet disappeared. However, investors are trying to overcome concerns about inflation, which is why gold rates are falling dramatically every day. Indian gold rates depend on the international price range, IBJA tracks global spot rates to set the domestic price. So gold prices in India are also falling dramatically.

Today, Comex gold futures were down just 0.11% and were trading at $ 1,786 / oz, while spot gold prices were marginally down 0.10%, trading at $ 1,788.4 / oz. until the last negotiation. Yesterday, Comex gold futures closed at $ 1,787.9 / oz.

22 December 2021
Gold Prices In Napur delcines

Gold prices in Nagpur were slightly lower today while prices did not change yesterday. Today on MCX, gold prices were only down 0.17% until 4:10 p.m. IST.

Data from the US Department of Labor will influence Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to set the cut schedule this year. In December, they could start, after which the interest rate hike can take place. It will also have a negative impact on Indian gold rates.

The price of 22 karat gold in Nagpur is Rs. 4620 today, whereas yesterday it was Rs. 4628 making a Rs. 8 drops per gram. Thus, the gold rate of 100 grams to 22 carats is today quoted at Rs. 462,000.

For 24 karat gold, the rate is Rs. 4720 per gram today, while yesterday the rate was Rs. 4728 making a Rs. 8 drops per gram. Today, the price of 100 grams of 24 karat gold is listed at Rs. 472,000.

Gold is a precious metal given its limited availability and the auspicious factor attached to it. Factors such as US interest rates, international gold prices impact global gold prices, thus influencing gold rates in Indian cities.

The Indian government will open the subscription for the sixth tranche of SGB. Therefore, people can now use SGB or buy physical gold or invest in other forms of gold like ETF or digital gold.

3 September 2021
The gold rates in Nagpur rises

Gold prices in Nagpur today have slightly increased for 22 karats and 24 karat gold. The precious metal prices in Indian cities also increased. Gold is a popular option for investors to diversify the investment portfolio, thereby mitigating the risk factor.

Today in Nagpur the price of 22 karat gold sells for Rs. 4,662 per gram after rising to Rs. 40 per gram today. The rate for the same gold was Rs. 4,622 yesterday. 24 karat gold in Nagpur has risen to Rs. 40. Today the price is Rs. 4762 per gram.

Nagpur is one of the major cities in Indian gold trading. It is a lucrative investment because it is identified as an inflation hedge and profitable to invest given the long term benefits. The variation in the valuation of the US dollar and the interest rates set by the US Fed influence international gold prices and impact the Indian market. Gold as an investment opportunity caught the eyes of investors. Whether it is digital gold or physical gold, Indians are interested in investing in one of them.

27 August 2021
Gold rates in Nagpur stay flat

Gold rates in Nagpur were slightly fleattish to negative on weak global trends. Gold for 22 karats in Nagpur was trading at Rs 4,712 per gram, which was largely in line with the broader global markets. Gold Futures were trading at $1805 an ounce, which was marginally lower, as bond yields rallied. 

Mots analysts expect gold prices to consolidate at these levels. Silver too was trading with slight declines, in line with gold prices. Investors who are looking to buy into gold can do so at lower levels as prices have rallied significantly in the last few days. For investors who have made money through buying on declines, it would be a good opportunity to sell and book profits. According to analysts gold on the MCX has support at around the Rs 47,000 levels and resistance at levels of around Rs 50,000. 


21 July 2021
The gold prices drops in Nagpur

The gold prices dropped in Nagpur following trends in the bullion markets amidst a rise in the U.S treasury yields. In India, the gold rates in Nagpur were recorded at Rs 42,290/- for 10 grams of 22 karats and Rs 43,990/- for 10 grams of 24 karats.

In the overseas scenario, spot gold stood at $1,741.60 per ounce; U.S. gold futures at $1,725.90 per ounce.

The ornamental metal inched up marginally on Friday in the bullion market, but the strong dollar and expansion of the U.S. Treasury yields have halted the rising precious metal as the safe-haven bet is on course for its first weekly decline in the past three weeks.

The U.S. currency and yields share an inverse relationship the fall in the dollar value will boost the yield to move up and vice versa. During fiscal 2020, the yellow metal managed to scale up and garner over 24%, marking its best annual performance in a decade.

But since the beginning of fiscal 2021, the march of the U.S. Treasury yields has halted the gold's rally. The recent passage of the additional fiscal stimulus aid also did not pressurize the metal to scale up. The metal is facing pressure from one side in the form of a rally in the dollar value and Treasury yields. On the other side

28 March 2021
Gold prices in Nagpur edges high

Gold prices in Nagpur edged higher following trends in foreign markets as hopes grow that the US Fed will keep interest levels close to zero. Gold rates in Nagpur were seen at Rs.48,310/- for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.49,310/- for 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

On the foreign platform, spot gold stood at $ 1,867.60 an ounce; US gold futures were trading at $ 1,860.40 an ounce.

Gold tends to benefit from the launch of the stimulus package. The year witnessed the pandemic crisis that forced most central banks to implement unprecedented stimulus assistance and lower interest rates to cushion the ailing economy.

So far, the precious metal has managed to accumulate more than 22% in this fiscal alone. The prevailing uncertainty forced investors to ditch the investment in riskier assets and sought refuge in gold, pushing its prices to rise.

News of the development of the coronavirus vaccine and its subsequent deployment in Western countries had caused the value of the precious metal to fall in recent days.

Analysts point out that yes, should the Fed fail to deliver, gold is likely to return to November lows.

Stock markets around the world surged in hopes that vaccines would be released around the world, limiting bullion market gains.

16 December 2020
Gold prices in Nagpur lowers

Gold prices fall in Nagpur following signals from global markets as investors' eyes are on upcoming announcements from US Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell, which is likely to spur an economic recovery, halting the rally of the precious metal.

Gold prices in Nagpur were recorded at Rs.50,350/- for 10 grams of 22 carats and Rs.51,350/- for 10 grams of 24 carats.

In the international scenario, spot gold was recorded at $1,939 per ounce and US gold futures at $1,947.60 per ounce.

The US Fed chairman is due to speak later today at the annual Fed central bank conference scheduled for later today and investors are focusing on this issue for the details of the inflation and monetary policy indices.

Falling interest rates and stimulus measures have pushed up the price of gold and so far the metal has managed to gain over 28% in fiscal 2020.

27 August 2020
Gold prices in Nagpur have rises

Gold prices in Nagpur have risen slightly in line with global trends, as bullion has increased today as a result of growing friction between the United States and China in Hong Kong. Gold prices in Nagpur were identified at Rs.45,860/- rupees for 10 grams of 22 carats and Rs.46,860/- rupees for 10 grams of 24 carats.

In the global scenario, spot gold was at $ 1,738.30 an ounce and American gold futures traded at $ 1,739.70 an ounce. Latent tensions between the United States and China over the introduction of the new security bill in Hong Kong have garnered support for gold to rise. Growing concerns about the rapid economic recovery have prompted investors to seek refuge in a haven asset. The gradual reopening of economies in many countries has heightened the mood of the investor to choose riskier assets as there are more and more possibilities for the recovery of the economy punctuated by the coronavirus crisis. But the current scenario has brought investors back to square one.

In a move, the Chinese parliament today approved the introduction of the new security bill in Hong Kong, which is likely to jeopardize the freedom and special autonomy status of its citizens. The United States and China are stepping up their criticism of the origin of the pandemic and its consequences, which have now spread around the world.

28 May 2020

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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