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How To Protect Yourself From Recent ATM Frauds?

By Staff

How To Protect Yourself From Recent ATM Frauds?

In the previous week, a Twitter user posted a video of card skimming entrapment at a Canara Bank ATM in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. The post went viral and Canara Bank took immediate measures to locate and remove the skimmer. It also assured that no data was compromised.

In light of rise in new tactics used by fraudsters like small cameras and skimmers installed cleverly, the public sector bank recently launched 2 new measures. Canara bank card users can now switch on and off their debit/credit cards when not in use over the Mserve App. Further, withdrawals over Rs 10,000 per days at its ATMs now require an OTP.


Here are other precautions that you can take:

  • Always be mindful of your surroundings. Watch the person who enters the ATM before you and if they look suspicious, go to a different ATM.
  • Before you use the ATM look at the card reader, below the cash dispenser and above the PIN pad for anything out of the ordinary. (watch the video above) Small size of cameras and storage devices have allowed fraudsters to steal confidential data easily.
  • Do not talk to strangers at the ATM or ask for their help. Seek help only from the security guard or the bank's employee (if the ATM is at a bank location).
  • Avoid sharing your PIN, even with a family member.
  • Make sure no one, including a possible overhead camera can watch you enter the PIN while at the ATM.
  • Once the cash is dispensed from the ATM, wait till the main screen (Welcome screen) appears on the ATM.

The highest number of ATM transactions have been reported in Maharashtra, followed by Delhi. Banks are looking at new measures to avoid these cases, including a possible reduction in the number of transactions that will be allowed during a day.

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