7 Best Short Term Investment Options For 2017

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Short-term investments are for those who are looking for an investment option to invest for a shorter duration.

The duration may vary from few months to say about one year. It is important to remember that while considering short term investment options, you should also consider the tax liability on such investments, which is always higher.

Risk is the main factor which should be considered before making any investment decisions,  as risk and return go hand in hand. What this means is that if the financial instrument offers high returns the risk associated with it is also high.

Here are few investment products which you can consider for short term investment in 2017:

Savings Account

For the who are less risk averse, savings account is the best option to invest in. Some banks are offering higher interest rate in SB account such as Yes Bank,  Kotak Mahindra Bank and RBL. This is good for those keeping large amounts in their SB accounts.  These banks can offer you an interest rate of as much as 7 per cent. In fact, Airtel Payments Bank now offers you an interest of 7.25%, making it the best short term investment bet.


Bank deposits are another option that you could consider. However, the interest on these deposits could be low, if the tenure is very short. These instruments are very much taxable. Here again, interest rates have dropped dramatically, making yields very poor. However, IDFC Bank and RBL Bank offer you the best interest rates around.

Company FDS

Many company FDs offer you an interest rate higher than that of bank. For example, at the moment KTDFC offers you an interest rate of 8.50 per cent, which is not a bad bet at all. Others like Bajaj Finance also offer you 8.05 per cent, which is better than bank rate of interest.

Non-convertible debentures

Non convertible debentures are listed on the exchanges and can be purchased from there. Occasionally, there are a few NCDs that we keep having over a period of time. In any case it is a good short term investment instrument. Quite a few NCDs like Srei, Muthoot Finance can offer you good yields. Here again the yields would depend on the price you buy these NCDS from the BSE and NSE. Higher the price lower the yield and vice versa. However, these NCDs have the potential to generate returns of as much as 10%.

Treasury Securities

Treasury securities or the treasury bills are offered by government and are a good investment option which offers high liquidity,and satisfying returns. The maturity dates vary from 91 days to 365 days.

Certificate of Deposit

A certificate of deposit or what is popularly known as CDs is nothing but money market instruments that are issued by banks and select Financial institutions in lieu of the money that is deposited.

The maturity period depends on the type of investor one is. For CDs issued by banks the maturity period should not be less than 7 days and not more than one year. This is again a short term investment option that is good, but has tax implications as well.


Liquid Funds

Liquid fund, which are a type of debt fund, invest in securities with lower maturity term of a maximum of 91 days give investors high liquidity.

Yes Bank Savings Account

We are recommending this because we believe that the Yes Bank Savings Account is extremely liquid. For example, you can withdraw the funds anytime you want. It gives you an interest rate of 6 per cent, which is almost comparable to the FDs of State Bank of India. We suggest that the interest maybe slightly lower, but, SB account interest rates are not taxable up to Rs 10,000. This is much better when compared to bank FD rates. This is the best short term investment in our opinion and is a must invest. A good product for those looking at a more stable income.

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