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5 Platforms Offering Online Will Writing Service In India


Writing a Will ensures that your assets and investments are passed on to your legal heirs smoothly. Amid this Covid crisis, when life seems so uncertain, it shall be wise to get it made at the earliest and to make the work further easy now you can take the e-route to write your E-Will or online Will.


5 Platforms Offering Online Will Writing Service In India

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document stating the distribution of your assets, investments, property etc. as per your desire and will to your subsequent generations. The Will gets effected after the death of the testator or the Will maker.

Few terms related to Will Making

1. Testator: He or she is the person writing the Will and as per legal condition must do this Will writing out of his or her own will, should be above 18 years of age and should be of sound mind.

2. Executor: The person appointed in a Will who will execute the terms of the legally binding Will.

3. Probate: The 'Probate' implies the Will copy that is certified under the seal of a court of relevant juriscdiction with a grant of administration of the estate of the testator. The probate is provided only to the executor appointed under the Will.

4. Will registration: In India, Will registration is not mandatory, but if registered it is a proof that the suitable parties have come before the registering officer and the latter had made an attestation after establishing their identity.

Now as with other financial matters, there are platforms in India that enable Will making through the online route:

Here we will list out a few of them that provide Will making service:


It has a mobile app too for 'Will making' service. An individual via an easy intuitive interface can make a Will from the comfort of one' s home. Currently the services if offered in Hindi, English and Tamil. Also, there is a facility wherein you can seek professional help to get your Will checked and registered via a lawyer.


How it works:

1. The person creating the Will needs to mention his or details such that he or she is identified in the Will.

2. For each of the listed item you need to list out the beneficiaries, including for remaining assets.

3. Specify executor for your Will, and guardian for minor children, if any.

4. Review and download the Will. Print, sign and attest and the Will making process is complete.

2. EzeeWill:

EzeeWill in association with Warmond Trustees and NSDL e-Gov offer you a smooth succession planning service wherein you as a testator can declare your assets and investments as per your desire to your legal heirs.

The service from EzeeWill enable you to write a Will as per your chosen mode which can be you getting the Will written through the mobile or e-mail, you visiting their office or doorstep Will.

3. WillJini:

This Will making service provider has tied with institutions such as HDFC Securites, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank and Tata AIA Life Insurance. The company is a group entity of and

4. Aviva Will Writing service:

The insurance company also offers free Will writing service. And in case some of the employee of the company has referred you for the Will making service at this company, you would need to also mention his or her employee Id. 3 of the steps listed are:

1. List you assets and personal details

2. Provide the beneficiaries

3. Preview and generate the Will


As per the site it seems to be a paid service charging Rs. 3499 plus delivery charges and the platforms offers you expert verified, pre-drafted Will templates that can be used by the person writing the Will. For the purpose after you have given the requisite details, list of properties and listed the beneficiaries together with the ratio in which it has to be distributed, your will shall be ready in few minutes.

Points to note in E-Will or Online Will preparation:

In a case when you are preparing the WILL through the online route following the template provided you need to be highly careful as any discrepancy may arise when there is no human interface involved.

What all needs to be checked

1. Asset details are properly listed out
2. Holding pattern
3. Beneficiaries name

Data and confidentiality of your inputs is another concern which the online platform needs to address.

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