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Gold Rate in Vijayawada (4th August 2021)

Aug 4, 2021
4,490 /Gram(22ct) -9

Vijayawada is among the top cities in Andhra Pradesh and is an important destination to buy and sell gold in the state. Jewellers in the city offer some of the best patters and designs across India.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Vijayawada (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram 4,490 4,499 -9
8 gram 35,920 35,992 -72
10 gram 44,900 44,990 -90
100 gram 4,49,000 4,49,900 -900

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Vijayawada (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram 4,898 4,909 -11
8 gram 39,184 39,272 -88
10 gram 48,980 49,090 -110
100 gram 4,89,800 4,90,900 -1,100

* The above gold rates are indicative and do not include GST, TCS and other levies. For the exact rates contact your local jeweller.

Gold Rate in Vijayawada for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Aug 3, 2021 44,900 -90 48,980 -110
Aug 2, 2021 44,990 0 49,090 0
Aug 1, 2021 44,990 -10 49,090 -10
Jul 31, 2021 45,000 -250 49,100 -270
Jul 30, 2021 45,250 350 49,370 380
Jul 29, 2021 44,900 100 48,990 110
Jul 28, 2021 44,800 200 48,880 220
Jul 27, 2021 44,600 -200 48,660 -220
Jul 26, 2021 44,800 100 48,880 110
Jul 25, 2021 44,700 0 48,770 0

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Vijayawada

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Vijayawada

  • Gold Price Movement in Vijayawada, July 2021
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st July rate Rs.44,000 Rs.48,000
    31st July rate Rs.45,000 Rs.49,100
    Highest rate in July Rs.45,250 on July 10 Rs.49,370 on July 10
    Lowest rate in July Rs.44,000 on July 1 Rs.48,000 on July 1
    Over all performance Rising Rising
    % Change +2.27% +2.29%
  • Gold Price Movement in Vijayawada, June 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Vijayawada, May 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Vijayawada, April 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Vijayawada, March 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Vijayawada, February 2021
  • Gold Price Movement in Vijayawada, January 2021

Where to Buy Gold in Vijayawada?

There are a number of places where you can buy gold jewellery in Vijayawada. For example, the popular Malabar Gold has outlets in the city of Vijayawada. Another home grown place for buying the precious metal in the city is Anjaney Jewellery. This goldsmith has almost three decades of existence in Vijayawada and has carved a good niche for itself with service.

There are also the popular chains in the city like Tanishq, which is located at MG Road and also Khazana Jewellery, which is similarly located at MG Road. There are many others shops that are more localized and have been doing business for many decades now. However, that should not be the only consideration for buy gold. Look at various other aspects before getting into buying gold that includes price and service.

916 hallmarked gold in Vijayawada

If you are looking to buy, you should buy the 916 hallmarked gold in Vijayawada. This is because it is 22 karats gold and has 91.6 per cent purity. You cannot buy gold jewellery with 24 karats because gold has to be mixed with other allloys, before converting to jewellery. This is because pure gold is brittle and it cannot be converted into jewellery. It is a good idea to hence buy gold and gold jewellery in the 916 form in Vijayawada. However, you should make sure that you have checked for purity and buy the same only from hallmarked gold jewellers in the city. You run the risk of otherwise ending up wth impure gold which is another worry.  All in all, you need to be a little careful before making these purchases. Remember that when you are buying only go for the hallmarked gold in India, as these would help you ensure the purity of gold that you are buying.

Prices of Gold in Vijayawada

It is imperative that you check live 22 Karat gold rates in Vijayawada, before you venture into buying the same. This is because, you can otherwise end up making losses. Normally, what does also happen is that gold prices do not change in any particular city. However, there could always be some variations.

Another thing to remember when buying 22 karats gold in Vijayawada apart from gold prices is the making charges. Here again the variations could mean a lot. For example, making charges for gold could vary from 5 per cent upwards. Let us assume that you are buying 10 grams gold in Vijayawada. Even if there is a Rs 100 price difference you could end-up losing as much as Rupees.

How to Identify the Gold you are Buying is Real or Fake Gold in Vijayawada?

The first thing you must be looking for while buying gold jewellery is for the markings. The first marking you should be looking for is the hallmark then the purity stamp such as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K which explains how many karats the gold is. In Vijayawada most of the jewelers sell hallmarked jewellery, but its better to go for a reputed one and to check gold rate in Vijayawada before going to buy. Its better to go for gold coins than jewellery if you are buying gold as an investment. As there is a change of increase of gold price in Vijayawada it is better to buy before the prices are increased.

Where to Invest During Inflation in Vijayawada?

Gold is best weapon to fight inflation. So it is advisable for investors in Vijayawada to invest in gold. As gold has already proved that it is perfect hedge against inflation. As the inflation is increasing year by year around 5-7 %, you can get similar returns from gold. The demand for gold and gold ornaments is also increasing these days, while genuine supply constraints for gold has pushed prices higher. So holding on to gold for a long time will give you great profits. It is not advisable to put all your money in gold its better to go invest a part of it. Even the poltical tensions affects the price of gold in vijayawada. So, if you are an investor of gold in turbulent times you can make money.

Movement of gold rates in Vijayawada

The main reason for movement of gold is movement in international markets, excise duty, import duties exchange rate conversion and etc. and the factor which affects immensely is other countries currency specially US Dollar. As the US dollar goes weaker gold rates in Vijayawada as well as India grows stronger. As of now as the US dollar has grown stronger we can see the decline in price of gold in Vijayawada and India. You can view the complete movement of gold rates in Vijayawada in goodreturns gold price Vijayawada. If you are looking to buy gold in Vijayawada, the best way would be to accumulate the metal every time there is a sizeable downslide. At the moment. we are not seeing anything of that happening and there is a possibility that gold may not drift below the Rs 26,000 mark in the coming days. So, if you are a buyer of the precious metal, it makes sense to buy when the levels reach around Rs 25,900 or so. Whether that would happen is a big question mark. Some investors have been waiting for over one year for the dip to happen, but that has not materialized. In fact, now they are looking at fresh prices of around Rs 27,000 to buy. It makes sense to check the live prices of gold in Vijayawada if you want to buy into the precious metal. The movement of gold this year has been exceedingly volatile and we do not anticpate that the metal prices would fall any time soon. Also a lot depends on tgghe policies that new US President Donald Trump would follow, going forward for gold prices in Vijayawada to recover anytime soon. Expect prices of the metal to hover around the Rs 27,000 mark in the near future.

How Gold is used in Vijayawada?

There are mainly 4 ways that gold is used in Vijayawada and India they are in jewellery, gold coins or bars, in electronics and aerospace.

In gold, about 78 per cent of gold consumed each year is made into Jewellery and is the most common way that gold reaches a customer. Gold coins or bars are one of the most common ways to hold or invest in gold is in gold coins, gold bars.
Gold is a very efficient conductor that it can carry tiny electrical charges, and because of this property a small amount can be found in almost all electronic devices, including cell phones, televisions, GPS units and more.
In Aerospace Gold is used to coat the insides of space vehicles to protect people inside from infrared radiation, It is also used to lubricate mechanical parts and to conduct electricity.

Great demand for gold in Vijayawada

In 2014, after Andhra and telengana got divided Vijayawada become commercial hub of Andhra pradesh.  There is a great demand of gold in vijayawada specially coins and bars. Even the residents of Vijayawada consider gold as a traditional investment. During festivals such as dusserha and diwali individuals buy gold. zs a traditional investment. Even gold jewellery is preferred as a wedding gift.

 After division and other political situations while the real estate is fluctuating, invetsors start investing in gold more as as a refuge in difficult times. By knowing the fact that such factors dose not effect gold prices as gold rates will not change with such factors.

There are investors who prefer to invest in gold ETF’s as there will be no storage hassle, as the gold will be in electronic form and it will be a safe and easy investment option. By taking such safe moves and by following up gold rates in Vijayawada it will be a good profitable way of investing.

For Investment purposes buying gold physically in form gold coins, gold bars or jewellery is better.

Why gold is alloyed with other metal in Vijayawada?

Pure gold is a very dense and very malleable metal.

The gold purest form is too soft metal on its own and for hardening, it must be alloyed with the elements such as copper, silver, nickel, palladium and zinc.
For the better understanding of why gold is alloyed, you can try the following experiment where If you beat a small piece of iron and a piece of gold with a hammer, you'll have to beat it very hard to flatten an iron piece where as for flattening the piece of gold can be done very easily.

Gold is alloyed with Copper and silver which have about half of the density of gold and for beating them into sheets, it needs more force and strength. By which gold becomes stronger and that's the reason goldsmiths and jewellers add silver and copper to gold when making jewellery. The method jeweller or goldsmiths use to alloy gold and copper is they melt both the metals together, which can then be beaten, drawn or twisted into various shapes patterns.
Gold jewellery is measured in karats. purest (99%) gold is 24 karats which are used for making gold biscuits and coins. for making of jewellery 22 carats (91% gold) and 18 carats (75% gold) is used.

Benefits of buying ETF's in Vijayawada

Investors in Vijayawada who invest in gold can go for ETF's than investing in physical form of gold. There are a lot of benefits buying ETF's in Vijayawada here are few.

Gold ETFs provide a possibility to investors to stack away gold over a given period of time. Since Gold ETF's can be purchased in small quantities, one can plan the acquisition as per future requirements.

In gold ETF's there is no risk of theft and one doesn't need to worry about the storage cost as this will be in electronic form. whereas for the physical gold, one ends up paying extra for making and other charges as well, but there are no extra charges applicable for the gold ETFs. One can exchange them in multiples of Kilograms units of 0.995 purity when needed.

For gold coins and bars most jewelers offer only an exchange and not a buyback whereas gold ETFs can be sold across India for transparent prices. Check goldrates in Vijayawada on goodreturns for the accurate price.

In terms of taxation benefits, gold ETFs are way ahead of the physical gold. No sales tax, VAT or securities transaction tax is applicable on gold ETFs.

Question you must ask before buying gold in Vijayawada?

Before buying gold in Vijayawada you must ask the jeweler few very important questions

Is this BIS hallmarked gold?

In India, there are more than 13,000 BIS-hallmarked jewelry showrooms and 300 BIS recognised hallmarking centers, But there so many jewelers who do not sell hallmarked jewelry. In exchange for not BIS mark then will give you they will offer discounts. individuals who get tempted to these will end up in loss. As you will not get the price you bought the gold for or the market price as the jewellery is not hallmarked.

What are the buyback terms?

Check and see did the jeweler is willing to offer you any buy back terms like if you were to return the gold jewellery in future for cash or an exchange it for a more contemporary design.
if there is an exchange and buy-back period and policy and if you are aware of it. This will ensure that you can return or exchange the jewelry. In case you are having any issue.


By asking bill you are contributing towards ensured and more transparent gold market in the country. You might have to pay value-added tax and share your PAN details too with the jeweler for a purchase of jewellery more than Rs 50,000. But a bill has every important detail of the purchase which goes a long way towards ensuring transparency and providing you with assurance. Bill is something you can turn to, in case you need to approach a consumer court too.

Why gold prices in Vijayawada change?

Vijayawada, the city on the banks of the Krishna River changes sees volatile rate for the precious metal. Gold prices in Vijayawada depend completely on economic conditions globally. For the one in Vijayawada who are interested in investing on gold in Vijayawada must know and understand these things to gain profits or else end up losing money.

The first and most the important element which affects gold rates in Vijayawada is movement in the value of dollar U.S. Dollar. The price of gold in Vijayawada moves with the U.S. Dollar but in the opposite direction which means if the dollar rate is up gold rate in Vijayawada goes down and if the U.S.Dollar is down then the gold prices will go up.

Other currencies such as euro, Japanese Yen and a basket of otehr currencies will also affect the gold price in Vijayawada but not as much as the U.S.Dollar affects.

The other major factor is decisions taken by the central bank of India which is Reserve Bank of India for us.

With the decisions of reserve bank, gold rates in Vijayawada will be affected. Because of monetary strategies or any other bank disappointment, there will be a fluctuation in gold rates in Vijayawada.

How to take a gold loan in Vijayawada?

In Vijayawada people, have a liking for Gold and there are individuals who make money from gold as an investment.

There are individuals who buy gold as a saving because on gold they can get a loan on gold very easily. Actually gold is an instant, safe and secured for opting a loan. There are Banks as well as nonbanking financial companies (NBFC) from which you can get a gold loan from.

Out of all the all the banks and NBFC's, Mannapuram Gold and Muthoot Finance stand top for opting gold loan in Vijayawada. These are the popular gold loan companies that you can approach is for a gold loan in Vijayawada. These two companies offer good interest rates and other offers due to which these two gold loan companies are preferred by people of Vijayawada. to take a gold loan. But still it will be safer option to opt a gold loan from nationalized bank.

The things you should be looking or comparing should be processing charges, loan tenure, prepayment charges processing time etc. But more important one has to check Gold rates in Vijayawada before opting a loan from a website which gives accurate gold price in Vijayawada such as goodreturns.in

Purity of gold in Vijayawada

The purity of gold is measured on the scale of karats, which varies from 24 karats to 9 karats, where 24 karats is the purest form.

In 24 karats means the purest form of gold and 24 karats of gold is used mostly in making gold bars coins etc. When it comes to jewelry 24 karats is not preferable.

22 karats gold means 91.6 percent of gold is alloyed with any metal other metal such as copper, zinc etc., depending upon the requirement. 22 karats gold jewelry is famously known as 916 gold jewelry.

In 18 Karats 75 per cent of gold is alloyed with any other metal then its is called 18 karats gold. In a similar way when 58.30 percent of gold is alloyed with other metal then its is called 14 karats gold. When 41.7 gold is alloyed with other metal then it is called 10 karats gold and when 37.5 per cent of gold is mixed with other metal then it is called 9 karats gold.

The tradition of alloying Gold with other metal started majorly because of these two reasons: One is gold is a soft metal and to make it hard while making jewelry it is alloyed with other metals and the other major reason is when mixed with these metals gold color changes. To make some fancy jewellery, jewellers alloy gold with other metals. Remember, it is important to compare the prices with your local jeweller so that you get the best deal in town.

Who fix gold rates in Vijayawada everyday? why is it different from other cities in India?

Vijayawada, a city on the banks of the Krishna River have a different local tariff for gold. Not only Vijayawada every different city have a different local tariff for gold. There are few assumptions that gold rates in Vijayawada are fixed in ports cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata which is not true.

In every city to fix gold rates, there will be a committee or association. Even in Vijayawada, there is a committee. These associations or committee fix the gold rates in Vijayawada everyday.

The members of the gold association in Vijayawada are the top jewelers in the city and other officials. They set gold rates in Vijayawada every day which is daily updated on goodreturns.in

There are many parameters which are considered to fix gold rates in Vijayawada. The associations in every other city set gold rates by considering those parameters. Parameters such as few duties and local tariffs and etc.

Sometimes these tariffs and duties are raised by the government at that time there will be chances the gold in Vijayawada will go higher and vice versa. If we see the past history of these tariffs, In order to curb excessive consumption of gold government raised the duties on it.

Gold rates in Vijayawada also increase due to few other duties such as transportation.

Some local tariffs also affect gold prices. Yes, there will be a change in gold rates from city to city. So it is better to check gold rates in the specfic city before buying. 

Why is gold unique?

Gold is more valuable than other metals with a similar rarity because it has been used for jewelry and a store of value for thousands of years. Because of this it is one of the first metals used for these purposes, there was a first mover advantage for the metal. Gold is found in all regions of the world. In ancient and medieval times, most civilizations valued gold. It is easily traded. Gold is workable and shaping the metal into different shapes is easy. Gold is also identifiable and its color and density are unique. The jewelry and coins are made up of the gold, and it is easy to handle.
Gold can use to keep as an investment in stocks. The most valuable aspect of gold though is the fact that it is the perfect thing to be used as money because as we see paper money just doesn't work. Except for the last 40 years, gold has been used as money throughout history.


What affects today gold rates in Vijayawada?


Vijayawada gold prices today depend on a number of factors and one of those factors is the buying of gold by central banks across the world.

For example, the Indian Centra Bank which is Reserve Bank of India has also had a lot of gold reserves and has been accumulating the same in the past.

However, the situation is not same across the globe. In fact, according to statistics central banks across the world bought 271 tons in the first 11 months of 2016 whereas in 2015 brought 407 tons in the same period. Gold used to have a lot of support from central banks across the globe in the past, Due to which central bought a tremendous amount of gold. This affects today gold rates in Vijayawada.

Another most important factor affecting today gold rates in Vijayawada is gold is being used in electronic appliances a lot so the demand for gold is increasing tremendously day by day. Electronic appliances such as mobile phones circuits are being designed using gold these days. The reason behind doing so is the noble nature of gold. Gold don't corrode because of this nature to increase the durability gold is being used in electronic appliances. This is also one of the major factor affecting today gold rates in Vijayawada.

What are taxes on gold in Vijayawada?

In Vijayawada there are two taxes on gold which one needs to pay if they are in that tax slab. Those two taxes are one is capital gains tax and the other is the wealth tax.

These taxes are not only for the individuals who owns gold in Vijayawada. These taxes are applicable for every individual in India who holds gold within the tax slab.

First taking capital gains tax into consideration. Capital gains is the tax which one has to pay if they are trading with gold. In this, the tax liability changes for short term and long term. If you are holding gold for the long term, then there will be different taxes, and if you are holding for short term, there will be different tax slab If you are trader and trade with gold. It is better to check the tax slab and check into which you come under and pay as per the norms.

Then taking wealth tax into consideration this tax slab is not for applicable everyone. This tax applicable for those who are holding or own gold which costs more than thirty Lakhs. To know whether you are subjected to pay this tax or not first thing you must be doing is check gold rates in Vijayawada on that specific day and calculate do you have gold worth thirty lakshs. If yes it is better to pay the taxes. If no then no need to pay any tax as the gold rates in Vijayawada will be changing every day. It is better to check every day.

One crucial thing to remember is the tax liability will be the same, whether you are having or trading with gold in the electronic form or physical form.

Latest Updates on Vijayawada Gold Rates

The Gold Prices in Vijayawada Slips

The gold prices in Vijayawada moved down slightly following trends from the international markets amid a firmer dollar.

The Vijayawada gold prices were at Rs.44,600/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.48,660/- per 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

In the global scenario, the spot gold has seen at $1,796.75 per ounce; and U.S gold futures have seen at $1,796.90 per ounce.

The U.S. Consumer Confidence Index rose to 129.1 in July from the revised upward reading of 128.9 in June, the U.S. Conference Board reported on Tuesday. Economists expected to see the index at a reading of 123.9.

The current situation index, which describes consumers' opinions on current business and labour market conditions, advanced from 159.6 to 160.3. At the same time, the Expectations Index, which represents consumers' short-term outlook on income, business and labour market conditions, was largely unchanged at 108.4.

The Fed meeting will begin later today and a policy statement will be released at 6:00 p.m. GMT, which is scheduled for tomorrow, followed by a press conference by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

27 July 2021
The Gold Rates in Vijayawada Mounts Up

The gold rates in Vijayawada surged up slightly despite its steadied in the overseas market amid weak economic data and a stronger dollar.

In the Indian market, the precious metal prices were seen at Rs.44,700/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.48,770/- per 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

In the global scenario, the spot gold has seen trading flat at $1,806.08 per ounce and U.S gold futures have seen at 0.1 % higher to $1,807.70 per ounce.

The maximum number of Americans filing new unemployment claims hit a two-month high last week, a reminder that the labour market was far from off the hook as the country faces a resurgence of new Covid-19 infections.

The U.S Treasury yields eased and also the dollar has trading high against a basket of six major traded currencies.

The European Central Bank has pledged to keep interest rates at record highs for even longer to stimulate sluggish inflation and has warned that the Delta variant of the rapidly spreading coronavirus cases risks the eurozone's recovery.

23 July 2021
The Gold Prices in Vijayawada Mounts Up

The gold prices in Vijayawada mounted higher today following cues in the global markets amid a pullback in the dollar.

In the domestic market, the precious metal prices in Vijayawada spotted at Rs.44,750/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold. In the international market, the spot gold has seen steady at $1,800.85 per ounce; and U.S gold futures have seen at $1,801 per ounce.

Gold prices were set today for the third consecutively weekly gain as a slight pullback in the dollar made bullion cheaper for other currency holders, while lower returns from the US Treasury.

Wall Street lost ground Thursday as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq retreated from closing record highs in a broad sell-off, dragged down by uncertainties surrounding the pace of the economic recovery in the United States.

The European Central Bank set a new inflation target on Thursday and has carved out an important role in the fight against climate change, embarking on a fundamental transformation of Europe's most powerful financial institution.

9 July 2021
The gold rates in Vijayawada jumps

The gold rates in Vijayawada jumped today following cues in the global market amid rising U.S Treasury yields. In the local market, the precious metal prices in Vijayawada were seen at Rs.41,910/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.45,720/- per 10-grams of 24-carat gold.

In the overseas market, the spot gold has seen Gold prices edged up on Friday, but a stronger dollar and higher U.S Treasury yields still put the metal on track for its first of three weekly declines.

Dips are bought and rallies are sold in the gold market. There are two definitive sides of a coin and this is the main focal point. A firmer dollar and rising yields, pressure on gold is one side of the coin and rising coronavirus cases and the Federal Reserve's low-interest-rate policy that lifts it up are another side.

The largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, SPDR Gold Trust has recorded outflows of over 140 tonnes so far this year.

28 March 2021
The gold rates in Vijayawada edges down

The gold rates in Vijayawada lowered today following cues in the international market amid a weaker dollar. In the Indian market, the precious metal prices in Vijayawada were seen at Rs.45,800/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.49,960/- per 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

In the gold market, the spot gold has seen at $1,836.80 per ounce and U.S gold futures have seen at $1,841.00 an ounce.
Gold fell today as the launch of a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States fueled optimism in broader financial markets and investors are confident of the resulting economic recovery.

Hopes for global economic recovery and a decision to expand trade talks between Britain and the European Union also supported European shares.

Gold, considered a hedge against inflation that could result from the unprecedented stimulus unleashed in 2020, has risen more than 20% so far this year. Investors were waiting for the US Federal Reserve's two-day monetary policy meeting starting Tuesday for clues on monetary policy.

14 December 2020
Gold prices in Vijayawada declines

Gold prices in Vijayawada declined slightly despite its gain in the bullion market amid a backdrop of a weaker dollar. In the domestic market, prices for precious metals in Vijayawada were recorded at Rs.50,030/- for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.54,580/- for 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

In the global market, spot gold edged up 0.5% to $ 1,949.64 an ounce and U.S gold futures rose to $ 1,958.10 an ounce.
The weakened dollar pushing the prices of yellow metals on the international market.

Gold prices edged up today as the dollar plunged, making bullion cheaper for holders of other currencies, but hopes for progress in dealing with COVID-19 have limited further gains in the refuge of metal.

Central banks around the world have rolled out massive stimulus measures to mitigate the economic damage from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has also increased the likelihood of rising inflation.

Stock markets gained for a second straight session after the U.S. Food & Drug Administration cleared the blood plasma of patients who recovered from COVID-19 as a treatment for the disease.

24 August 2020
Gold rates in Vijayawada inches up

Gold rates in Vijayawada soared to their highest level today following hints in the international market amid trade tensions between the world's two largest countries, the United States and China.

In the local market, the prices of precious metals in Vijayawada have been valued at Rs.48,150/- for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.52,500/- for 10 grams of 24-carat gold. In the international market, spot gold gained 0.4% to $ 1,878.76 an ounce and US gold futures rose 0.6% to $ 1,876.70.

increased its appeal to safe havens. Expectations for another round of stimulus in the United States have also helped gold, as it is seen as a hedge against inflation and currency degradation. Geopolitical risks, worries about new tensions between Washington and Beijing and the abundance of liquidity from the widespread central bank stimulus are pushing up prices.

23 July 2020
Gold prices in Vijayawada falls

Gold prices in Vijayawada fell sharply, following global trends, with investors having confidence in stocks having lowered gold prices against a backdrop of growing hope for economic recovery. Gold prices in Vijayawada were seen at Rs.44,680/- for 10 grams of 22-carats and Rs.48,780/- for 10 grams of 24 carats.

In international markets, spot gold was seen at $ 1,723.70 per ounce and U.S gold futures were $ 1,722.70 per ounce.

The gradual reopening of economies around the world has helped stock markets to leap, which in turn has reduced demand for gold, depressing prices on international markets. Stock markets around the world have hit a three-month high as investors expect a recovery in the economy in the coming days, which has been severely affected by the pandemic.

But the growing number of protests by American citizens following the death of a black American in police custody and the latent tensions between the United States and China is likely to limit the loss of yellow metal.

3 June 2020
The gold rates in Vijayawada climbs

The gold rates in Vijayawada climbed today despite its fell in the global market amid the impact of coronavirus. In the local market, the precious metal prices in Vijayawada have increased to Rs.44,740/- per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.46,900/- per 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

In the international market, spot gold has seen trading low 0.6% at $1,716.33 per ounce and U.S gold futures have changed to $1,735.90 per ounce.

Stock markets rallied as investors applauded the news that more countries were easing blockages, and the Bank of Japan added more stimulus to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Various countries, including the United States, are in the process of easing restrictions and allowing companies to reopen, raising investors' hopes for more test kits and new tests. medication.

In the latest effort to control the economic damage caused by the virus, the Bank of Japan has committed to buying unlimited amounts of government bonds and sharply increasing purchases of corporate and commercial debt.

27 April 2020
The price of gold in Vijayawada increases

The price of gold in Vijayawada has climbed a bit today even though it has remained unchanged in the bullion market amid a weaker dollar. On the national market, the prices of yellow metal in Vijayawada were negotiated at Rs.41,260/- for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs.44,810/- for 10 grams of 24-carat gold.

In the foreign market, spot gold changed slightly to $ 1,612.14 per ounce and US gold futures fell 0.3% to $1,629.20 per ounce. The dollar was trading low against a basket of six major currencies traded and job data in the United States also jumped due to the coronavirus pandemic. initially, gold can go up when stocks fall because it is a haven asset.

However, if the sale of stocks continues, the funds may see margin calls and must sell gold for money. Gold market participants, however, remained concerned about a contraction in market supply following a sharp divergence between prices in London and New York as the coronavirus shut down metal refineries precious.

26 March 2020

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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