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Quick tips for quick insurance settlements


Quick tips for quick insurance settlements
Exasperated by the harrowing experience you had while settling your last insurance claim, you want to ensure you do everything to get a faster settlement in the future. But do you realize you are making the same mistakes you did the last time? I say this because most of us tend to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Interestingly, claims can be settled easily if we just are a bit more alert. Also, we need to be careful and organized before there is an emergency, but sadly most of us wait till the 11th hour to get organized! If you too find yourself in this bracket, read on and get some very handy tips about quick claim settlements.


1. Organization - This may sound too simple, but it really is the best tip anyone can give. If you have valuables that you have insured, get them documented. If you are going for a home insurance policy, take photographs of your house and the objects in it. If you have expensive decorative items in your house, make a video of your house. This needs to be done because often claims are rejected since policyholders cannot validate their claims. If you have an expensive carpet insured and you lose it in a fire, the insurance company may claim that you never had it. This is the very reason you need evidence. And this evidence needs to be collected and stored in advance, before the calamity strikes. Keep the sale documents, bills etc handy at all times.

2. Back up - You need to keep a back up of all your documents. Often important documents are lost in fires, thefts and other disasters. And settling a claim without documents can be an extremely difficult task. So make sure you keep multiple copies of the documents at multiple locations to ensure a smooth insurance claim procedure. Make photocopies of all the documents, including your premium receipts and put them in files, chronologically. In case of health insurance, keep your TPA ID card with your spouse so that in an emergency it can be used promptly.


3. Contacts with the agents - An insurance agent works with many clients simultaneously. As a result, you need to be at the top of your game and make yourself noticeable to the agent at all times. Call the agent regularly. If there is a claim, do not wait for him to contact you. Keep calling or meeting him personally to ensure you case is at the foreground.

Note down whatever the agent tells you in regard to the claim. Once the meeting is over, send an email to the agent stating the points that were discussed. Agents and insurers often make false promises to lure you into buying a policy. So hold them accountable for what they say so that at the time of the claim it cannot be refuted.

4. Premium payments - Make sure you pay your premiums on time and accurately. Ensure that the insurance company has received all your premium payments. Get the receipts and file them. This will help you greatly at the time of claim settlements.

5. Be honest - Most insurance claims are rejected because the policyholders either lie or withhold facts at the time of filling the policy form. If you are opting for a life insurance policy, declare your actual fitness levels and past medical history. Make all the necessary declarations, pay the required fees and stand clear of all discrepancies if you want your claims to be settled quickly. No insurer will pay you without a thorough background probe and if you are dishonest, you will stand to lose.

Insurance claims are not difficult to settle, be it Life Insurance or Non Life Insurance. You just need to be methodical and organized. Always remember that if you have the documents and necessary evidence in place, no insurer can deny you your money. So be alert and keep the above mentioned tips in mind and you will be able to settle insurance claims quite easily.

Written By: Deepak Yohannan
The author is the CEO of, an online insurance price & features comparison portal

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