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Why you should cover your car from acts of terror?

By Deepak Yohannan
Why you should cover your car from acts of terror?
The mood at the gym was one of euphoria as all of us were still celebrating RCB's thrilling win the previous night against Team Delhi. We didn't even realize what had happened when we heard the shrill cry from Divya, our floor manager. Chaos followed and all I could gather were the words "bomb blast".

What? There was another blast? Again? Apart from the initial fear, a strong sense of anger filled me. What was happening in the world? One day we wake up to news of bombs leaving marathon runners paralyzed for life and the next day we have another such incident in the heart of our own city? Why were we being targeted this way?

The enthusiasm of the RCB win faded away and no one even remembered anything about cricket. Everyone rushed to call up their friends and family to make sure they were fine. Malleshwaram, though far from where we were in Indiranagar, is one of the oldest and most sought after residential areas in Bangalore. No doubt then that most of us knew at least one person who lived there.

Hurrying back home and forced into panicking, I had no choice but to cancel my plans to go out. My father panicked over the phone from Kolkata and ordered me to stay put at home. All I could do was switch on the TV and watch people relive the horror that had shaken "Namma Bengaluru" a few hours ago. And that is when all the heartbreaking news started to pour in.

There was a young girl who was visiting the temple to thank God for a recent accomplishment. She probably had plans to go out with her friends after that. Sadly, the farthest she could reach was the hospital. The pictures were even more disturbing. Even though there wasn't any significant damage to human life, there was tremendous damage to property.


At least four cars were charred and damaged beyond repair. The pictures of 2 Maruti Omnis and a Hyundai Santro flashed every 5 minutes. There were at least 5 other vehicles, mostly two-wheelers that looked charred and mangled beyond recognition. And the bomb was apparently placed on a stolen bike, a Suzuki.

I too am a proud owner of a car and seeing the charred remains of the other vehicles made me think what the owners must be going through. Even a tiny scratch on my car gives me sleepless nights and the thought of having lost the entire vehicle must be completely shattering.

I may be wrong and I hope I am, but I couldn't help but think that the Suzuki bike may have belonged to a young man, who after getting his first salary, bought the bike. It breaks my heart to even think what he must be going through now. What must be the condition of the poor idli seller who possibly saved all his life's earning to buy that second hand scooter simply because he was too old to walk 5 kilometers every day!

At such a time I can only hope and pray for my fellow citizens. Apart from their well being, I also pray and hope that each and every one of them had a good vehicle insurance plan that covers acts of terror.

Motor insurance plans from ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance, IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance, Tata AIG Private Car Insurance Plan, Bajaj Allianz Two-wheeler Insurance Policy, HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance and Two Wheeler Insurance from Bharati AXA are some of the motor insurance plans that protect your vehicle from acts of terror.

Vehicles are often targeted as sadly, in recent times we have seen bombs going off in places where vehicles are parked. And horrifying as it may sound, we have to take cover for such future happenings as well. World peace is a distant dream. Till then, for our own peace and well-being we need insurance in every form possible

The author is the CEO of, an online insurance price & features comparison portal.

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