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HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund is promoted by Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) and Standard Life Investments. .

HDFC Mutual Fund NAV and Scheme Details

Scheme Name Current NAV Scheme Category
HDFC Childrens Gift Fund - Regular Plan 121.66 Special Fund 9.09%
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund - Regular Plan 193.81 Equity - Diversified 8.19%
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund - Regular Plan 26.62 Equity - Diversified -6.69%
HDFC Income Fund - Regular Plan 42.25 Debt - Income 9.98%
HDFC Income Fund - Regular Plan 13.32 Debt - Income 9.98%
HDFC Income Fund - Regular Plan 11.10 Debt - Income 3.27%
HDFC Liquid Fund 3,791.81 Liquid Fund 7.03%
HDFC Liquid Fund 1,029.26 Liquid Fund -0.18%
HDFC Liquid Fund 1,031.66 Liquid Fund 0%
HDFC Liquid Fund 1,019.82 Liquid Fund 0%
HDFC Growth Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan 111.02 Equity - Diversified 6.99%
HDFC Growth Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan 18.65 Equity - Diversified -5.06%
HDFC Gilt Fund - Regular Plan 39.32 Gilt Fund 11.04%
HDFC Gilt Fund - Regular Plan 11.45 Gilt Fund 4.44%
HDFC FMP 793 D February 2014 - 1 - Regular Plan 15.95 Debt - FMP 9.67%
HDFC FMP 793 D February 2014 - 1 - Regular Plan 15.95 Debt - FMP 9.67%
HDFC FMP 793 D February 2014 - 1 - Direct Plan 16.07 Debt - FMP 9.78%
HDFC FMP 793 D February 2014 - 1 - Direct Plan 16.07 Debt - FMP 9.78%
HDFC FMP 370 D March 2014 - 1 - Regular Plan 15.55 Debt - FMP 9.65%
HDFC FMP 370 D March 2014 - 1 - Regular Plan 11.96 Debt - FMP 9.65%

The fund manages some of the largest equity mutual fund schemes in the country. Most of the schemes of the fund have been consistent performers over the years. HDFC Mutual Fund has sizeable assets under management in which it manages both debt and equity dedicated schemes.

Hdfc mutual fund provides great value and countless schemes for all investors. Hdfc mutual fund is one of the best mutual fund scheme if compare to other funds which have good CRISIL rating and well management of assets. Hdfc Mutual Fund gives long term benefits to the investors by providing variegated products and services across asset and risk categories. Hdfc Mutual Fund offers portfolio management services to the investors and also enable them to invest in line with their investment objectives and risk-taking capacity.

Hdfc Asset Management Company becomes India's first AMC to be given the ranking CRISIL fund house tier-1. This is it's highest quality score of fund governance and processes representing the highest levels of pf governance and fund management. Hdfc AMC is the only fund house to achieve this rank in succession of two years.

Why Choose Hdfc Mutual Fund?


One of the major benefits of investing in Hdfc mutual funds is to get instant variegation of mutual funds.

Hdfc mutual funds extend your equity and therefore risks by pooling cash from numbers of comparable investors.

Skilful Management

Another big advantage is that the investors will get advice from professional experts to invest in mutual funds. AMC provides trained fund managers who assist you with the best option to achieve the fund goals with the support of skilled research squad. They continually analyze your investments which saves your time and stress.


Mutual fund trade gives the benefit of low trading costs to its investors. A minimum of Rs 500 can be started as an investment plan by which anyone can eligible to invest in mutual funds.


You can easily take out your cash or transfer in mutual funds. Open-ended investments can be redeemed in order to receive the current value of mutual funds units.

Tax Benefits

Hdfc mutual fund offers various tax benefits. For instance, Equity Linked Saving Schemes are eligible for tax deductions under section 80C of the act. If equity schemes is more than 1 year then no tax is applicable. Short term capital gain is relevant within 3 years for debt redemption of mutual funds.

Hdfc Mutual Fund Investment Philosophy

The single most important factor behind Hdfc's Mutual Fund is its faith in providing the shareholder with the opportunity to invest beneficially in the financial market without constantly worrying about the fluctuations in the market. Hdfc mutual fund has developed the infrastructure needed to conduct all the basic research and to help it with strong analysis. By delivering long term benefits to the customer Hdfc Mutual Fund constantly monitor the industries of new trends, identify new development opportunities and communicate this information in the form of product offerings with the stakeholders. Hdfc Mutual Fund built a variety of products across asset and threat categories to allow investors to invest according to their investment goals and risk capabilities as well as it also offers services for portfolio management.

Hdfc Mutual Fund Sponsors

In 1977, HDFC was founded as India's first professional mortgage company. HDFC provides financial support for the acquisition and development of residential housing to persons, businesses and investors. It also provides service related to properties, education and consultancy. For the thirteenth year of succession, HDFC has received the highest rating for its securities and deposits program. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited, sponsored by HDFC, was the first private sector life insurance company to obtain a registration certificate on 23rd October 2000, from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority to conduct life insurance in India.

Standard Life Investment Limited

Established in 1825, the standard life assurance company has significant experience in global financial markets. Since 1847 to 1938 when agencies were founded in Kolkata and Mumbai, the company was present in the Indian Life Insurance Sector. The company re-entered the Indian Market in 1995 when an agreement was signed with HDFC to set up an insurance joint venture. To fulfil its client's different needs and risk profiles, Standard Life Investments Limited maintains a diverse portfolio that includes a variety of private and public equity, government and corporate bonds, property investments and numerous derivative instruments globally.

Hdfc Trustee Company Limited

Hdfc Trustee Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 is the trustee of Hdfc Mutual Fund under the Trust Act of 8th June 2000 as revised from time to time. Hdfc Trustee Company Limited is a completely owned Hdfc subsidiary.

How to invest in Hdfc Mutual Fund?

If you want to invest in mutual fund through Hdfc bank you need to create a ISA account (Investment Services Account). ISA is linked with the bank which allows you to buy and sell mutual fund units. A fee is required to pay in order to sell or buy mutual fund units. In the official Hdfc mutual fund site log-in to your account and select the scheme you want and also the number of units you want to buy. Submit your details, pay the amount for your transaction and you are done.

Eligibility for Hdfc Mutual Fund

  • Resident type- Must be an Indian.
  • Candidate must be a single owner savings account of Hdfc bank.
  • Aadhar and PAN, KYC is mandatory.
  • Both salaried and non-salaried applicants are eligible.
  • NRI are also eligible
  • Parents or guardians on behalf of the minors are eligible
  • Applicants who are getting pension funds are eligible.
  • Partnership firms
  • Public financial institutions
  • Foreign institutional investors.

HDFC Mutual Fund Login, Customer Care Number & Other Details

An investor can login HDFC mutual fund through online with easy steps. Select the scheme for the amount to invest and some other details and transfer funds ONLINE with the registered bank. Once the transaction is complete, the transaction number will be displayed on the confirmation screen.

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