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What is The Difference Between Sukanya Samriddhi and PPF? Which is Better Option?


The Sukanya Samriddhi and has grabbed the attention of investors, because it is pretty much an exclusive scheme for the girl child.


While the best scheme to compare would be the PPF, it is beacuse under both the schemes there is a complete tax exemption of interest income. Both the schemes also get tax benefit under Sec 80C of the Income Tax Act.

However, both the interest rates will be notified by the government on a yearly basis and it does not offer a fixed income through the life of the investment. Interest will be calculated on yearly basis by compounding method.

Difference Between Sukanya Samriddhi and PPF

Now let us see some difference and similarities between the two

Difference between Sukanya and PPF Sukanya Account PPF
AgeGirl child between 0-10 ageNo Age limit
Where to openPost office and nationalized banksPost office, nationalized banks, also private banks.
Minimum ContributionRs 1,000Rs 500
Interest Rate for 2014-15 9.2% per annum 8.70% per annum
Tax Benefit Contributed Amount will be deductible u/s 80C.Contributed Amount will be deductible u/s 80C
Tax Benefit on the interest earnedInterest Earned is tax free under PPF.Interest Earned is tax free under PPF.
Maturity21 years from the date of opening of account.15 years from the fiscal year of opening of account.
PenaltyRs 50 per year (If minimum contribution is not made)Rs.50 per year
LoanNo loan can be availedNo loan can be taken from the sixth year
Taxation on MaturityNo tax will be levied on the maturity amount.No tax will be levied on the maturity amount.
Maximum entry age limitOnly for girls aged 10 years or less from the date of birthNo age limit
Who can openOnly for girl ChildAnyone
Partial withdrawal50% fund can be withdrawn when girl attains 18 yearsPartial withdrawal is allowed from 6th year onwards.



Both have the same tax benefit, however, if you want to choose between the two for a girl child one can consider Sukanya Samriddi account as it offers higher tax benefit than PPF.

Lock in period is high and no loan facility will only help you to save more and at the best benefit out of it.

If you are not a traditional investor, this product may not suit you as there is no online facility as of now and less liquidity compared to PPF.

Just a word of caution, which we ourselves are not clear on. What happens when the bread earning member, who used to contribute in the Sukanya Samriddhi expires and they cannot contribute say after 5 years.

There is a lock-in period that is applicable and what happens when one cannot contribute and cannot withdraw.

Perhaps, we need to study more on this guideline.

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