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How To Buy Corona Kavach Policy?


In India, the increase in coronavirus cases, quality health care and prompt treatment have become the need of the hour for those who are affected with dangerous coronavirus. Therefore, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) announced the launch of the Corona Kavach policy and made it mandatory for all general and self-sustaining health insurance companies in India to provide this policy to its clients.

How To Buy Corona Kavach Policy?

Corona Kavach is a compensation-based health insurance plan. This health insurance plan is designed to protect you and your family from the heavy expenses of COVID-19. This plan is available on an individual and family basis.

Procedure to Buy Corona Kavach policy:

Buying the Corona Kavach policy is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the respective insurer.
  • Under Health Insurance Plans, look for Corona Kavach Policy.
  • Explore the plan and provide the required information such as your name, date of birth, age, phone number and much more.
  • Choose the sum insured and the duration of the policy according to your convenience.
  • Pay using the available payment options.
  • After payment is made, the company will share the policy documents on your registered email address. Also, The Physical copy will be sent to the policyholder's registered address which you quoted while purchasing the policy.

Insurance company/ Premium amount bases on Age: Name of the Insurer Premium for age 18 to 35 Premium for age 36- 45 Premium for age 46 - 50 Premium for age 51 - 55
1 HDFC ERGO Rs.768 Rs.1064 Rs.1623 Rs.2274
2 Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Rs.1320 Rs.2770 Rs.4760 Rs.2965
3 Star Health Insurance Rs.1901 Rs.2281 Rs.2965 Rs.2965
4 Coco by Navi General Insurance Company Rs.5422 Rs. 7345 Rs. 7636 Rs. 8946
5 SBI General Insurance Company Rs.9996 Rs.9996 Rs.12790 Rs.12790

What is covered by the Corona Kavach policy?

Corona Kavach offers comprehensive coverage to the insured if they are diagnosed with COVID-19. Let's see the cover in detail.

Hospitalization Coverage: The plan provides hospitalization coverage for COVID-19 up to Rs. 5,00,000 based on your premium.


Home Care Treatment Charges: It also offers coverage for COVID-19 home treatment.

Costs before and after hospitalization: The Corona Kavach policy provides coverage before and after hospitalization up to the sum insured for 15 and 30 days respectively.

AYUSH Treatments: The plan provides coverage against inpatient treatment for COVID-19 under Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.

Pre-existing Illness Coverage: Any illness including pre-existing conditions will be likely to obtain coverage with COVID-19.

The expenses which are not covered by the Corona Kavach policy:

Below is a list of exclusions under the Corona Kavach policy

Diagnostic expenses: Hospitalization for diagnostic and assessment purposes is not eligible for coverage as it is not part of treatment in Corona Kavach policy.

Rehabilitation and cure: Costs associated with bed rest, home care or nursing home care are not covered.

Food supplements: The cost of non-prescription medicine is not likely to obtain the required coverage.

Unproven treatments: The plan does not offer coverage for unproven treatments, services, and supplies that lack important medical documents to support their effectiveness.

Daycare treatments: Medical expenses due to OPD treatments or on-call procedures will not be covered.

Vaccination: Costs incurred in relation to vaccinations, vaccinations or any other preventive treatment will not be covered.

Unauthorized tests: Tests performed in a diagnostic centre, not authorized by the government, will not be recognized by this policy.

How to claim the Corona Kavach policy?

The Corona Kavach policy claims process is similar to a regular health insurance plan. The policy can be claimed for a cashless refund or a refund. The steps for filing a complaint are mentioned below.

Inform the insurance company as soon as possible. The company will accommodate both planned/emergency hospitalization. In the event of a cashless claim, a pre-authorization form should be submitted, requesting cashless authorization from the insurance company. In the event of reimbursement, the insured must seek treatment in an off-grid hospital, pay the costs, then request reimbursement by sharing the necessary documents. After approval, the insurance company will either pay the amount directly to the hospital or reimburse it up to an eligible amount.

Highlights of Corona Kavach policy:

  • The minimum entry age is 1 day for children and 18 years for adults to avail of this policy. The maximum entry age for adults is 65 years old. Dependent children will be covered up to the age of 25 in a floating policy.
  • No PPMC (pre-policy medical check) will be required for this policy.
  • The Sum Insured options are available under this policy which is multiples of Rs.50,000/- like Rs. 50,000, 1 lac, 1.5 lacs, 2 lacs, 2.5 lacs, 3 lacs, 3.5 lacs, 4 lacs, 4.5 lacs, 5 lacs.
  • In the event of a COVID-19 hospitalization, the patient may remain in the hospital until recovery. There is no such restriction on the number of days.
  • A tax benefit is available under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This section is subject to revision in tax laws.
  • This policy covers only for Indian citizens.

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