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Top 10 Banks Offering Higher Interest Rates On 3 Year FDs For Senior Citizens


Fixed Deposits (FDs) are financial products issued by banks or NBFCs that reasonably fetch better interest rates across a fixed tenure for senior citizens and general public too. Depending on the deposit amount, deposit tenure, etc., FD rates vary across banks. In order to earn a regular monthly income after retirement, most senior citizens favour investing in bank FDs. While interest rates have been dropping, cutting regular income dramatically over the last year or so for senior citizens. However, during the falling interest rates scenario, there are still some banks offering senior citizens with enticing returns on FDs. Let's take a look at private and public sector banks that bring senior citizens the best deals on three-year FDs.


Yes Bank FD

In order to secure their surplus money for a fixed term, Yes Bank provides various fixed deposit schemes to both regular and senior citizens. For those who want to safeguard a fixed amount of money for the future, a fixed deposit is the perfect investment choice, and this becomes much simpler with attractive Yes Bank FD interest rates. On 3-year Fds, the bank offers 7.75 per cent interest rate (for senior citizens) with loan / overdraft, auto-renewal and inter-city banking facility.

Top 10 Banks Offering Higher Interest Rates On 3 Year FDs For Senior Citizens


RBL Bank provides multiple fixed deposit options which deliver a portfolio of unique advantages and competitive interest rates. One of the most favoured modes of investment is a fixed deposit and the competitive interest rates of RBL Bank FD help individuals to meet their specified financial goals. This bank proposes 7.65 percent interest rate for senior citizens with loan / overdraft facility up to 90 percent on the deposits.


Formerly known as Development Credit Bank, DCB Bank, the financial institution is basically a private sector bank of the modern era and provides multiple prominent financial products, including fixed deposits. In nature, the fixed deposit scheme provided by the DCB is currently considered one of the most prominent deposit schemes. The attractive interest rates on FDs provided by this bank make it an effective savings alternative for those who are willing to welcome higher returns. DCB Bank 3-year FD is undoubtedly a good investment choice with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payout options with an interest rate of 7.45 percent for senior citizens.

Top 10 Banks Offering Higher Interest Rates On 3 Year FDs For Senior Citizens

IndusInd Bank FD

The easiest and most common type of investing is fixed deposits (FDs). For a fixed period, you can invest a fixed amount of money to get guaranteed returns. Fixed deposits from IndusInd Bank give you the choice to choose whether to receive interest at the end of the year, every three months or to reinvest the amount to enhance your returns. The bank provides an interest rate of 7.25% for senior citizens of 3 year FDs.

Bandhan Bank FD

A wise decision to build a strong wealth corpus to aid future demands is to turn one's savings into investment. The FD rates of Bandhan Bank are really attractive and allow investors to increase their savings without having to plunge into the range of risks linked to the market. The private lender with prevailing FD rates offers five distinct types of fixed deposit schemes for its customers. However, coming to senior citizens the bank offers 6.50% interest rate on 3 year FDs.

Punjab National Bank FD

Punjab National Bank delivers its customers with various fixed deposit options with interest rates ranging from 3.00 percent to 5.25 percent for the general public and 3.75 to 6.00 percent for senior citizens across different tenures. During the ongoing tenure, deposit and withdrawal of additional money are not permitted. For the term chosen, the money parked in the FD account will be secured and PNB FD rates will be issued respectively. The bank guarantees an interest rate of 6.00 percent for senior citizens on 3 years of FDs.

Top 10 Banks Offering Higher Interest Rates On 3 Year FDs For Senior Citizens

Canara Bank FD

Canara Bank offers its customers with multiple fixed deposit options to select from and to secure a portion of their savings for a fixed term. For a term of 7 days to 10 years for the general public, Canara Bank FD interest rates vary from 3.00 percent to 5.35 percent and rates vary from 3.00 to 5.85 percent for senior citizens across the same tenure. The bank guarantees an interest rate of 5.85 percent for senior citizens for 3 years FDs.


HDFC Bank offers multiple fixed deposit options to its customers in which they can invest their surplus savings for a fixed term and enjoy higher returns against it. During the tenure, additional money can not be invested and also withdrawal is not allowed. The bank proposes an interest rate of 5.80 percent for senior citizens for a term of 3 years FD.

State Bank FD

State Bank of India provides various fixed deposit account options to its customers to park their surplus savings and receive attractive interest on deposits for a certain period of tenure. Compared to the interest rates on savings deposits SBI FD rates are really attractive and higher too. The leading bank of India is currently providing 5.80 interest rates on 3-year Fds for senior citizens.


IDBI Bank provides its customers with multiple FD options that can be availed to save capital for a fixed term and receive returns on it. As the IDBI FD rates are relatively higher than the savings account interest rates, customers can experience a range of pros for opening an FD account with IDBI Bank. The bank generates an interest rate of 5.65 percent for senior citizens for a period of 3 years on FDs.

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