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BOI AXA Mutual Fund

BOI AXA Mutual Fund is a mutual venture between Bank of India and AXA Investment Managers, a part of AXA Group, one of the world’s most significant players in the Financial Protection industry. Bank of India has 5000 branches in India. Presently Bank of India has an overseas presence in 22 countries spread over five continents with 60 offices including 5 Subsidiaries, 5 Representative Offices, and 1 Joint Venture. 

BOI AXA Mutual Fund was inaugurated as a trust in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Trust Act, 1882 by Bank of India and AXA Investment Managers (the sponsors) as settlers. The trust deed is registered in accordance with the 1908 Indian Registration Act. BOI AXA Mutual Fund was registered with SEBI vide registration number MF/056/08/01 dated 25th May 2012. BOI AXA Mutual Fund is co-sponsored by Bank of India and AXA investment managers. AXA IM assigned a sum of Rs 1,00,000 to the trustee as the prime donation towards the corpus of the mutual fund

BOI AXA Mutual Fund NAV and Scheme Details

Scheme Name Current NAV Scheme Category
BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund 14 Equity - Hybrid -4.16%
BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund 10.12 Equity - Hybrid -4.16%
BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund - Direct Plan 14.42 Equity - Hybrid -3.57%
BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund - Direct Plan 9.61 Equity - Hybrid -16.38%
BOI AXA Credit Risk Fund 7 Debt - Income -45.64%
BOI AXA Credit Risk Fund - Direct Plan 7.05 Debt - Income -45.51%
BOI AXA Mid & Small Cap Equity & Debt Fund 11.54 Equity - Hybrid -6.63%
BOI AXA Mid & Small Cap Equity & Debt Fund 10.20 Equity - Hybrid -6.59%
BOI AXA Mid & Small Cap Equity & Debt Fund - Direct Plan 11.87 Equity - Hybrid -5.72%
BOI AXA Mid & Small Cap Equity & Debt Fund - Direct Plan 10.40 Equity - Hybrid -5.80%
BOI AXA Liquid Fund - Unclaimed Dividend - Upto 3 Years 1,140.34 Liquid Fund 6.58%
BOI AXA Liquid Fund - Unclaimed Dividend - Greater than 3 Years 1,000 Liquid Fund 0%
BOI AXA Liquid Fund - Unclaimed redemption - Upto 3 Years 1,140.22 Liquid Fund 6.58%
BOI AXA Liquid Fund - Unclaimed redemption - Greater than 3 Years 1,000 Liquid Fund 0%
BOI AXA Mid Cap Tax Fund Series 1 8.47 Equity - ELSS 5.09%
BOI AXA Mid Cap Tax Fund Series 1 8.47 Equity - ELSS 5.09%
BOI AXA Mid Cap Tax Fund Series 1 - Direct Plan 8.58 Equity - ELSS 5.93%
BOI AXA Mid Cap Tax Fund Series 1 - Direct Plan 8.58 Equity - ELSS 5.93%
BOI AXA Arbitrage Fund 10.78 Equity - Hybrid 5.83%
BOI AXA Arbitrage Fund 10.08 Equity - Hybrid -1.05%

BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund, BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund-Regular Plan, BOI AXA Short Term Income Fund-Regular Plan, BOI AXA Treasury Advantage Fund-Regular Plan, BOI AXA Treasury Advantage Fund-Regular Plan, BOI AXA Mid Cap Equity & Debt Fund-Regular Plan, BOI AXA Regular Return Fund-Regular Plan.

BOI AXA Mutual Fund Contact details:

Investors can mail to service@boiaxa-im.com, and they provide BOI AXA Mutual Fund toll numbers: 1800-103-2263 & 1800-266-2676 Alternate Numbers : 020-4011 2300 & 020-6685 410.

Online through BOI AXA Mutual fund Website, anyone can get account statement, transaction slip, redemption form, common application form & fact sheets, etc.

AXA Investment Managers

AXA Investment Managers endorsed by the intensity of the AXA group is one of the world's paramount asset managers. AXA IM generates local and global investment services for a wide range of consumers from AXA group and its insurance to the investors. The multi-expert business model of AXA IM comprises of one asset of special investment group, AXA Fixed Income, AXA Framlington, AXA Rosenberg, AXA Funds of Hedge, AXA Private Equity, AXA Real Estate, AXA Structured Finance as well as investment services group based on Asset Liability Management and Multi-Asset Investment.

BOI AXA Trustee Services Private Limited is authorized as the trustee of BOI AXA Mutual Fund and also registered under the Companies Act, 1956.

The Trustee

BOI AXA Trustee Services Private Limited was registered under the Companies Act in 1956 and has been named as Trustee of BOI AXA Mutual Fund under the re-established undertaking of trust on 24th May 2012. The trustee is able to control overall of the funds by the internal processes within the fund.

Present trust deed regulations require that the Fund's Trustee shall be granted a payment of 0.01 % per annum. The trustee is allowed to refund any fees, penalties pr expenses liable in/or for the successful execution of the Trustee's agreement and responsibilities.

Asset Management Company

The AMC has approved to act as asset manager on 25th May 2012 and also engaged as the investment manager of the fund by the Trustee under the Investment Management Agreement on 24th May 2012. The AMC conducts an array of duties and operations, including superintending the properties of the schemes. BOI AXA Investment Managers Private Limited is a joint venture of AXA Investment Managers between BOI and AXA group. As per 19th June 2019, the AMC has launched miscellaneous schemes for the fund which are mentioned below:-

BOI AXA Liquid Fund
BOI AXA Ultra Short Duration Fund formerly known as BOI AXA Treasury Advantage Fund.
BOI AXA Short Term Income Fund
BOI AXA Conservative Hybrid Fund formerly known as BOI AXA Regular Return Fund.
BOI AXA Credit Risk Fund formerly known as BOI AXA Corporate Credit Spectrum Fund.
BOI AXA Large and Mid Cap Equity Fund formerly known as BOI AXA Equity Fund.
BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund
BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund.
BOI AXA BOI AXA Mid Cap Equity and Debt Fund.
BOI AXA Manufacturing and Infrastructure Fund
BOI AXA Mid Cap Tax Fund
BOI AXA Arbitrage Fund
BOI AXA Small Cap Fund

BOI AXA Liquid Fund

The scheme aims to generate fair market-related returns with lower risk and greater flexibility through an equity and money market assets strategy, but there can be no guarantee that the scheme's investment targets will be met. This scheme provides a direct and regular plan that have common portfolio. The scheme will provide NAV related purchasing and redeeming units on an ongoing basis on each business days, but not later than 10 business days from the date of receipt of the redemption request. In addition, units in a scheme are transfigured form which is freely transferable into a depository account.


Both Direct and Regular plan has the following options

Growth option- No dividend will be declared by the company under this option. Unit becomes under this option will remain invested in the scheme and will be expressed under this option in the net asset value of units.

Bonus option- Bonus unit is a fully paid unit provided by capitalizing the surplus that can be allocated under the respective schemes. Under the bonus option, the bonus may be determined at the discretion of the trustees o the basis of the quality of the allocated surplus. Bonus unit will be given in proportion to the number of units kept by the owner of the unit under the bonus option as set for the bonus unit declaration date. BOI AXA Mutual Fund investors are requested to remember that the bonus option is available for subscription under the Regular and Direct Plans. Because of the availability of distributed surpluses bonus units can be declared at the discretion of the trustees from time to time. Bonus units are not subject to exit loads according to SEBI Guidelines. Investors must contact their tax advisor to understand the tax consequences of bonus option subscribing units, including the transfer or redemption of bonus units.

Dividend reinvestment option- Dividends will be announced every day and weekly basis which will allow investors to opt for a frequency of their preference. The plans under this option shall declare dividends that are mandated and will be re-invested in a plan/option. The new units generated by way of reinvestment of the dividend would be applied to the units already owned by the holder. There will be no entry load on the reinvested dividends. The NAV of the Dividend Re-Invest Policy will be diminished by the relevant dividend payout tax/ surcharge/ cess/ any other legal levy after dividend declaration. Dividends thereby re-invested shall represent a positive payout of dividends to the unit-holders and a beneficial acquisition of the same sum from each unit-holder for re-investment of units of the same plan/sub-plan.

Dividend transfer option- All plans offer dividend transfer choice under both schemes with regular dividend rate. Under this process, unit-holders may use Liq-uity facility to move the specified regular dividends to the BOI AXA Equity Fund/BOI AXA Focused Infrastructure Fund as chosen by the investor or in any other fund schemes as may be informed by the AMC from time to time on each business days. Consequently, the dividend payable to the unit-holder will be passed to the target scheme compulsorily and without any further intervention by them, and units to the dividend sum will be assigned to the relevant NAV in the target scheme.

Benchmark- CRISIL Liquid Fund Index.

Transparency/NAV Disclosure

NAVs are measured on a daily basis.

The AMC will release NAVs in at least two daily newspapers circulated in India, on the website of the  Indian Mutual Fund Association AMFI on every business days in at least 2 of them. The AMC will publish the details of the scheme portfolio on a semi-annual basis or as otherwise as may be required, in a newspaper within one month of the end of each half-year (i.e 31st March - 30th September) or alternatively sent to the unit owners.

Loads- Entry and Exit Load NIL

Minimum application amount- Rs 5000 and in multiples of Rs 1 thereafter.

Minimum additional Investment- Rs 1000 and in multiples of Rs 1 thereafter.

For liquidity facility- Rs 1 lac.

Minimum redemption other than STP- Rs 1000 or account balance whichever is lower.


Where will the scheme Invest?

  • Debt and Money Market Instruments
  • Government of India, state and local government debt obligations, government agencies, statutory bodies, public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions for development, corporate entities and trusts. As far as transactions in government securities are concerned, these securities typically carry national guarantees and state guarantees in case of central and state securities.
  • Debt and money market securities and other securities as may be allowed from time to time under the regulations.
  • Money market instruments, including but not limited to treasury bills, commercial papers, reverse-reposit contracts, Collateralized Borrowing and lending obligations, Commercial Deposits of scheduled commercial banks and financial institutions for growth, bills of exchange/promissory notes of public and private sector companies, government securities.
  • Transfer pay through or other certificates of membership that reflect value in a pool of assets including receivables.
  • Non-convertible debt securities part.
  • Derivative instruments such as interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements and other derivative methods allowed under the regulations.
  • Any other instruments as allowed from time to time under the regulations.

How does the scheme benchmark its performance?

The CRISIL Liquid Fund Index is designed to track returns from a portfolio that incorporates call resources and commercial paper assets. The CRISIL Liquid Fund offers market participants with a simple, practical and easily accessible method for tracking and evaluating market movements and determining the result affect on a portfolio of call market and commercial paper assets. The index is built to benchmark the quality of all liquid funds in the Indian Financial markets against an index reflecting the liquid funds in collaboration with AMFI. After detailing the reasons for such adjustment and following the appropriate regulatory process, the AMC and the trustee may mutually agree to change the benchmark index. Schemes efficiency including results of benchmarks indices will be addressed and updated on a regular basis by the AMC and trustee boards respectively and assigned committees.

Who manages the Scheme?

Mr Alok Singh (Chief Investment Officer-Fixed Income)

How to Apply for BOI AXA Liquid Fund?

  • Applicants are required to make a minimum amount. Application forms, Transaction Slips for purchasing/Repurchasing the units of the scheme are accessible from AMC's ISC's/Distributors/Designated Branches.
  • Application completed and duly signed by all joint investors should be submitted to an Investor Service Center together with the cheque/draft/ or other payment option.
    All subscription cheques/drafts/payment instruments must be drawn in favour of BOI AXA Liquid Fund.
  • Account payee should be reviewed in order to prevent deceptive activity, it is advised that the shareholders also provide the name of the single or first joint holder/ its PAN/ folio number after the name of the scheme.
  • To investors who enrol under a scheme's direct plan, they should state “Direct Plan” in the application form against the scheme title e,g BOI AXA Liquid Fund.
  • Investors should also include “Direct” in the ARN row of the application form.
  • Furthermore when distributor code is specified in the application form, but “Direct Plan” is indicated against the name of the scheme, the distributor code is overlooked and the application is handled under Direct Plan.
  • Therefore if the request for a regular plan is submitted without the distributor code in the ARN row. The application shall be handled under the Direct Plan.
  • Payments can be done by Cheque, Demand Draft, RTGS, NEFT or electronic transfer of funds over the Internet.

Eligibility for BOI AXA Mutual Fund


  • All Indians either singly or jointly.
  • Minor through parent/guardian.
  • Company or Private entities, undertaking in the public sectors and companies licensed under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.
  • Religious, Private and Charitable trusts
  • Partnership firms licensed under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
  • A Hindu Undivided Family under its Karta.
  • Limited Liability Partnerships licensed under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2008
  • NRIs on full repatriation basis.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors and Sub Accounts registered with SEBI.
  • Army, Air-force or any other para-military applicants
  • Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations.
  • International Multilateral Agencies approved by the government of India.
  • Insurance company registered under Insurance Regulatory.
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