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What Does Travel Insurance Actually Cover?


Travel insurance like most insurances that we take is all about reading the fine print as there are so many criteria and variances that still apply between insurance companies. Many insurance companies would want to know whether you are a senior citizen. Some medical companies would ask for medical tests if you are over 70, while some would ask for individuals over 85. Some others would want to know whether this is a single round trip or not.


What Does Travel Insurance Actually Cover?
In any case take a look at what a typical travel insurance would cover.

a) Hospitalization

In case you are hospitalized, there is a cashless hospitalization that is provided by insurance companies. The limits differ from insurance company to insurance company. For example, Sundaram offers a cover of up to $150,000 for medical emergencies, which is cashless.

b) Loss of baggage

This is another area of coverage that is provided by all insurance companies in India, when you travel abroad. There is also a coverage for a delay in receiving your baggage. The norms and the amounts could differ from insurance company to insurance company. You need to check the fine-print for the same.

Now, you cannot claim money for a lost baggage and a delayed baggage.

c) Loss of passport

If you have lost your passport, you could have major issues when you travel abroad. Insurance companies do provide you coverage for loss of passport and visa. Amounts received in this context may not be very high, nonetheless they can be helpful.

d) Emergency financial assistance

An emergency financial assistance may arise due to theft or a robbery at an outside destination. Amounts are provided by insurance companies through a service provide in case of an unfortunate incident like that.

e) Loss of cash, credit card may not be covered

Many companies do not cover loss of credit card and cash. For example, HDFC Bank has made it clear that the company is not liable to pay any benefit in respect of loss of cash, bank or currency notes, Cheques, Debit or Credit Cards.

f) Political risk coverage

Many companies cover political risks including evacuation to the country of residence as part of the insurance package.


Make sure that you take adequate insurance coverage when you travel. It is highly recommended to do so, because of the wide areas of coverage that this type of insurance covers.

Story first published: Monday, July 13, 2015, 11:25 [IST]
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