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What should you do if you have lost your property papers?

What should you do if you have lost your property papers?
Though, property owners keep property documents intact with utmost safety, incidents of loss of property documents have been reported very often. Property documents implying title of the property in your name come in handy at the time when you want to settle some property transaction or need bank finance for renovation of your home premises. Absence of such documents, restraints the bank authorities to disburse loan and also property transactions are left unsettled.

However, the loss of property documents does not leaves one completely stranded and property owners can still try and recover duplicate documents.

Procedure of obtaining duplicate property documents

Duplicate property papers can always be obtained by the property owner but the process would involve substantial cost, effort and time.

1. File an FIR for loss of property documents: First and the foremost thing that should be done on loss of property documents is to file an FIR with the police. Copy of the complaint should then be obtained by the property owner. Complaint is to also to be filed when the property papers have been misplaced by the bank for a mortgaged property.

2. Advertise about the loss in one English and one regional daily newspaper: Property owner should then advertise about the loss of property documents in one English daily and one regional newspaper. Person interested to buy the concerned property can also advertise for the loss.

3. Apply for NOC and duplicate share certificate from housing society: With the FIR copy as the proof of loss of property papers, owner can apply for the no objection and duplicate share certificate from the housing society. No objection certificate should be necessarily obtained as banks seldom disburse loan without NOC.

4. Get undertaking for loss of original property documents : Undertaking in respect of the loss of original property documents detailing property details, FIR no. and text of the advertisement published has to be obtained on the stamp paper. The said document confirming the declarations to be true should then be attested and registered with a notary.


5. Obtain duplicate copy of sale deed : Office of the registrar can then be visited to obtain the duplicate copy of the sale deed. On submission of the necessary documents and payment of requisite fees, registrar's office issues the deed.

If the property is reasonably old, one must also obtain title report confirming that the specified property is free from encumbrances. Such title report too can be obtained from the registrar's office.

So, in case you have lost your property papers, follow the above process to obtain duplicate papers without any further delay.

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