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Man Solves World's Most Difficult Bitcoin Puzzle to Win $5 Bitcoins


A Bitcoin puzzle that was launched in 2015, at the peak of its heightened market was finally solved last week. At the time of launch, it intrigued interest among Bitcoin enthusiasts who made several attempts but in vain. People eventually lost interest and forgot about it.

The puzzle included a painting called '"TORCHED H34R7S.", made by @coin_aritst (pseudonym) with crypto creative Rob Myers. This visually rich painting was board game inspired and contained clues that would reveal the 'private key' to a bitcoin wallet that contained 5 bitcoins. The address to the wallet was 1FLAMEN6. This challenge was open to all to claim.

Man Solves World's Most Difficult Bitcoin Puzzle to Win $5 Bitcoins
A 30-year-old programmer, who loves solving puzzles, discovered it a month ago trying to find puzzles on cryptocurrencies. He does not want his name revealed as it is not safe in his country to possess bitcoins.

The painting based on William Shakespeare's famous poem "the Phoenix and the turtle" was encoded with a string of binary codes (a series of zeroes and ones) in complicated rows of flames that were painted around the edge of the canvas.

After solving these codes, the puzzle will reveal a series of zeroes and ones that will be translated into the Bitcoin private key to the wallet 1FLAMEN6.

This unnamed programmer solved the puzzle to get the bitcoins last week, almost 3 years after the puzzle was released. The 5 bitcoins won are worth more than $50,000 (over Rs 32 lakhs).

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