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Understanding Gold Hallmark, KDM, 916 Gold


When buying gold jewellery, consider purity, the hallmarking centre's identification mark, the jeweller's identification mark, and assaying, as well as the gold price, should be considered. There were several different ways to make gold jewellery a few years ago, and no single way to ensure its purity. However, with the introduction of the BIS hallmarking scheme in India, buyers are feeling more secure about their gold purchases. The following guide provides a brief overview of BIS Hallmark gold, KDM gold, and 916 gold, all of which are often encountered while purchasing gold. Knowing the distinctions between these three words will assist us in narrowing down our gold purity and consistency options.


What is Gold Hallmarking?

What is Gold Hallmarking?

Hallmark is a sure way to ensure that the jewels you purchase are of good quality. Every hallmarked jewel is checked for purity at a BIS-approved assaying facility, and if it passes, a laser engraving is done to label the jewel. Hallmark gold is certified gold that has undergone quality control and assurance process known as hallmarking. This process of hallmarking is carried out by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a government of India agency, to certify the purity and fineness of a gold object. The standard BIS Logo, Purity in Karat and Fineness, the Assaying and Hallmarking Centre's logo or number, and the Jeweller's Identification mark or logo are lasers etched on hallmarked gold pieces.

BIS Signs of hallmarking:

  1. The standard BIS Logo The Assaying
  2. Hallmarking Center's logo/number
  3. The Jeweller's Identification mark/logo
  4. Purity Mark in Karat and Fineness
  • 22K916 - Equal to 22 Carat
  • 18K750 - Equal to 18 Carat
  • 14K585 - Equal to 14 Carat
What does the 916 mark on Gold mean?

What does the 916 mark on Gold mean?

'BIS 916' gold is 22 Karat hallmarked gold, with the number 916 denoting the purity of gold in the final product. Similarly, 958 gold denotes 23 karat gold, while 750 gold denotes 18 karat gold. Simply put, 916 reflects the finesse of gold jewellery, with 91.6 grams of gold per 100 grams. The number 916 represents 22 carats (22 24 = 916). If you're curious why diamonds aren't made of pure gold, it's because pure gold is too delicate to be worn as jewellery. While some 99 percent pure jewellery can be made with special alloys, delicate workmanship and intricate designs are impossible to achieve in pure gold. Delicate designs, on the other hand, are made of 22 Karat or BIS 916 Gold, which is more durable than pure gold (24K) and has a higher purity content than 18K or 14K gold.

KDM Gold

KDM Gold

Let's assume you bought a piece of 22-karat gold jewellery that was crafted using this KDM process. As a result, when you sell this jewellery, the purity of the gold will be lower. You may have noticed that older jewellery is certified as 22/20 carat purity, which means that the jewellery was 22 carats purity when purchased and would be 20 carats purity after melting. The benefit of KDM is a combination of gold and cadmium could be combined in a ratio of 92 percent + 8%, yielding a purity count of 92 percent. This ensured that the jewellery piece's consistency and finesse remained consistent regardless of the amount of solder used. The cadmium-soldered gold became known as KDM gold, and the jewellery made of it became known as KDM jewellery. The BIS, on the other hand, has prohibited such gold from circulation because it has been found to cause health problems in both artisans who work with it and those who wear it.

Difference Between Gold Hallmarking, 916 BIS, KDM

Difference Between Gold Hallmarking, 916 BIS, KDM

Hallmark Jewellery: The Hallmark signature guarantees that the gold you've purchased meets a set of requirements.

916 jewellery: 916 is also known as 22K gold, which means there were 91.6 grams of gold in every 100 grams of alloy.

KDM jewellery: KDM jewellery is a gold alloy in which cadmium is used as solder or filler, with a 92% gold to 8% cadmium ratio.

From June 1, 2021, the government has made it mandatory for jewellers to only sell hallmarked gold. The deadline for this was originally set for January 15, but it was delayed due to Covid-19.

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Story first published: Monday, April 19, 2021, 15:33 [IST]
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