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Important Things To Look For In A Rental Agreement In India?


Many a times we fail to take a careful look at the rental agreement and then encounter long standing disputes, arguments and even legal action.


It is therefore extremely important before signing any rental agreement to have a careful look at the same.

Important Things To Look For In A Rental Agreement In India?
Here are things that you should examine in a rental agreement in India:

1) Notice period

If tenants find that the notice period is not suitable for them, they should alter the notice period. Do not enter into an agreement and then crib about the notice period. Sometimes, tenants find another accommodation and do not honour the notice period obligation. Both, landlords and tenants should carefully observe this clause.

Landlords tend to deduct from the deposit money, if no adequate notice is given.

2) Hike in rentals

Different individuals follow different norms for hiking rentals. Generally speaking, most landlords tend to hike the rentals after a period of 11 months. This is also when the rental agreement tends to expire. Tenants should make sure that this is clearly articulated in the rental agreement and if necessary the percentage of increase after 11 months. Any increase beyond 10 per cent, could well be termed as high.

3) Deposit amount

Most landlords tend to to take 11 month rentals as deposit amount. This could vary from individual to individual. Make sure that the deposit amount is not exorbitant. Remember, that you are losing interest on the deposit amount and the landlord is earning interest, if he places your deposit amount in a bank fixed deposit.

4) Return of deposit amount

Most landlords return the amount while vacating the flat. However, there are many who hold back some amount in case there is an electricity or damages liability that may arise. You need to make sure the same is mentioned in the contract.


5) Furnishings and other accessories

There are many rental agreements that mention the important items. For example, if there are air conditioners and other important furniture and fixtures. Tenants should have them checked and see if they are working.


It is extremely important to carefully look at the agreement. Signing a rental agreement that is registered would add to legal viability.

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