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This Top Ranked ETF From SBI Has Given Near 130% Returns Over The Last 5 Years


Investment means to generate returns, whether in Stock or Mutual funds. Perhaps you've chosen to make an investment in a specific industry. You may now be faced with the decision of purchasing stocks or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). ETF is one of the investments that generate good returns if invested for the long term. It is a collection of securities that may be purchased or sold on a stock exchange through a brokerage business. ETFs are available in almost every asset class, from standard investments to so-called alternative assets such as commodities or currencies. This ETF from SBI has generated decent returns over the years, close to 130%. Here, we covered the fund's detailed analysis over the 5 years.


SBI ETF Sensex

SBI ETF Sensex

NAVFund SizeExpense Ratio
₹622.98₹ 61652.3 Cr0.07%

NAV as on21 January 2022

It is an Open-ended ETF. The expense ratio of the fund is 0.7%, which is slightly higher than its category average, 0.44%. This is a mutual fund that makes large-company investments. The fund owns 99.98% of Indian stocks, with 90.13% invested in large-size firms. The fund aims to deliver returns that, before expenditures, closely match the total returns of the securities represented by the BSE SENSEX by owning BSE SENSEX equities in the same proportion. However, owing to tracking inaccuracy, the performance of the Scheme may differ from that of the underlying index.




The fund is good when you invest for a long term, five years or more, you may anticipate returns that easily outperform both the inflation rate and the yields of fixed income choices. If you need to redeem your investment in less than five years, do not invest in this or any other large-cap fund. With your investments, you should be prepared for ups and downs in value. When stock prices fall, such funds tend to decline less than those that invest in smaller firms. As a result, they are better suited to cautious stock investors. You must invest exclusively through the SIP approach, as with other equity funds. The fund  ranked 1 by CRISIL, and termed highly risky.



The Fund has provided consistent growth throughout the years, with the following return rates on a Rs 10,000 investment from its inception:

Period Invested forAbsolute ReturnsAnnualised ReturnsCategory Avg
1 Year20.05%20.05%19.48%
2 Year45.81%20.72%18.52%
3 Year66.43%18.49%14.85%
5 Year130.61%18.17%12.59%
Since Inception239.20%14.78%15.03%
SIP Performance

SIP Performance

On a Rs 1000 SIP, the Fund has provided consistent growth throughout the years, with the following return rates:

Period Invested forLatest ValueAbsolute ReturnsAnnualised Returns
1 Year13350.4611.25%21.39%
2 Year33057.5937.74%34.11%
3 Year51923.8144.23%25.24%
5 Year96834.861.39%19.19%



Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk. Read all scheme-related documents, Terms and Conditions carefully before investing. The above-mentioned information is purely informational and carried forward from MoneyControl and CRISIL. The Greynium Information Technologies and the Author are not liable for any losses caused as a result of a decision based on the article.

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