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5 Ways To Financially Secure Your Future


Planning your financial future is very important and your main motive should not only be retirement planning but also to make a financially secure future.


It is always better to start planning your finance early, so that you enjoy the power of compounding.

During the initial years the burden of financial commitments will be less and you can have higher possiblity to save more. With time, income and debt tend to increase.

So, while planning for future one should consider different ways, set goals based on the financial requirement.

5 Ways To Financially Secure Your Future

Here are few smart ways on how you can financially secure your future.

1) Get Insured

Individuals should have an insurance cover, so that it will protect them as well family during the financial emergency.

It is also better to buy insurance for other assets such as house, auto, business etc as the insurance companies will compensate for the losses incurred. However, one should carefully go through all the terms and conditions.

2) Have a Long term Plan

Long term plan should be specifically meant to meet long term investments. It can be a stock or Mutual funds or any other investments, holding it in a long run will be fruitful. Diversification of investment in different sectors will help you reduce risk.


However, one needs to monitor the funds or stock and check the performance regularly.

3) Retirement Amount

Set a separate account and regular contribution and increase the amount depending on the need. The main thing to consider while planning for the retirement is the lifestyle you want to lead when you are aged. Based on that make your planning. Remember, if you save less now, it will be difficult to maintain the same life style during the retirement period.

4) Avoid Debt

To have a sound financial future, one should try to avoid unnecessary debt. Disciplined habits such as paying your credit card bills on time and not missing EMIs will help not getting into deeper debt.

5) Emergency Fund

Spread your investment, but keep some emergency fund handy. So that you need not lose the interest part on FD or sell your stocks which could give you better return in long run.


Be a financial literate, which will help you in making wise financial decisions. Understanding the concept of the financial product and choosing based on your needwill not make you regret on your decisions.

Story first published: Saturday, April 18, 2015, 10:23 [IST]
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