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Home content insurance: What does it cover?


Home content insurance will insure the valuables in your house. Of course, some content insurance will also cover things kept in the garden, outhouse etc.


While its possible to use a strong lock to guard against theft or a burglary alarm system, there is no mechanism in place to guard against acts of nature.

 Home content insurance: What does it cover?

Content in a house could be damaged due to a earthquake shock and fire, in such cases no amount lock and burglar alarm security would work. Also, electrical hazards could set of a fire, damaging content inside the house.

What is covered?

There are a number of insurance companies in India that cover valuable and this could that vary from different insurance companies. But, broadly speaking the following are covered:

Household appliances and electronics

This would include a television set, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, personal computer, air conditioner, laptops etc.

Household contents

The other household contents that are likely to be covered include things like clothing, furniture, curtains, crockery, fixtures and fittings, carpet, etc.


This is perhaps the single most important thing that needs to be covered. Jewellery would include gold and precious stones.


The above is just for a home content insurance. It does not cover damage to your house and for that you would need to take a separate policy called a home insurance policy.

Home is one's abode for happiness and security, which largely involves a life time of savings.

It's hence advisable to cover your home adequately with a home insurance that would cover several costs during times of eventuality. Click to read more on home insurance

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