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How to Become an Ecommerce Entrepreneur in India (in 5 Simple Steps)?


Running a business is a journey. It's always long, but it doesn't always have to be tough.
Digital India is at its peak of success, and to own a store, you don't need cement, you don't need to pay rent, and you don't need to hire store clerks. All you need to do is set up an Online Business and take the one-way street to easy success.


Read on to know 5 simple steps to becoming an ecommerce entrepreneur in India.

How to Become an Ecommerce Entrepreneur in India (in 5 Simple Steps)?

1) Decide what you will sell

Answer this question by asking not only what you can sell, but what you want to sell. Where does your interest lie? What unique product can you bring to the market? This therefore becomes a question not just of production potential, but of passion as well.

Next, you must determine whether you will be manufacturing the products yourself, or if you will be sourcing them from elsewhere. In the case of the latter, where would you source it from? Would you need to get in touch with local artisans located around the country, or would you import it from somewhere else in the world?


One important factor you must consider when deciding what you will sell is ‘what's selling now'. That's not to say that you can't be a pioneer in your field, but keeping updated with trends is always a smart business move.

2) Sign up with an online marketplace

There's a reason why brick and mortar store owners are opening up to the idea of selling online. Not only is it much easier, quicker, and more convenient to sell online, it's also leaps and bounds more profitable.

All you need to do to sign up for Snapdeal, one of India's largest and most successful online e-commerce portals. Just visit or simply call 08880333333 and register yourself as a seller for free. There is no registration fee whatsoever.. As a 24x7 online market, Snapdeal gives you unlimited access to crores of customers across India.

3) Get the basic documentation in place

Once you have registered with Snapdeal, you will need to get some basic documentation in place. This includes your VAT (Value Added Tax) number, TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), CST (Central Service Tax) number, PAN (Permanent Account Number) and a cancelled cheque of your current account.

Snapdeal will connect you to chartered accounts who guide you through this entire process. Once the docket is prepared, you just need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Snapdeal and you're get, set, ready to go!

4) List your products

Now comes the good stuff - your products! Before you decide which of your products to put online, do a little research- identify sellers selling similar products and see what does well, and what doesn't. Using what you've learned, choose which of your products to showcase.

With online selling, the burden of browsing gets transferred to customers, and all you need to ensure is that your products look attractive and saleable. To do this, Snapdeal connects you with trained, certified photographers who can carry out professionals shoots for you at nominal costs, so you get ideal product shots and can build a gorgeous product catalogue that will make your customers' thumbs twitch!

5) Start selling

Your product line is now ready to go live! Snapdeal connects all of its sellers to helpful advisors who will give you and your team all the training you need to succeed. At your end, just make sure you do the basics right. Don't price too high or too low; keep an eye on customer demands, likes and dislikes by monitoring sales and tracking inventories.

Never compromise on quality - Snapdeal's Seller Rating system allows customers to boost or bring down your reputation depending on your performance; and, above all, make Constant Innovation your mantra!

As your sales start increasing, you may start to worry about acquiring more capital. Well, don't. Snapdeal provides you investment without a guarantor or collateral under its Capital Assist program.

As you diversify your product range and start selling more and more, you may need a warehouse. Think again. Snapdeal handles all your warehousing, packaging and delivery for you with its Snapdeal Plus program.

As you dream of the future, you may get scared and wonder: can I really do this alone? Worry not. Snapdeal's trained advisors are always there to take you through everything, step by step, and answer every one of your questions.

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