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Gold Rate in Pune (4th August 2021)

Aug 4, 2021
4,623 /Gram(22ct)

Gold has had a good rally this year, discounting fears of a possibility of decline. In fact, gold prices peaked to touch Rs 32,000 in July 2017. We have provided todays gold rates in Pune for our valuable readers.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Pune (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram 4,623 4,623 0
8 gram 36,984 36,984 0
10 gram 46,230 46,230 0
100 gram 4,62,300 4,62,300 0

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Pune (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram 4,950 4,950 0
8 gram 39,600 39,600 0
10 gram 49,500 49,500 0
100 gram 4,95,000 4,95,000 0

* The above gold rates are indicative and do not include GST, TCS and other levies. For the exact rates contact your local jeweller.

Gold Rate in Pune for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Aug 3, 2021 46,230 0 49,500 0
Aug 2, 2021 46,230 -370 49,500 -370
Aug 1, 2021 46,600 0 49,870 0
Jul 31, 2021 46,600 0 49,870 0
Jul 30, 2021 46,600 300 49,870 310
Jul 29, 2021 46,300 120 49,560 110
Jul 28, 2021 46,180 130 49,450 150
Jul 27, 2021 46,050 -130 49,300 -150
Jul 26, 2021 46,180 0 49,450 0
Jul 25, 2021 46,180 0 49,450 0

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Pune

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Pune

  • Gold Price Movement in Pune, July 2021
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st July rate Rs.46,190 Rs.47,190
    31st July rate Rs.46,600 Rs.49,870
    Highest rate in July Rs.47,480 on July 30 Rs.49,870 on July 30
    Lowest rate in July Rs.45,950 on July 1 Rs.47,190 on July 1
    Over all performance Rising Rising
    % Change +0.89% +5.68%
  • Gold Price Movement in Pune, June 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Pune, May 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Pune, April 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Pune, March 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Pune, February 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Pune, January 2021

Gold has always seen a good demand from the city of Pune. In fact, the rising gold rates in Pune, has not deterred the people of the city from buying gold.

How gold rates in Pune are Determined?

Gold always moves higher or lower in the international market. Based on this we see a movement of gold prices in Pune. So, when gold prices internationally go up, they start moving higher in Pune as well.

However, another important factor to consider as far as gold prices in Pune are concerned is the exchange rate. When the rupee drops against the dollar, the precious metal will become more expensive. Let us give you an example.

If you are importing gold at Rs 66 per dollar and if the rupee rises to 67 against the dollar, gold imports would become expensive and hence gold rates in Pune.

Gold Rate in Pune, 22 & 24 Carat Gold Price Today

Buying gold futures in Pune

If you love the volatility of gold prices, buy into the gold futures market in Pune. This is because, it is the best place to make money quickly and fast. Let us give an example. When you buy 10 grams of gold in the physical form you would pay the entire amount of Rs 27,000, assuming that the price of 22 karats gold in Pune is Rs 2,700 per 10 grams. On the other hand, if you buy in the futures market in Pune, all you have to do is pay just about Rs 2700 per 10 grams, as the margins in the futures market is very low. So, the better option is to look for futures market in gold. But, there is a catch which you should remember. You have to sell the gold as in the futures market the gold has a contract expiry. For example, if you have bought gold for March expiry then you must make sure that you settle the contract before the same expires. This is because you have paid only margin amount and this is how things work in the futures market in India. So, even if you are incurring a loss you will have to sell by cutting the losses. if you have made a profit it is good for you.

Why today gold rates in Pune are different from yesterday gold rates?

There is no guarantee that the gold rates today in Pune and yesterday gold rates or tomorrow's gold rates will be same. Because gold rates are affected by various reasons and they change every day. The reason the economist advice to follow gold rates every day is it explains the how the economy is moving or progressing.

Especially for investors following these things will help to understand which turn today gold rates in Pune will take. Those parameters are as follows.

Always follow the gold related news. Every day there will some news on gold how the gold rates are moving such as global cues may be weak or US dollar may grow and etc, These news affects gold rates in Pune. One can follow this news on goodreturns.in. even you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will mail you gold news and top business news of the day.

All Precious metal prices - There will be some relation between the price of all precious metals. So if the price of any metal is changed in any part of the world that price is going to affect gold rates in Pune as well. So it is better to follow the gold rates all around the world. To assume today gold price in Pune.

Exchange rates of Rupee - There will be a change in the exchange rate of rupee which affects the gold rates in Pune because the exchange rates of rupee with other currencies shows affect on foreign reserves we have so it will affect the imports and exports, in Parallel gold rates in Pune will be affected.

Where to Buy Gold in Pune?

Pune city has a number of renowned shops from where you can make purchases of gold. In fact, shops like P N Gadgil are one of the oldest jewellers in the city. Other renowned chain like Tanishq also has a number of showrooms in the city.

Unlike Mumbai, where there is a heavy concentration of jewellery shops in Charni road, here you can see the shops are pretty much spread out.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Pune

We wish we could emphasize on one major factor that impacts gold prices in Pune.

Sadly, we cannot. There was a time when individuals would assume that gold prices would go higher, because of the festive season. This is not the case. For example, gold prices have nothing to do with festivals. Gold is traded in the international markets, which are influenced by a whole lot of factors from interest rates from the movement of the dollar to interest rates. So, if you are a big believer in the fact that the dollar would strengthen against other currencies, then go ahead and buy gold because gold prices would then certainly fall. So, the correlation of gold and dollar is just the opposite. When one of them falls, the other gains and vice versa.

The advantages of buying gold in Pune

There are plenty of advantages when you buy gold in Pune. The first and the biggest advantage of gold is that it acts as a hedge which protects you from inflation. Over the last few decades we realize that gold has given excellent returns to us. The other advantage is that gold acts as a refuge in times of crisis. Just ask the many people who have invested in gold in the last many years and they would tell you that it has acted as a refuge. This makes the precious metal an ideal bet during times of crisis. Investors have never largely invested in gold as an investment. Over the years they have purchased the precious metal more like a need then an investment. So, you buy gold jewellery for a function and later it could end-up as an investment. This is one of the biggest advantages of buying gold in Pune. The other reason to be buying gold is that some instruments like Gold ETFs are very advantages and do away with the other large disadvantages that we see in physical gold, so it is advantageous to buy them. In short the advantages of gold far outweigh is disadvantages, which is why it s a very preferred metal.

Why do gold prices fluctuate?

Gold prices frequently change due to the supply and demand. Supply and demand again depends upon other macroeconomic and political issues. Gold prices are always inversely proportional to the equity market. When there is a recession, people are trying to put their money into safe havens like gold & silver, therefore, raising the demand for gold and hence gold prices are rising. Fluctuating gold rates are a common trend across the globe, changing on a daily basis. Gold has managed to hold on to its position as an essential metal for centuries.
In India, there are many religious people who like to wear gold and silver ornaments, and it also represents there social status. There are many reasons behind fluctuation in gold price daily like Central Bank Actions, Government policies, Demand and Supply, Investment Trends, Currency changes, International Relations. These are factors for a change in the gold rates daily.

How Can you Choose the Right Gold Investment in Pune ?

There are a variety of investment avenues when you invest in Gold in Pune. Among these include the Gold Exchange Traded Funds also called gold ETFs or gold coins and gold bars and also what is popularly the newly launched the sovereign gold bonds. However, you must choose the right gold investment that suits you the best. For example, if you are a person who looks at liquidity, the best option would be to buy the gold ETFs. This is because they are very liquid and can be sold as and when you desire money. Do not forget gold investment in Sovereign gold bonds as well. The government offers you an interest on the same, however, you tend to lose money on the melting charges and there are quite a few hassles that are involved. If you are looking to buy the more traditional investments like gold coins and biscuits, do check for the purity before buying into the same. These days it is very much possible to get hallmarked gold in India. So, it is better to buy 22 k 916 hallmarked gold in India, before you look at any other options.

Buying 916 Hallmarked

Gold rates in Pune today depend on a host of factors, including currency movement and international prices of gold. If you are looking to buy gold, the best thing would be to buy hallmarked gold. The one advantage of buying hallmarked gold is that you can be rest assured on the purity of the gold. There are various hallmarking centres, which are also called essaying centres, which do the needful, as far as checking for purity and hallmarking the gold is concerned. However, it is not the purity only that you shoulc consider. Also, look at gold prices. If you feel that prices are high, we suggest that you buy in small quantities. This way you woud average the cost of gold.

Where to sell your gold jewellery in Pune?

This is always a tricky question to answer. If you thought that you would walk into any jewellery shop and sell your gold, you are making a big mistake. Remember that gold shops in the city charge you melting charges, which they consider as costs including the weightage. This could easily range from 4 to 6 per cent. Now, another thing that you should remember is that making charges constitute about 6-7 per cent of the cost of jewellery. So, you tend to lose as much as that amount if you destroy you melt your gold and other gold ornaments. So, instead of losing a lot of money on all these things, it is a better idea to sell your gold jewellery at a reputed shop. This way you would be ensured that you would get a decent sum for your precious ornaments. However, it is highly possible that all shops in the city may not buy the gold. So, you need to be careful.

Looking to Buy Gold in Pune? Try These Shops

If you are looking to buy gold in Pune, you can do it through a number of shops in the city. Among the oldest and the most reputed is the P N Gadgil Shop at Narayan peth. Then of coures you have Bhambhurdekar saraf and Jewellers at Pimpri, apart from C G Ashtekar near Garware College and Diva Jewelers at Aundh. These shops boast some of the finest collection including bridal jewelery, wedding collection and trendy jewelry. If you are looking for the popular chains that are spread more nationally, you can look at Tanishq showrooms in Pune. However, you should continue to stay focused on buying hallmarked gold jewelry when you are buying gold in Pune. Most of the reputed jewelers in Pune have 916 hallmarked gold. In case you are buying hallmarked gold you should look for the date and stamp of the jeweler and the year on which it was hallmarked.

Things to Do When You Sell Gold in Pune

If you are selling your gold jewellery in Pune, there are many precautions that you need to take. First you need to remember that once you sell your gold jewellery you are not going to get it back. So, be careful and think twice before selling your gold jewellery in Pune. Remember, that there is a PAN card or any identity proof hat you have is needed before you sell the gold. You can receive payment through a host of mechanisms including cheque/NEFT transfer or through cash if the sum if not rather large. Remember that old jewellery may not have the karats stamp and hence you may not get the value for antique jewellery. There maybe precious stones in that, but, how does one tell how precious the gems stones would be.

What to Check Before Buying Gold in Pune?

We strongly recommend that you do your own research before buying gold in Pune. It is a good idea to compare gold prices. Remember, gold is an expensive product today and hence even a small price differential can actually mean a lot.

Apart from this you must look for purity. Since gold these days is hallmarked, there is virtually no issues. Nonetheless, you should do you own research before buying gold. There is a possibility that you could get duped especially if you melt your old jewellery.

Gold Jewellery Schemes in Pune, Maharashtra

If you are an investor who does not like to invest in gold in lumpsum, the best thing to do is go for long term investing in gold. In Pune, there are many jewellers who offer you schemes that help you build a corpus to buy gold later. All you have to do is pay monthly instalments, and build a lumpsum amount for jewellery. There are a number of jewellers where you can pay and invest in the scheme. This includes GRT Jewellers, Kalyan Jewellers and GRT Jewellers. You can start in small amounts like Rs 500 and go upto higher amounts. There is no limit to which you can really go. It all depends on the amount of gold you want to buy. If you want to buy in lakhs you need to place higher amounts.

Are Gold Prices in Pune Heading Higher in 2018?

It is always very difficult to predict, which way gold prices in Pune would move. But, if we have to stick our head-out, then we would say that gold prices in Pune are heading lower. This is because, there are a number of international factors that could put pressure on gold rates in Pune. The first and the most important of these is the US Fed meeting scheduled for next month. It is highly likely that the US Fed would hike interest rates in 2017, which in all probability would push gold prices lower. So, international prices of gold would fal below the current levels of $1225 an ounce, which could also lead to a further fall in gold prices in Pune. Hence, if you are planning to buy gold in Pune, we suggest that you wait for sometime. The onyl way one can make money by buying gold is to buy the same at the right price.

Why Puneites Prefer Gold?

Gold prices have tripled in the last eight years, since the emergence of the US sub prime mortage crisis. If you had to place money in safe bank deposits, back in 2008, at best your money would have doubled today. However, gold has managed to triple in value. Interestingly, analysts say that the precious metal is a good hedge against inflation. However, it has often give more returns then most asset classes, barring of course equity shares. Hence, if you are looking to invest and beat inflation, gold can come in handy. However, we wish to emphasize that gold prices have remained steady in the last three years or so in Pune and hence returns may not have been stupendous. Overall, if you are looking to buy the precious metal returns will come only over a period of time. Hence, you should be a long term investor in the precious metal to benefit from a rally that we would eventually see.

When to Buy Gold?

This is always a tricky question. Most of the time we do not buy gold as an investment. We buy it as a necessity for an event like marriage or for any other function. However, having said that we wish to emphasize that gold as an investment is a good proposition as a diversification measure. Let's explain why?

Say you are an investor and you have invested heavily in stocks. If there is an economic turmoil, stocks will definitely fall and gold rally. So, as a hedge gold is an excellent investment bet. There is no question of timing. Nobody in this world knows what is the right price and right time to buy any precious metal. You can adopt the systematic investment route where you buy small quantities every week.

However, you can track the gold prices in Pune before taking any decision.

There are many experts, who are willing to give advise. You can seek the advise if there is a large amount of gold that you wish to buy.

How much gold are you really getting while buying gold jewellery?

Generally, the buyer has to pay for wastage that happens during the making of jewelry and for calculating those charges there will a mechanism of calculation which only the jeweler would know.

You cannot find wastage charges as once you settle on to a piece the wastage charges making charges disappear from the pricing chart, due to which it is not so simple to find out how much gold you are really getting.

But there is a way to simplify and find out how much gold we are getting in hand by the price we are paying, which can be explained by following example?

The first step of finding how much gold you are really getting is to find what is the gold price in Pune today?

Then, if the final price is Rs 27,000 for a 10 gm gold jewelry you have paid Rs 2700 per gram. So as we have checked the actual per gram rate on the day gold rate in Pune today and by calculating how much more you are expected to pay and how much we are paying.

But its important to go for jeweler who sell BIS marked jewellery and who provides bill for the purchase.

What are the Options to Buying Gold in Pune?

You can buy gold in Pune in a number of ways. You can choose and electronic way including the Gold ETFs. Most of the top mutual fund houses in the country offer you these Gold ETF schemes. These include UTI, Motilal Oswal and the like. Please do not buy jewelry as an investment, as you get lesser value.

One important thing that is worth mentioning is that gold prices in Pune have already gone higher. So, in case you are looking to invest, wait for sometime for dips to happen.

In fact, gold rates in Pune have jumped as much as 22 per cent in the last one year. This was after the precious metal had a very boring price movement in the last three years. We advocate buying only on dips.

How is Gold Imported into Pune?

To begin with there are an authorized set of banks that are allowed to import gold into India. As we all know that India does not mine gold. In fact, our neighbour China is the biggest gold mining in the country. We have not mined gold in a long time now. These banks import gold into India and these are then distributed to the jewelers in the form of gold bars. Once this happens the distributors retail the gold to the jewelers in the country. This is the entire process how gold moves from imports to the final consumer. In the midst of all this there are the usual taxes and duties that are applicable and made payable by the various intermediaries who import the gold. Remember, if we have the goods and services taxes in place, Pune may see lesser duties and taxes on gold. Apart from this what is important to also remember that a little bit of rupee depreciation will make gold expensive and Pune. This is because as we mentioned earlier, we do not mine gold but manufacture the same. In any case, it always makes sense to check the gold rates in Pune before you buy either your 22 karats or your 24 karats gold.

How is Gold Taxed?

Does not matter whether you are in Pune or any other city. In India, you have to pay capital gains tax on profit on sale of gold. It is important to note, that the tax liability would depend on whether gold is held for the long term or the short trem.

Apart from this, there is also wealth tax that is applicable on gold. If you own gold valued at more than Rs 30 lakhs, you need to pay  1 per cent as wealth tax on that value.

With gold prices constantly appreciating, the value of the gold held by individuals has also been going up gradually.

In any case one has to remember to pay capital gains tax as well. The tax liability wiuld be the same, whether you buy gold in the electronic form or as gold bars, biscuits and or jewelry.

Checking of Gold Purity in Pune, Maharashtra

It is not difficult to get 916 hallmarked gold rates in Pune today. However, you need to make sure that it is of the highest possible purity. People prefer hallmarked gold, because it is tested and ensures that the composition of metal to gold is accurate. In fact, as we call it 916 hallmarked gold or 22 karats gold. If you are looking to buy the precious metal buy with the same configuration we have mentioned. If you are looking at 24 karats, then the best bet would be to take the gold to the hallmarking centre, where the same is tested for purity. the Bureau of Indian Standards has set up testing centres in the country, where you can figure our if the gold is of the same purity that a 22 karats gold and 24 karats gold needs to command. We wish that there were many testing centres set-up to check the purity of gold, which is not the case these days. In fcat, the smaller towns and villages do not have access to these testing centres.

How to Know the Difference Between 22k and 24k gold?

There is a big difference between 22k and 24k gold.

The biggest difference is that 24 k is considered as the purest form of the metal. It cannnot get purer then this. It is generally considered as 99.6 per cent pure gold. On the other hand, 22 karats gold is not the purest form of gold. Alloy is always mixed to this gold, simply because we need to make gold ornaments strong. On its own, gold is very brittle, and can easily snap. Mainly we have copper being added to gold, but, nickle can also be added to gold to make it strong. This type of addition of nickle is generally found in white gold.

There are alsovarious others forms of gold including the 18 karat gold. However, this is not the purest form of gold and has pure gold to the tune of only 18 per cent.

2017 Outlook is Grim for Gold Prices

Without an iota of doubt, gold has given fantastic returns to investors in 2016. It is difficult to see that trend continuing in 2017. What we believe is that at best gold prices would hover around the same levels of Rs 28,000 to Rs 30,000 in the city of Pune. However, the precious metal would remain volatile and much would largely depend on prices prevailing in the international markets. We believe that gold prices are heading slightly lower in 2017, as interest rates across the globe would move higher. There are various other international developments that also tend to affect gold prices in India. These include currency fluctuations as welll. However, if you are having a more long-term perspective, gold prices in Pune may not be a bad bet.

Why You Must Buy Gold?

Let us say that you have invested, all your money in shares. If the stock markets fall, you will lose heavily. Normally, when equity markets fall, gold tends to gain. A classic example, is the Lehman Brothers crisis in 2008 after which gold prices rallied heavily.  This is because investors sold heavily in shares and bough gold, as the precious metal is considered a safe haven investment in times of crisis.

So, it always pays to invest in gold, as a measure of diversification. It is a good strategy and in the long term, gold has always given decent returns. In fact, if you are looking to buy gold in Pune, do so on declines. Chances are bright that you will make money on declines.

Some say that gold like shares does not give dividend and hence is a dead investment. Biut, gold is important hedge against other asset classes. In fact, even debt has not been able t give returns like gold.

Today, we have a plethora of options to consider, to buy gold in India. These include gold bonds, gold sovereign bonds and also gold etfs.

Each of these come with unqiue features and track gold prices. Initially, you may need some professional help, if you are planning to invest big in gold.

Which is the right place to invest equities or commodities in Pune?

Equity is a market where there will be some companies such as Insurance companies, Banks, Software companies, etc. which are having public shares which you can buy invest hold. Before few years this process used to be done on paper where you need to make agreements trade in the share market. Now things have become very easy where by doing few clicks on your smart phone you can trade.

The commodity is a market where you will be buying materialized things such as metal, Gas or any other for these the profits depends on distinct things such as dollar rate and international prices. Production and consumption percentages.

By trading in the equities market, one can expect stock appreciation, dividends, etc. whereas when it comes to the commodity market, we cannot expect such things the only profit to be expected if you have gold in your portfolio. The only thing you can expect is to gold rates in Delhi to increase. Commodities are traded on Futures market of commodity exchange in India. Mostly mutual funds companies, insurance companies, etc. invest in the commodities a lot. As the commodities will be a great option for long term investment.

For the Investors, it is advised that if you are planning for long term investment it is better to go for commodities and for the short term equities will help.

On What Does Gold Prices in Pune Depend?

Gold prices in Pune depend on a host of things. Many individuals believe that gold prices move-up during the festival season in the city of Mumbai. That is not true though. Gold prices move higher or lower, based on various factors, particularly international developments. It is only when international prices of gold go higher, do the prices of gold in the city of Pune go a higher. International gold prices depend on a host of things including interest rate movements in the United States, the US dollar movement, India's own rupee movement against the dollar and also the local taxes that maybe applicable for gold from time to time.

Nobody these days can predict the price of gold. In fact, it is extremely tricky and as we have mentioned, depends on a host of factors. However, it is a good idea to check the prices of gold, before you make your way to the jeweler shop in the city of Pune.

Try Gold ETFs Too

It is important to buy gold and have at least a part of your investment  in the precious metal. In fact, we advocate you do not buy large quantities of gold, simply because as an asset class, gold is not the very best. Returns are more calibrated and in fact, in recent years the returns has come only after the US sub prime mortgage crisis.

If you want to buy gold, the best thing woud be to buy in small quantities and that too ETFS.

These instruments are very liquid and can be sold easily. However, we advocate that you only place a part of your money in instruments like Gold and gold ETFs. This is after you have invested your money in various financial instruments, which are a much better proposition that gold and should be your first priority.

Keep an Eye on Interest Rates for Gold Rate Movement

One of the biggest factors that affects gold prices in India, is the interest rate movement. For example, gold prices in the international markets would fall, if interest rates in the US move higher. On the other hand, when interest rates fall, gold prices tend to move higher. This is why interest rates tend to affect gold prices in Pune particularly and also India as well. So if you are looking to buy gold, it is best to keep an eye on interest rates. Also, do not forget to also take a look at the currency movement, which also impacts gold rates in Maharashtra. The rupee's decline in recent weeks has had an impact and has made gold costlier in India, as compared to where it was a year ago.  Do keep in mind these important factors before buying gold in India. There are bright chances that gold could be headed lower in 2017. Demand for the precious metal has also not been too great. In fact, there has been a gradual decline in the demand for gold in recent months.

How Gold Trades in the Futures Market?

There are two ways in which you can trade gold. The first is in the futures markets and the second is in the spot market. In the futures market, you can settle your position at a later date, while in the spot market you need to do the same immediately. Let us give this with an examle. Say you buy 10 grams gold in the futures market for February delivery. You can settle the contract anytime before the expiry of the February contract. After buying, if you make a loss, it would be shown as a notional loss or profit as the sase maybe, until you square-off your trade. The gold spot market is very different in the sense, you take immediate delivery of the product. You have to make payment for the entire delivery of gold. In the futures market, there is a margin that you need to take and make payment accordingly. For example, on the MCX the margins are around 10-15 for trading in gold. So, you do not have to pay the entire amount. However, it is important to remember that the risk is far higher in the gold futures market because the exposure is higher. 

Can you Actually Get Gold Cheaper in Pune?

Gold rates in the city of Pune are fixed and you do not get gold cheaper within the city. What may differ is the making charges which gold jewellers often charge. This again varies and depends from jeweller to jeweller. Often it so happens that individuals tend to believe that there are difference in the rates. The local bullion association tends to fix the price and that does not change. So, if you believe that the gold rates would change from jeweller to jeweller you are making a big mistake. What you need to do is compare the charges before taking a decision on buying or selling.

Outlook for gold in Pune in 2018

Gold in Pune in 2017, may end-up giving rather decent returns, maybe almost on similar lines that we have seen in 2017. In fact, the demand for both 22 karats and 24 karats gold during the course of the year has been pretty decent. If you are looking to invest in gold in Pune, you can play it for the very ,ong tem. In fact, gold has always known to give prettty decent returns when it comes to holding with a time frame of 10 years and above. In the short term, the chances of any gains is always limited. This is true especially for the precious metal, which has always moved very slowly, sometimes testing the patience of investors. Hence, you need to take a view of at least 10 years and not be impatient when it comes to gold. Even from a mediu term making gains is very difficult. However, instead of buying aggressively you can adopt a strategy of buying and holding. Remember, if you are buying into coins, the better option would be to buy them instead of the ore traditional jewellery, as these do not involve making charges.

Understand the fineness of gold in Pune?

Of gold, the finest form of gold is 24 karats. For strength and durability, it is alloyed with other metal and become various karats of gold such as 22k, 18k, 14k and ten karats and nine karats. The other metals which are used in the alloying process with gold are silver, copper, and zinc. In the making of white gold, palladium is mixed. We will provide you with which metal is mixed with which to form how many karats.

Normally no one prefers gold bars or coins of 22 karats or less. Only jewelry will be of 22 karats and less. So in Making of 22 karats gold. This precious metal is alloyed with three metals silver, copper and zinc the percentages will be gold will be used to 91.70 percent and remaining will be silver 5 percent, copper 2 percent, and zinc 1.30 per cent. This type of jewelry is also called as 916 gold jewelry.

A little less gold used jewelry are 18 karats gold jewelry. Gold is alloyed with silver and copper. 18 karats gold jewelry alloying percentages are 75 percent of gold with 15 percent silver and 10 percent copper.

When it comes to 14 karats, gold is alloyed with silver and copper. 30 percent silver and 11.70 percent copper are alloyed with 58.30 percent of gold in making of 14 karats gold ornaments.


Latest Updates on Pune Gold Rates

Gold rates flat in Pune flat

Pune rates for the precious metal were absolutely flat on Tuesday, with 22 karats gold at Rs 47,030 and 24 karats at Rs 48,050 per 10 grams.

International prices of gold futures were marginally higher in trade.

Amit Khare, AVP- Research Commodities, Ganganagar Commodities, Limited, says, “U.S. bond yields are on the decline on some safe-haven buying as the global stock markets have come a bit wobbly. The 10-year U.S. Treasury note yield is presently fetching 1.255%.

Gold and Silver showed a mixed movement on Monday, On the Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX), August gold contracts closed little bid higher by 0.08% at Rs 48,094 for 10 grams. While September contract silver futures closed on Monday 1.57% lower at Rs 67,246 a kilogram. Yesterday Gold made a low of 47780 and then made a high of 48236. Gold and Silver are giving some pullback signal on the hourly chart, momentum indicator RSI also indicating the same on the hourly chart. Gold is looking more strong than Silver in daily chart, Traders are advise create long position in Gold and Silver near support levels, traders should also focus important technical levels given below for the day,” he noted.

20 July 2021
The Gold Rates in Pune Surges Up

The gold rates in Pune surged higher today following cues in the international market after US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signalled strong support for the economic recovery and heightened the metal's appeal as an inflation hedge.

In India, the yellow metal prices in Pune were seen at Rs.47,480/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.48,480/- per 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

Coming to the international market, the spot gold has seen steadied at $1,824.81 per ounce; and U.S gold futures have up 0.1% to $1,826.40 per ounce.

After another excellent session on Wednesday, gold rose again overnight to $ 1,831 /oz. Silver is also positive ahead of the European opening, but the graphical structure is not as strong as the yellow metal. Across the rest of the commodities complex, copper is up 0.89% while the WTI spot lost another 1.25% after struggling yesterday.

The European medicines regulator said on Wednesday that the Delta variant of the coronavirus would represent 90% of strains circulating in the European Union by the end of August.



15 July 2021
Gold Prices Edged Higher In The Past 10 Days In Pune

Gold prices in Pune have moved higher from Rs. 46,190 on July 1, 2021 to Rs. 46,810 per 10 gm on July 10 for 22 Karat. Likewise for 24K gold, prices have inched higher from Rs. 47,190 to Rs. 47,810 per 10gm.

Internationally, now the prices of gold are steady at around $1800 per ounce and this points to a likely bullish trend for the yellow metal ahead, so investors will be better off taking the bet at the current opportune time if they at all want to add gold to their financial portfolio.

 As it is the festive season ahead and economic recovery at a quicker pace may see strengthening of demand for gold and once again the price of gold may see a rise from the current range-bound movement.

10 July 2021
Gold prices have rises in Pune

Gold prices have risen in Pune on signals from international markets as the US dollar and Treasury yields retreat. Gold prices in New Pune traded at Rs.44,360/- for 10 grams of 22 carats and Rs.45.360/- for 10 grams of 24 carats.

In the international platform, spot gold was seen at $ 1,798.60 an ounce; US gold futures at $ 1,776.30 an ounce.

Bullion prices edged down on Monday amid declining US dollar and Treasury yields. Gold and dollar share an inverse relationship with declining dollar value which will strengthen ornamental metal on the scale and vice versa.

Benchmark 10-year US Treasury yields retreat after slipping to touch nearly two weeks last week. The dollar index fell 0.2%. Falling bond yields have reduced the opportunity cost of holding interest-free gold, and a cheaper US currency makes gold more attractive to other currency holders.

Meanwhile, traders will be eyeing data from the U.S. Manufacturing Survey as it will be released on Wednesday and April in the labour market on Friday, to learn more about the recovery in the US economy.

3 May 2021
The gold rates in Pune slips

The gold rates in Pune slipped to the lowest level despite its hike in the world market amid a weaker dollar and U.S jobs data.

The yellow metal prices in Pune seen spotted low level at Rs.46,170/- per 10 gram of 22-carat gold and Rs.47,170/- per 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

In the world market, the spot gold has seen trading high at $1,810.26 per ounce and, U.S gold futures have spotted at $1,813 an ounce.

Gold rebounded above the psychological level of $ 1,800 on Friday, helped by a pullback in the dollar and data showing slower-than-expected job growth in the United States, which underlies the need for additional financial support.

Job growth in the United States rebounded moderately in January, and job losses in the previous month were larger than initially thought.

The United States House of Representatives will pass final approval on a budget measure that would allow Democrats to push the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package through Congress on Friday. The precious metal prices in Pune decided by some local jewellery shops association based on the international market.

6 February 2021
Gold prices edges down in Pune

Gold prices edged down in Pune despite stability in gold markets as investors turn to stimulus aid and the U.S presidential election. Gold prices in Pune were Rs.49,640/- for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.50,640/- for 10 grams of 24 carats.

In foreign markets, spot gold was trading at $ 1,914.80 an ounce; US gold futures were at $ 1,908.20 an ounce.

Gold, a precious metal, is the safest form of investment in times of turbulence. The ongoing pandemic crisis has forced investors to take refuge in ornamental metal, pushing its prices up to new heights.

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives - Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary - Steve Mnuchin continued to narrow their differences over the stimulus, the Pelosi spokesperson noted.

Analysts note that investors are currently focused on the new comprehensive aid aimed at stimulating the US economy and whether it will be passed successfully before the next US election. The markets also assess the candidates' chances of victory.

The jewellery metal has managed to gain over 26%, so far due to the pandemic crisis. The lull in economic growth, rising unemployment rates, and the collapse of the stock markets have forced investors to turn to gold, pushing its prices to soar.

Meanwhile, skyrocketing infections in Europe have forced Ireland to introduce strict lockdown measures. France reported the highest number of hospitalizations due to viral infections.

20 October 2020
Gold prices in Pune marches up

Gold prices in Pune rose sharply following signals from world markets as the bullion headed for a sixth weekly gain on the outbreak of virus cases.

Gold prices in Pune were recorded at Rs 47,950/- for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.48,950/- for 10 grams of 24-carat gold. In international markets, spot gold was trading at $1,809.86 an ounce and American gold futures were trading at $1,811.90 an ounce.

The precious metal has hit sky-high prices as a record increase in pandemic infection cases in the United States has fueled uncertainty about the economic recovery as the weaker greenback has also supported its rally in international markets.  The growing number of cases in America has prompted some states to re-impose partial lockdowns, with the world record for epidemic cases crossing 13.89 million. The yellow metal tends to gain in times of political and economic uncertainty and the current scenario has helped the precious metal gain over 19%, so far in the year.

18 July 2020
Gold rates in Pune jumps

Gold rates in Pune jumped slightly and remained unchanged in the world market amid the impact of the coronavirus. On the domestic market, the prices of precious metals in Jumped were quoted at Rs.42,920/- for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.43,920/- for 10 grams of 24-carat gold. In the foreign market, spot gold rose 0.1% to $ 1,690.08 per ounce and US gold futures fell 0.6% to $ 1,741.40 an ounce. Gold has been on the positive side for the past two to three weeks.

The coronavirus pandemic, which has affected global economic growth, has forced nations to extend blockades to reduce their spread, and central banks have announced a wave of fiscal and monetary support measures to mitigate the financial cost. It is mostly a safe purchase and the main reason is that the global economy is likely to face a recession due to the COVID-19 problem.

13 April 2020
The Gold Rates in Pune jumps

The gold rate in Pune reached its highest level following global indices on the international market in a weaker dollar. On the national market, the prices of yellow metal in Pune were Rs.38,700 / - for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.39,700 / - for 10 grams of 24-carat gold. In the bullion market, spot gold gained 0.6% to $ 1,538.42 an ounce and US gold futures contracts edged up 0.9% to $ 1,541.20 ounce. The dollar index that measures the dollar traded low against a basket of six major currencies traded and also pushed the yellow metal to a high level in the international market. Boosting hopes for a stronger U.S. economy, the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits declined slightly last week, a positive signal for the U.S. labour market amid recent signs that new claims may have tends to increase slightly. The price of yellow metal in Pune was decided by a local association of jewellery stores based on international trade reports.

3 January 2020
The gold rates in Pune reamins flat

Gold prices in Pune have remained constant today following cues in the international market amid a weaker dollar. In the domestic market, precious metal prices in Pune were seen stable at Rs.37,500/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.38,500/- per 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

On the international market, spot gold remained stable at $ 1,491.17 per ounce and gold futures in the United States edged down $ 4.20 to $ 1,494 per ounce. The dollar was trading lower against a basket of six major traded currencies and also kept the yellow metal price down in the bullion market.

The US Federal Reserve is on the lookout for signs that a slowdown in global trade is affecting the U.S beyond the manufacturing and investment sectors, but is not yet gearing up for a full rate reduction.

There are many small and large gold dealers in Pune specializing exclusively in precious metals and the backbone of the local gold industry.

19 October 2019

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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