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Six reasons why Pranab da must consider the post of the President of India


Reasons why Pranab da must consider the post of President
Besides the occasional tweets on the amount spent on foreign jaunts, as President of India, Pranab da would have very few things to worry about. As Finance Minister of course, his cup of woes are full to the brim. highlights a few things Pranab Da would get a respite from, as President of India.

1) No worries on the historic low for the rupee

Pranab da, as Finance Minister of India has seen the rupee go into a tailspin touching a historic low in December and threatening to do so once again in May, due to poor fundamentals of the economy. No such worries on taming the rupee, as President of India.

2) No worries of threats on downgrading and disillusioned foreign investors

As President of India, no worries if S&P says there is one in three chance of a downgrade. No worries if UBS says China is a better bet than India and no worries absolutely if foreign firms threaten to pull out money.

3) No worries on inflation
As President of India, Pranab da would not have to stand in front of cameras, giving a tired looking statement, “inflation is a matter of grave concern”. Some respite for Pranab da and the viewers.


4) No worries on the fiscal deficit numbers going awry
As expected Pranab da's fiscal deficit numbers went awry. When he rose to deliver his budget speech for 2011-2012, he said that fiscal deficit would be 4.6% of GDP. It was nowhere close and is expected to be 5.9% of GDP for 2011-2012. No sleepless nights as President of India on mounting subsidies and rising fiscal deficit.

5) No worries from mercurial allies threatening to stall reforms
As President of India, Pranab da would not have to hard sell reforms like FDI in multi-brand retail, GST and pensions reforms to allies that are more like “loose cannons”.

6) No worries on the eight year high current account deficit
As Finance Minister, Pranab da has seen current account deficit hit a eight year high. No such worries as President of India on controlling trade deficits and current account deficits which have now become a serious concern.

Story first published: Monday, May 7, 2012, 8:58 [IST]
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